Based On Pat Benatar's Song Hell Is For Children

"Its me or them" Thier father boomed.

"They're are children" Their mother cried.

"They are yours not mine" The man hissed.Sota Higurashi held his crying twin against his chest, as they sat listening to their parents fight over them on the stair well.

"How can you talk like that, you said, you would always love them as if they were your own." Their mom cried.

"And I have for a good ten years" Their father said "But what has it gotten me...two bastards for step children thats what...that daughter of yours needs to be brought down a few pegs...and your son...what a fairy"

"And now you just want me to throw them out on the streets!" she yelled

"Yes Yumi I do" The man said.

"Mamno I can't do that I love them." she told her husband.

"Yumi! if you change your mind you know where I'll be" Mamno said,he left slamming the door after himself. Sota forced his sister up and dragged her up the stairs and into their jointed room.

"What are we going to do Sota now that father is gone?" Kagome asked her brother.

"Nothing will change" He promised "You heard him...he didn't love us...he wasn't are father"

"Bub he was the only father we ever knew."Kagome said as she sat down on her bed.

"Sissy we'll talk to papa and he'll tell us" Sota said "Don't worry I'll make sure you get your daddy"

Kagome smiled at her twin, "Thank you Sota." Kagome said.

"Whats big brothers for?" Sota asked.

"To keep away all the bad guys...sides you aint to much older than me twin twin" Kagome said.

"Im 13 and your 12" Sota said.

"So I'll be thirteen tomarrow" Kagome whined.

"Fine and what do you have planned for your birthday?" he asked as he crossed his arms.

"How bout we do a joint thing down at the skate park?" Kagome asked. "You can buy me some new stuff and I can buy you some new stuff"

"Anything I want?" he asked, now thinking about that manga he had wanted for a long time.

"Yeah as long as your willing to do the same for me" Kagome said "It will be twin day...we can then go and see papa"

"I'm hungry think we should go down for dinner?" Kagome asked Sota.

"Then lets go eat" Sota said.

"Won't mom be mad at us?" Kagome asked.

"Would you rather starve?" Sota asked.

"No" Kagome said and got up and follwed Sota down the steps.

"Mama is dinner ready?" Kagome asked her.Yumi didn't look at them for awhile,she had her head down, she lifted her head up and glared at them. Her tears were evident but her anger was dominant.

She looked at the two kids they were the reason her husband had left her. "Do I look like your cook?" She asked them both.

"No but-" Kagome began,but she stopped at the sharp pain from her cheek, she looked at the retreating hand of her mothers,silent tears falling.

"No buts" Yumi growled out.

Sota couldn't believe that his mom had just hit Kagome,she had never acted this way before. "Mom you didn't have to hit her!" Sota yelled .

"If it weren't for you he would still be here" Yumi cried.Sota went to hug his mother but she screamed at him "Don't touch me"

Sota backed away from his mom, "I'm sorry mom, please sit down Kagome and I will make dinner." he told her.Kagome was still crying as she sat on the couch. She didn't understand why her mother had slapped her. She was never hit while growing up.Her mom came out of the kitchen and glared at Kagome before continuing up the steps to her room slamming the door behind her. Sota made some rice balls and tea, he heard Kagome crying in the other room.

Sota brought the tray of food into the living room and placed it on the coffee table. "Shh Sissy its okay" Sota said.

"Bubby" Kagome cried "What did I do?"

"You didn't do anything mom is just mad because he left that's all " he said as he handed her a rice ball and a cup of tea.

"So what should we do first tomorrow?" Sota asked, as he watched his twin eat the given rice ball, she smiled.


Today was Kagome's birthday she was up early, she jumped on Sota's bed waking him up."Wake up!" she yelled in his ear, the sleeping boy screamed. Kagome giggled. "About time." She said.

"Kagome what time is it?" Sota asked her.

