"Rise and shine everyone!" A joyous voice rang throughout the house. It was about 7:00 when everyone in the house was awoken with a jolt as Shigure ran to everyone's room to wake them.

"Wha-? This is way too early," Shikamaru said as he scratched his head.

"Early! Yeah right! I have a busy day planned for all of us...and by us I mean you six and the others."

Tohru, Sakura, Kyo, Shikamaru, and Sasuke looked at him in confusion, Yuki had not come down yet...he did not do mornings well. The room was silent until he finally did enter, Shigure did not want to share his news until everyone was there. Yuki sluggishly dragged his feet into the kitchen and collapsed in the nearest chair.

"Good, now that Yuki's here I'll explain. Last night, when we went to the restaurant everyone else there was staring at us..."

"It was probably because of that dumb sheep question," Kyo mumbled.

"No, they were staring at us because our guests have bizarre clothing. That's why our jobs today is to get them all a new set of outfits!"

"You call that a mission," Sasuke said as he tried to shake Yuki awake.

"Yep! Each Sohma family member...and Tohru...will choose a new outfit or set of clothes for their new ninja-friend. You will have all day to go shopping and by six o'clock everyone will report back here to present what they have accomplished."

Sakura scratched her chin as she gazed upon Tohru. Her choice of clothes is cute...I can deal with this. Yuki's clothes are nice too, I can't wait to see how Sasuke will turn out!

Shikamaru sighed and propped his chin up on the table with his hand, "This is going to be troublesome..."

"Of course it will!" Shigure smiled and clapped his hands together in glee. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to call the main house and tell everyone what we're all doing today."

"Bastard," Kyo mumbled under his breath as Shigure left the room.

Tohru didn't hear him and smiled brightly, "This should be fun. I hardly ever have to go shopping."

Sakura's eyes widened in amazement, "You never go shopping?!"

"Well...I...um...no." Tohru replied sheepishly. "It's just that I'm really busy all the time, and-"

"Well then we can shop for each other, okay?" Sakura interrupted and Tohru nodded enthusiastically, "Okay, Sakura-chan."
Sakura smiled sweetly, trying to mask an oncoming devilish smile.

This'll be a good first step to our plan for her and Kyo.

Shigure came bounding back into the room, "Okay! Everyone agreed to meet us up at the mall in town! Let's move out, people!"

"Is he always this annoying?" Shikamaru muttered lazily to Kyo.

"Pretty much."

With a heavy sigh Shikamaru followed the others to the mall.

At the mall, as Shigure said, everyone else was there. The young ninjas ran over to their friends to discuss what they thought about their Zodiac counterpart. Most were quite pleased with who they were paired with.

"Yeah, Haru and I are getting a long great. Today he even said that he's gonna get me a coat like his," Kiba said, his chest swelling up with pride. He turned and looked at Hinata, "How is it going for you? Are the two of you getting along?"

She blushed then stuttered, "O-oh yes. Kisa is very kind, she and I even like similar things, Kiba-kun."

However, not all of the groupings were going as well as others.

"I hate that brat," Naruto yelled as he ran up to the others. "He complains about everything! His mother made us dessert last night and first it wasn't sweet enough then it was too sweet. And can you believe he doesn't like ramen! I don't believe it!"

Sasuke crossed his arms, "You're right, Naruto, what on earth could you have in common with an annoying complaining brat?" Naruto glared at Sasuke and only responded with, "not funny."

Trying to break the tension a bit, Sakura turned to her right and asked, "So, Lee, how is Ayam...where's Lee?" Oddly enough Lee was not standing in the ninja group at all.

"He's still with Ayame. He never left his side," Ten Ten interrupted.

"Lee only ever acted like this with Gai-sensei," Neji added.

"Yeah, I just hope he does not start wearing long purple coats like Aya though," Ten Ten then turned to Neji. "How is the dragon, Neji-kun."
"He's very interesting, a doctor in fact. Last night I began to talk to him about chakra, he seemed very interested."

"Hello everyone," a happy voice rang, destroying any conversations being held at said time. Momiji skipped over to everyone, waving his arms as if he were attempting to fly. "Sorry we're late. I guess we woke up a little late and missed Hari, so we had to walk."

No one really paid attention to Momiji's explanation, they were all far too distracted by Shino. Shino, who usually looked calm and creepy, looked as if he were about to murder the first thing which spoke to him. His hands were at his sides, forming such tight fists that his knuckles were as white as snow.

"Man, what happened," Kiba whispered to Shino.

He glanced over and said, "This child is like a mass of cotton candy. The bed I had to sleep in was pink with white bunnies on it...he tried to get me to wear star shaped sunglasses...and I swear, if I hear about the bees singing 'Momiji' one more time I'll insure that he and all of his little birds and frogs are eaten from the inside out by my bugs." Shino stormed off followed by a cheerful Momiji.

