OK here it is: WARNING this story contains blood, vampires, and Femslash, as well as other adult themes, that is why it's rated so high.

Hermione is attacked; Ginny is in love, what happens when Ginny is going to lose Hermione before she even has the chance to obtain her in the first place?

AN: because I'm not sure on the rules for the HP world Vampires, I'm just going to go off a combination of Underworld and Blade for the vampire rules, if you have a better idea your welcome to share it. Enjoy.

Forever in Blood

Ginny and Hermione were sitting together next to a camp fire in a heavy wooded area on the coast of Ireland. The fire was small but warm, and the woods were dense and quiet, and dark enough during the day to protect Hermione. They had been flying for almost three hours, they would have gone farther but Hermione couldn't fly anymore, her thirst was growing by the hour. They had to stop and try to find her some food, thankfully the town they had landed near had a hospital with a small blood bank and Ginny had summoned a pint of A- blood for her friend to drink. After the drink Hermione's eyes and teeth had returned to normal and she was back to her old self… sort of. She was still a vampire after all.

"So what was the next step in this great rescue plan of yours lovely hero of mine?" Hermione snuggled closer to the younger redhead and wrapped her arms around her new found love.

"Well, you see when they told me that you were going to be exterminated I kind of lost my temper, hence the ass kicking I gave Snape, Flitwick, Hadgrid, Vector, and those Ministry goons. I didn't really think past getting you out of England and to a safe place. So no, I don't have a next step." Ginny hugged the older girl tight to her; she couldn't believe how close she had come to losing her before she had even won her.

"Oh well, I guess being on the lam will be fine for a while, but we need to go find a place to hide on a more long term basis. But I suppose we can worry about that in the evening." With that Hermione stood up and pulled her savior up with her and wrapped her arms around the taller redhead's neck and pull her down for a deep, passionate kiss. "Let's go to bed." And with a last glace at the dieing fire and the rising sun they both retreated to the safety of a makeshift hut under the trees.

That evening once the sun had retreated behind the horizon Hermione and Ginny emerged from the shelter and set about deconstruction it, Ginny made herself a sandwich and readied her broom, but then Hermione walked up behind her and snaked her arm around the redhead's slim waist. "What are we going to do, my sweet? You are not a vampire and you need to rest more than I do, you can't come with me, I might bite you. You have to stay here."

"I had thought about that today while you slept, and I came up with the perfect answer to that little problem. Bite me."

"You can't be serious…"

I have never been more serious in my life, the only thing I care about now is spending the rest of my days by your side, and I never want to leave you. The only way I can see that happening is if you bite me. Then we are together for ever, forever through blood."

"What about your family, won't you miss them?"

"Of course I will but I don't care, all I want is you and I will give up the rest of my life for that."

"Ok, I'll bite you, if you're sure…"

"Bite me my love and let me spend the rest of time with you in your arms" with that Ginny moved her hair off of her shoulders to expose her soft skin and stepped closer to the woman she loved. As she stepped closer she could see a change take over Hermione, here eyes went grey, and her canines got longer. She stepped in and embraced the woman she had fallen for and gently kissed her on the shoulder, then she kissed her neck, then she kissed her jaw, then after opening her mouth just enough to bare her fangs she gently bit down on Ginny neck. The warm red blood that flowed through Ginny's body was released and flowed through Hermione's teeth, past her jaws, and down her throat. The life blood that had burned in rage for the safety of her love was drained slowly from her body, she felt her self go cold, she could feel the burning in her neck and as it spread to the rest of her body she was eased to the ground by her lover, there she rested for a moment until she tasted Hermione's wrist on her lips. She bit hard and fast and spilled the blood that had been in Hermione's veins. Once she had drained the blood she needed she felt Hermione's hand moving down her body, they moved down to her thighs and one hand slipped between her legs. Now they were both Vampires, they were bonded forever in blood.

Later that night once Ginny had made the transformation and recovered from the ordeal that had come afterward (AN: sex, I'm not a talented sex scene writer, not yet anyway). They had boarded their broom with enough stolen blood to last them a couple of days.

"Where are we going to go now" Hermione whispered in her lover's ear.

"I hear Alaska is nice this time of year."

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