"9 am." she said

"You weren't even born yet..." Sota growled "I didn't wake you up at 9am yesterday"

"And what would be your point ?" Kagome asked as she got off of his bed and walked over to the mirror to check herself out, her breast were starting to grow, her hips were begining to grow fuller.

"Eww Sissy don't check your self out in my mirror" Sota whined.

"Quiet, I think it's time I start wearing a bra, maybe some pink lacy ones or ones with hearts on them, what do you think Sota?" she asked as she looked at him through the mirror. Sota blushed, his sister was becoming mature in the aspects of her breast,and butt along with her hips but that was his sister,his twin.

"What ever" He muttered.

"Maybe I'll even buy a thong" Kagome said "Or three"

Sota turned his head away. "How about we take a shower, I mean I take one and then you take one." he said.

Kagome blushed at her brother but nodded. "You can take one first bubby" Kagome said.

Sota got out of his bed and went into the bathroom he shared with his sister,he closed the door and Kagome heard the shower come on, Kagome went over to her bed and began making it, she was happy, though she wondered what type of mood her mom was in today hopefully better than last night.She finished making her bed and then looked at her brothers side of the room, it wasn't overly messy since Kagome tried to keep both sides neat, but he hadn't made his bed yet,and his clothes from the previous night still hadn't made it to the hamper.

Kagome beagn cleaning Sota's side of the room, she took his dirty clothes and threw them in the hamper.She then made his bed fluffing up his pillows, she wondered how he was going to make it when they were on their own no longer living together knowing Sota he'd end up hiring a maid.The thought of not living with her twin made Kagome sad, If Sota wanted to leave it would break Kagome's heart and she would volunteer to be his maid just so she could be by his side.

Sota came out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist."Ok Sissy ur turn ." Sota said as he walked over to his now made bed and clean floor. "Thanks I was going to do that later." he told her.

"Sure you were" Kagome said "We'll I'll be back...ten minutes top" Kagome said walking into the bathroom.

While Kagome showered, Sota decided to get dress only problem was he didn't know what he wanted to wear he heard Kagome singing in the shower.Sota shook his head, he had a lot planned today for Kagome.

"They cry in the dark, so you can't see their tears ,They hide in the light, so you can't see their fears ,Forgive and forget, all the while ,Love and pain become one and the same ,In the eyes of a wounded child ,Because Hell, Hell is for children ,And you know that their little lives can become such a mess ,Hell Hell is for children ,And you shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh ,It's all so confusing, this brutal abusing ,They blacken your eyes, and then apologize ,You're daddy's good girl, and don't tell mommy a thing ,Be a good little boy, and you'll get a new toy ,Tell grandma you fell off the swing" Kagome sang as she opened the bathroom door the fog from the hot shower floating out behind her, she had a towel wrapped around her torso.

Meanwhile the radio still boomed the chorus of the song "No, Hell is for children ,Hell, Hell is for Hell ,Hell is for Hell, Hell is for children,Hell, Hell is for Hell ,Hell is for Hell, Hell is for children ,Hell, Hell is for Hell ,Hell is for Hell, Hell is for children ,Hell is for children,Hell is for children" The radio host came on "And that was Pat Bentar's song Hell is for children"

"So what do you want to do today?" Soat asked as he put on his shirt.

Kagome thought about the question. "How about the mall , then a movie, then skating." she said.

"Thats cool" Sota said "Just get dressed and get your board"

"Turn around" Kagome said.

"I've already seen you a million times" Sota said.

"But I'm a woman now" Kagome said.

"You hardly have any breasts." Sota said.Kagome huffed and threw a pillow at his head.

"What was that for?" he asked as he rubbed his head.

"I do to have boobs" Kagome whined "I just don't have a bra to support them" Sota snorted and turned around if she was like this now kami knows he didn't want to be around her when it was that time of the month.Kagome put on her little mermaid underwear and light grey skinny jeans (jeans that are straight legged and form fitting) she then put on a pink wife beater that had grey and white skulls on the front.