Everyone just stared until Kiba said, "I guess that was Shino's form of a rant. It sounded as if he was about to scream."

Hinata looked over at Shino, who was currently shaking visibly from under his coat, "I hope Shino-kun doesn't um...attack that child."

Kiba waved her off nonchalantly, "Nah, he'll never get that angry."

Naruto put his hand on his hips, "I'll give him a week."

Their conversation was interrupted by Shigure, who came over followed by all of the other Sohmas and Tohru. "All right everyone, here's the plan: You all have until 6:00 to pick out your trainee a new outfit! You'll be graded on your success!"

Kyo looked at him like he had three heads, "You're joking right?"


"Yes he is. Don't worry about being graded. You're not going to be." Hartori spoke up from beside Shigure, who looked like he was ready to burst into tears from his fun being spoiled yet again.

Each zodiac member split up with their 'apprentice' and went off to search the mall for a new wardrobe.

((Aya and Lee))
"Where shall we embark to first, Aya-sensai?" Lee exclaimed, excitedly.

Aya looked around before pointing to a shop that was filled with brightly colored men's clothing. There were racks of long, flowing coats and fluffy boas and hats everywhere. "That is the perfect store! Shall we?"

Lee nodded and the two of them ran across to the store. The moment they stepped through the clear doors, a voice cried out from the back of the room.

"OH GOD! AYA'S BACK! HUZZAH!" A tiny balding man in an electric blue jacket came rushing to the front of the store, "We had thought that you wouldn't be back, since you used to be a regular here and all!"

Aya laughed and smiled at the man, "Of course, but I've been busy running my fabric shop-"

"I should have known a genius like yourself would be busy with such things!" The store owner replied, nodding vigorously. "So, what are you looking for today?"

"I'm shopping for my friend here," Aya nodded toward Lee. "We'll need something that emphasizes the...oh, what was that phrase again Lee?"

"The spring time of youth?"

"Yes! That's it!" Aya exclaimed. "Quickly, we must find something that shows off his 'Springtime of youth'!"

"Wonderful idea, Aya-sensei!" Lee exclaimed.
"Yes, yes, brilliant idea, Aya! That could be our new clothing line," the manager said, spreading his arms dramatically, "Springtime of youth."

((Shino and Momiji))

"How about this one?" A pink and frilly shirt was held in front of Shino. He said nothing, but his glare was enough to get Momiji to put it back on the rack.

"Shino, you turned down everything in this store, should we try a new one?" Shino nodded, "Fine, how about…that one!" Shino looked in the direction that Momiji pointed. He could feel the bugs in his skin cringe as he noticed what the store was, Limited Too.

"How about…no," but when he turned to look at the bunny, Shino saw he was already in the store singing once more.

"What did I say about the bees I--" He stopped mid-sentence when he realized; this is my chance to escape!

Shino turned around and broke into a run towards the elevator, but as soon as he passed the water fountain he felt a hand tug him by the collar of his jacket.

"Silly, the store's the other way," Momiji giggled as he pulled Shino back. Shino grabbed Momiji by both arms and hoisted him into the air preparing to throw him into the fountain, but he stopped when Momiji began to kick and scream," Wahhhhh! Tohru, Sakura, Shino's going to throw me in the fountain!"

"When you're with me," Shino whispered, "No one can hear you scream."

"Um, Shino, would you mind putting Momiji down, please."

Shino continued to glare at nothing in particular, but put Momiji down anyway. The blond haired boy ran over and nearly jumped on Tohru, if someone hadn't stopped him.

"Damn happy rabbit! What did I tell you about jumping on her?" Kyo growled, releasing his grip on Momiji's shirt. Momiji started to tear up a bit, "B-but I wanted to thank her for saving meee!"

"Well do it without jumping on her!" Kyo screamed. Shino noticed that he had another opportunity to escape, and took his chances again.

"Um...Momiji-kun?" Sakura began, "Shino's escaping again."

Momiji stopped crying long enough to turn around and see Shino walking away. He got up and quickly ran after him.

"Where do you think you're going silly!" He shouted to Shino, who started running now, "We still have time to go to more stores! You need a pink shirt still."

And after that, the group just tuned out. Sakura then turned to Tohru, "Well, I guess we should get to shopping again." Tohru nodded in reply and then turned to Kyo.

"See you later Kyo-kun. Good luck with your shopping!" She said, giving Kyo a brilliant smile. Kyo felt his cheeks start to heat up, "Y-yeah. Whatever."

Tohru and Sakura then turned and headed towards a nearby store, giggling and smiling the whole way there.

Shikamaru sighed and walked up next to Kyo, "Tell me again why we had to come over here?"

Kyo blushed again, "Nevermind! Come on, let's get this over with." He marched off in a huff, and Shikamaru let out another sigh and followed him.