JC: This is still alive!! It's been on HIATUS for so long. Sorry if I didn't update. I actually had this story lying around in my computer. I was so caught up with writing another fic in another anime. Okay, this is Meer's one-shot story. I do adore Meer, though I find her annoying sometimes. Anyway, please enjoy the story.

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I knew everyone in my middle school. I was pretty friendly and well-liked by my friends. I was involved with two different school clubs. I loved being in middle school because I was familiar with the building, the teachers, and everything else.

Then I entered high school and I wasn't prepared for the huge change. Now I entered a cafeteria filled with hundreds of unfamiliar faces. I felt grateful when I saw one or two people I knew in the hall as I was running to my next class. I was not in any clubs or on any teams—I couldn't even find my way around the main building.

Everyday I usually went home in tears and I didn't know why. I felt disoriented and confused. I would ask myself, what's going on? Why am I here? I used to feel so secure, but now I feel like no one knows me or cares that I'm here. I've got to go to this school for three years. Am I ever going to get used to it?

In order to cheer myself up, I would listen to the songs of my favorite idol, Lacus Clyne. She was just the best. Apart from being super beautiful, she was also amazingly kind. I loved singing her songs. Because of her, I dreamed of being a famous singer someday. People did say I sound just like her. Can you believe it? Oh, well… I wished I could be more like her. Miss Lacus was always confident and strong, and I was nothing compared to her. I can't even bring myself to like my high school. I was scared.

Going somewhere completely new forces you to look at yourself without all of your friends. In the past, I used to believe my voice would be enough to get me into the singing business. The harshness of high school actually taught me that everything wasn't always easy. I had a hard time passing the auditions for the Drama Club and Choir. I eventually got used to my high school life, as I continued to listen to Miss Lacus' songs for inspiration. She was my only motivation to pursue further.

When I first arrived at college, I did not even know if it was right for me to be here. I did know what I wanted to do in life, but college was different from high school. However, unlike in high school, I didn't cry anymore or feel scared. I guess I became more confident. After years of hard work in college, I was able to graduate with a smile on my face.

After that, I got scouted by one of the leading music companies in the country. It was such an honor for me. The talent scout happened to hear my voice one day at a local Karaoke bar and decided to make me a star. My dreams were finally coming true at this point. Of course, it wasn't smooth sailing from then on. You could say that it was hard to keep up with stardom. I actually cried when some people were bad-mouthing me for copying Lacus. It was understandable, but they can't blame me for having the same voice as hers. It was a gift.

Despite that, I still pursued my career. I even got to meet Lacus and sang in a concert with her. I was totally dumbfounded at her presence. I almost felt not worthy singing on stage beside her, but Lacus gave me words of encouragement. With that, I was able to sing to the fullest, and Lacus was so impressed with my performance. I couldn't have been happier!

And now, I'm currently in the recording studio, getting ready to sing my newest hit single. The song was perfect enough to be my image song actually. In addition to that, my song was also going to be featured in a hit anime. As the music started, I prepared myself to sing the song, Emotion.

End of Story

JC: Meer's story has ended. It was just a simple story of her life actually. This is quite common, but I wanted to write it this way. I find Meer to be interesting and her passion for singing is quite amazing. She really has what it takes to be a great singer.