"You can turn around now" Kagome said, as she sat on Sota's bed to put on her pair of black and pink anarchic star skater shoes. Sota already had his boxers on, he put on his grey skinny denim jeans and a white shirt with a skull on it with a sword going through it's mouth, after he was dressed he sat down on his bed next to Kagome and put on his grey and black anarchic skater shoes.

They each put their wallets in their pockets and grabbed their boards,nothing to flashy about them,they each wanted a better board but their parents thought it a fling and went to kb toys to buy them there boards, they were plain colored decks, Kagome's was red and Sota's blue.

The two headed down stairs they didn't see their mom, they decided to get something to eat at the mall,they put on their gear. Kagome put on her red helmet and red knee pads and elbow pads. While Sota put on his blue knee pads and elbow pads and his blue helmet and the two left the house.

hr at the mall

"Where we going first bubby" Kagome asked, as they picked up their boards.

"Pick a lingerie store I guess" Sota said blushing "Your the one that wants that kind of stuff" he added.

The twins walked into the mall. "How bout hot topic" Kagome said "They have the stuff I want" Kagome pulled Sota by the hand and led him into hot topic. where she began looking around for panties and bras, with Sota blushing all the way.

"What about this one?" Kagome asked,holding up a black with turquoise star ribbon bra and matching thong set.

"Yes, what ever please stop showing them to me." Sota said turning away from her.Kagome smirked and then grabbed a couple more bra and thong sets, one was pink and black with a winged-skull and star print,another one had a hot pink bra that features two black ribbons on each side with pink stars and black lace trim and thong set, and the last set had a blest black and white triangle cup skull bra and matching shorts. She then grabbed a few non matching bras and thongs.

When she was finished she walked up to the cashier to pay for her things, when Sota stepped in. "I'll pay for it Sissy." he said as the young boy began ringing up the order. Sota blushed as he looked at him, what was wrong with him wasn't he attracted to girls.The young guy had short brown hair and hazel eyes he had a thin muscular bulid. He smiled at Sota.

Sota wanted to moan at the simple gesture, his blush growing tenfold. "Hojo" The boy said handing him a hotopic frequent buyer card fully stamped he wrote his number on the back of it. "Call me"

"Sota." he stutterd as he took the card from Hojo, Kagome smiled as she watched the interaction between the two.

The boy watched Sota the whole time as the twins walked out of the store,Kagome waited a few moments before she asked her question. "Why did he give you his number?" Kagome asked.

"In case I want get a part-time job." he said. Kagome looked at him. "C'mon let';s get some new skateboards and then get something to eat I'm starving." he told her. Kagome went to protest , but Soat grabbed her by the hand in the direction of the sports shop.Kagome was nearly dragged to the shop her bag of unmentionables floating behind her as they stopped in front of a store with a neon light above it that glowed 'Grind'.

The two walked in the store and went up to the cashiere and told her what they wanted to do she showed them around the store , they has just gotten some new skate boards in. Kagome picked out her's first. It was longer than the average ones, The belly of it was hot pink with white skulls on it, it also had had some red and pink hearts. The store even offered to engrave both their name's on the new skate boards for free.

Sota looked around at the boards, he was trying to see what kind he really wanted. His eyes came across a black skate board with some red sakura flowers on it, as well as some black and red skulls he walked over to it and picked it up. This was the one he wanted, he walked back over to Kagome and the sales lady. "We're ready" he said to her.

"Okay" The lady said "Handing the boards off to a man, along with their order "The engraving should be done in 30 minutes or so, we'll have your gear ready as well"

They gave over their old boards and gear and paid off the rest of the bill with their money,paying for each others boards of course. "Were gonna go to the food court" Kagome said "We'll be back c'mon bubby"

Sota and Kagome left the store and went down to the food court, "I feel like pizza how about you?" Sota asked her.

