A lone mysterious figure walked through the empty streets of Nermia. The rain bounced off the dark aura that surrounded the being as it continued to walk towards one of the houses, keeping it dry. Once it reached the building it walked up towards the door and knocked. The door was opened by a tall women around her late teens. She wore an apron over her dress. The aura of Serenity surrounded the women.

"Hello may I help you?"

"I'm looking for Ranma."


Miles away in New York City, another figure was walking towards a a basketball court where a street fight was taking place. It was female and wore a cloak with a hood that was a blood red color. She walked towards the fight and watched the two fighters. One wore a red vest over a black shirt with a picture of a dragon in the center. The sleeves of the vest had been ripped off a long time ago, showing the black shirt's long sleeves. His pants were also black and had a metal chain tied to keep it from falling. It had many pockets and had the kanji for strengh to acheive on the side. His hair was spiky with the tip of the bangs falling down towards his face. They were red while the rest of his hair was black. He rushed towards his oppenent with his fist raced behind him.

"Burning fist!"

His punch connected with the face of his enemy sending him flying 20 feet towards the chain fence. If someone was to pay careful attention to his fist they would of seen a small flicker of flames surround his hand just before his attack. The girl walked towards him after the fight had ended.

"What do you want lady?"

"Are you Koji Aszuma?"


Battle One: Recruitment