"Na I want chinese" Kagome said "You can get pizza if you want bub"

Kagome left Sota to get chinese food while Sota ordered three slices of pizza , one sasuage, one peperoni, and one cheese and a large soda, he walked over to Kagome who was still in line waiting to get waited on.

"Here Sissy gimme your bag and I'll find us a seat" Sota said, balancing his food trey in one hand to take his sisters bag with the other.Kagome handed Sota her stuff and watched as he went to a table while she orderd. Sota looked around at what other stores there were, so they could go and check them out. He watched as some older boys passed his table by.The guy from earlier walked by his table.Hojo, he wasn't sure if he should call him or not. He panicked as the said boy came towards him, he looked at his trey of food, he felt so fat, what if the boy thought he was a pig, who cares he was straight wasn't he, he only liked girls, what if his sister found out, what would she do.

"Hey Sota" Hojo said "Hungry?" he joked.

"Uh yeah, didn't have breakfast." he told him.

Hojo sat down in the chair next to his, "So tell me what are you doing later on?" Hojo asked him.

"Uh its twin day" Sota said blushing.

"Too bad I was hoping to get to know you better." Hojo said running his finger across Sota's lips.

"My sister" Sota panicked as he searched for his sister in the quickly moving line, she was about to pay for her stuff.

"Your still in the closet" Hojo sighed "How young are you before I get overly excited"

"Thirteen" Sota said.

"I'm sixteen" Hojo said.

"Oh" Sota said blushing as dirty things crossed his mind as he looked at the elder boys body his eyes quickly went to his face again when he heard Hojo chuckle.

"Tell you what Sota, how about we get to know each other tomorrow I have the day off." Hojo told him as he saw Kagome coming his way.

"Uh sure you can come over are house" Sota said "I'll call you and give you the address"

Kagome came over to the table as Hojo was getting up to leave. "Have a nice day" he said to Kagome and went on his way to catch up with some friends.

"Don't lie to me" Kagome said "Are you gay straight or bi?"

"What are you talking about, am I gay , straight or bi?" he asked her

Kagome looked at him, "Ok if I tell you the truth you can't tell mom or anyone, swear." he said.

"I swear I won't tell a soul I'll go to my grave with this." she told him.

"I'm bi, I mean I like girls but lately I've been attracted to guys." Sota told her.

Kagome smiled "I knew something was bugging you" She said not at all shocked or angered.

"So you don't hate me?" Sota asked.

"No, I love you." Kagome told him.

"So whens your boyfriend coming over?" Kagome asked.

"I don't know I have to call him when I get home he wants to spend the day with me tomorrow but what about mom?" he asked her.

"I'll say he is for me" Kagome said.

"Thank's Sissy, I appericate this, he's cute huh?" he asked her.

"Yeah Im jealous" Kagome sighed "All the good ones are either taken or swing the other way"

"You'll find someone." Sota said as he took a bite of his pizza. "Oh no that means I have to shower more, get better clothes what do I wear tomorrow." he said starting to panic.

"Seeing as were in a mall" Kagome said "Why don't we shop"

"We'll pick up are boards and then find some clothes" Sota said calming down, they finished their food off and went to pick up their boards.

As the two were walking Kagome started having cramps. "Sota I have to go to the bathroom." Kagome told him.

"Okay Sissy I'll run and go pick up the boards and gear and meet you at the restrooms" Sota said.

Kagome went into the restroom and went to the box on the wall that had tampons in them she took a quater and put it in the machine and out dropped a tampon.

Kagome went in the stull and locked the door, she pulled her pants down to reveal a bloody ariel, she got toilet paper and tried to soak up the blood as best she could. She then open the tampon and looked at it funny when she heard the door open. "What do I do with this?" She asked her self aloud "Wheres it go?"

An older woman had come into the bathroom, Kagome pulled her pants up and walked out the bathroom. "Excuse me I uh, how do i use this?" Kagome asked her.

"A tampon on your first time" The older lady gasped "Oh kami child...if you use that you'll be walking like a you need these" She handed Kagome a pad.

"Thank you." Kagome said . still not knowing what to do with it.

The lady smiled."You put this in your pantiies the sticky side presses against the pantie line." She tod her.

"Thank you." Kagome said and went back in the bathroom .

The woman smiled and shook her head at the unkowing child 'Her mothe should be ashamed' The woman thought as she waited her turn for the bathroom.

After Kagome was done she came out of the bathroom went over to the sink and washed her hands she was going to have to find a store that sold pads. Kagome thanked the lady again and left to find Sota

Sota was waiting on a bench across from the rest rooms, with two bags in his hands,he laughed when he saw her walk over to him. "What are you doing" He giggled" It looks like you got a diaper on"

"Nothing let's go." She said grabbing her bag from him. " Uh I need to stop at the store and get some feminine products." she told Sota.

Sota cringed at the thought I'll wait for you right here." he told her.

"Some twin you are" Kagome growled "And you want me to help find you an outfit"

"Some twin you are" Kagome growled "And you want me to help find you an outfit"

"I'm sorry Sissy I can't do that I love yuou but that's one thing we can't do together." Sota told her.

"You go with me to shop for thongs and bras and apparently have seen me nakie a million times...and when Im in pain and bleeding you can't go with me" Kagome fake sobbed.

Sota growled , "Fine let's go." Sota said grabbing her hand. "And I didn't go shopping for men he found me." he told her as they walked to the store.

"Sure and you were blushing and acting like a school girl for nothing" Kagome said as they walked into the pharmacy like store.

"Wait till it's ur turn Kagome, I' am so going to get you back." he said as she led him down the femine aisle.

Kagome looked around the shop for someone that looked friendly, she spotted a girl a little bit older than her self and blushed as she went over to her for help.

Kagome walked over to the girl, "Excuse me I was wondering if you could help me I need to buy some personal produts." Kagome told her.

"Sure I'll help you ." she told Kagome.

"I was in the bathroom" Kagome blushed "When it happened and an elderly lady gave me a pad and said I would be a duck if I used tampons so what do I buy this pad is really uncomfortable"

She took Kagome down the aisle and showed her a variety of pads, while Sota looked at some condoms. "This is a good one." she told her

"Always ultra thin wings" Kagome read the package.

"Thats what I used when I first started" The girl said "You'll also need panty liners and feminine spray"

Kagome thanked the girl and went to fiind Sota. "Already planning to sleep with him?" Kagome asked him as they walked to the cashiere where ther was a boy with red hair and green eyes waiting on people.

"Just in case" Sota said, adding his condoms to the growing pile of Kagome's feminine products.Kagome giggled as she turned her attention pack to the cashiere, he seemed around her age, and he was handsome, she read his name tag Kurama.

"Is this everything, cutie?" he asked her.Sota rolled his eyes as Kagome smiled.

"Uh huh" She said, getting her wallet out.

"How about a number" Kurama said.

"Nuh uh" Kagome said with a giggle.

"Stop it with the me tarzan you jane and ring it up already" Sota barked.

"Come on I have never seen such a beauty before, you put all other women to shame." Kurama said as he began to ring her up.

"Hmm how about if I see you in school I'll give you my number and if I don't your obviously out of my league" Kagome said, as she paid the total.

"Deal but can I have your name angel?" he asked

"Kagome." she said and took her bag.

" next victim" Kurama whispered.The twins then went shopping for Sota's date and just for GP.


Kagome and Sota went over to their papa's. "You're not seriously going to give that guy your number are you?" he asked as they walked up the shrine steps.

They had decided to skip the skate park due to Kagome's condition, and they were going to the video store as soon as they left their grandfather's shrine. "I dunno maybe" Kagome said.

"I don't like him" Sota said, as there grandfather greeted them as they reached the tops of the shrine stairs.

"Hi grandfather." Sota and Kagome said.

"Why hello you two what brings you here is your mom with you?" he asked.

"No thats why we came here...father left" Kagome said.

"Aw you come in search of your origin" Their grandfather said.

"Let us head inside...we will talk in the tea room" He said leading the twins into the house.

The twins walked in side and follwed him into the tea room.

"Have a seat" he said as he poured them all tea "Now what would you like to know first"

"What of are father?" Sota asked.

"He is home" Their grandfather said.

"He said he wouldn't come home unless we leave" Kagome said "Where is he really?"

"You are not from here" Genki said "We are not from here"

"Gramps are you ok, did you not sleep last night?" Sota asked her.

"I am fine" Genki said "I am not as old as you presume...we are not human"

Sota and Kagome looked at each other this couldn't be true, how can that be we sure look human ." Sota said.

"You know the stories I tell of our Ancestors Midoriko and Kikyo?" Genki asked.

"Hai" Kagome said, and Sota nodded.

"Well they are not your ancestors" Genki said "Midoriko is my sister and her children Kikyo and Kaede are my nieces and your cousins"

"But how?" Sota asked.

"We are time traveling youkai...a very strong line of kitsunes...might I add" Genki said "You are miko and monk kitsune hanyou twins"

"Oh yeah prove it." Kagoame and Sota said Genki narrowed his eyes at the two.

"You're just like your father." he told them.

"Who is are father?" Sota asked "And where is he?"

"Your father is my eldest son Senshin" Genki said "And he is in the feaudal era"

"Feaudal era!" they both yelled.

"Would you please not shout" Genki scolded.

"How did he get there with a stop watch?" Sota asked.

"Through the bone eaters well" Genki said.

"I plan to move there as well soon" he added "Once I find a demon worthy of watching over the shrine and strong enough to"

"Are you saying their are demons in this time?" Kagome asked him.

"Yes you will tend to spot them more and more now that you know what to look for" Genki said.

"How will we be able to tell a demon from a regular human?" Sota asked.

"Just that irregular..odd hair and eye much they sniff a certain thing...the way they act around their intented" Genki said.

Kagome and Sota took in what their grandpa had said this was cool, each wondered if they had met a demon earlier today.

"Any more questions my children" Genki asked.

"When do we change?" Sota asked.

"Your 18th summer" Genki said "Though small changes will happen until then"

"Like what ?' Kagome asked him now interrested.

"Enhanced speed,smell,sight and taste" Genki said.

"This is so cool."Sota said, "Hey gramps you mind if I make a quick call?" Sota asked him.

"Of course know where that contraption is" Genki said.

Sota smiled at Kagome, "I'll be making a call" he said with a lecherous grin as he got up and ran into the kitchen.

"I've never seen him so excited to use the phone." Genki said."Has he finally how do you kids say it come out of the drawer"

Kagome frowned "How did you know? and its closet not drawer" Kagome asked.

"I saw the way he would look at the other boys when they were playing ball, his scent changes when he's around boys or men he deems good looking." Genki said.

"The old timer knows before me...his own twin" Kagome whined "Life is not fair"

"Speaking of life" Genki said "I smell that you have finally come of age"

"Eww" Kagome squealed "Gross"

"So now that your brother has met someone, I assume that you will start looking or have you already found some one?" her grandfather asked her.

"No there was this one guy...err maybe demon...but I think he's too old" Kagome said.

"Hmm do you like him?" he asked her.

"I don't know, I don't know if we even go to the same school." she told him.

Genki looked at the clock. "It's getting two should head home I'm sure your mother is upset" Genki said.

Sota came out of the kitchen with a big grin on his face. "Sissy we have to go and you have to help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow afternoon." Sota told Kagome.

"Bubby we just went shopping" Kagome whined,standing up "You have plenty of outfits to choose from"

"Yeah and you're going to help me pick out the perfect one, he's coming over at 2pm." Sota told her.

"Fine that means I get to pick out what movie were gonna watch" Kagome said, as she started to put on her skating gear. "Grandpa do you have any back packs so its easier and faster to get home?"

hr The next day

Sota woke up first he looked at his alarm clock , it was noon, and Hojo would be there in two hours.

"Ah, Kagome get up!" Sota yeleld as he began to panic.

Kagome woke up."Would you be quiet I was sleeping here I need my beauty sleep." she growled.

"He will be here in two hours" Sota cried "Its all your fault you and your scary movie marathon"

"Oh shush I'm up now" Kagome said, as she threw the covers off of her "Eww gross I bled through"

Kagome pulled the sheets off the bed, Sota turned his head. "So glad I'm a boy." he said as he went over to his dresser to look through his clothes while Kagome changed her sheets. After she changed her sheets and put her bloddy sheets in the hamper she went in to the bathroom to bathe.

"What the hell is this...internal bleeding" Kagome cried "Its like the nile river"

"Pills I need pills" Kagome mumbled as she searched the medicine cabinet. "Cramps...check...bloating...check...pms been there had that...ah ha Pamprin you'll have to do...take two theres only one left"

Which meant that she was going to have to go back to that drugstore where Kurama worked. She blushed at thet thought of seeing him again.Kagome took the one lone pill and turned the shower on. She was angry, she finally buys bras and thongs and she was in no mood to wear them.

While Kagome was busy taking a shower Sota pulled out a pair of jeans and and a black top, now all he had to do was wait for Kagome to get out the bathroom. "Kagome come on ,it's almost 1:00 pm!" he yeleld through the bathroom door.

Kagome was pissed she was hurting, and the water relieved hell of alot of pain and her evil twin was being selfish. She turned the water off and grabbed her towel she dried off before stepping out of the tub. She switched the radio off and stormed out of the door.

"Sota if you don't leave me alone you won't have anything to give Hojo in the future." She warned him.

Sota blushed and bowed his head as he walked into the bathroom, Kagome dropped the towel as soon as the door shut. She walked over to her night stand and opened the underwear drawer. She searched for her least favorite. A pair of spongebob boy underwear, Something she had taken from Sota a few years back, she slid them on up to her knee and hopped over to the side of her bed where she had the stash of pads hidden. She unwrapped a pad and lined it up on her underwears before wrapping the wings. She pulled them up all the way up and grabbed her feminine spray.

"Now what do I do with this?" Kagome asked. Sota showered today more than he did yesterday, he even washed behind his ears. He wondered how he would act in front of Hojo. He didn't want to act shy , he wanted to see how far this would go. He remembered the condoms he purchased yesterday and blushed, what a stupid move, they probably wouldn't fit,Sota blushed even more. After his shower Sota stepped out wrapped a towel around his waist and went over to the cabinite and took out the tooth paste and his spiderman tooth brush and turned the water on and began brushing his teeth.He brushed them until when he spit he saw blood, he then brushed his tongue and used mouth wash, alot of mouth wash.He walked out of the bathroom making sure the radio was off and was met with a half dressed twin.

"What's the matter with you?" he asked her.

"What do you think my clothes don't fit all the sudden." She cried.

"Are you pregnant" He joked.

Kagome panicked. "Oh kami no please I don't wanna be another virgin Mary" She cried.

"Sota You love me right?' she asked as he looked for something more comfortable to wear.

"Yeah." Sota said wondering what she was going to ask him

"Good I need you to go back to the drugstore with me." Kagome said.

"But Hojo is coming" Sota said.

"He can come with." She told him. "You better get ready it'll soon be 2."

Sota looked at her, she wore red atheletic pants and a grey sweatshirt. "Your the one who is suppose to pretend he's for you if mom's home" Sota said as he went over to his clothes.

"I know get dressed I'll meet you down stairs." Kagome said and left the room. She went down she didn't see her mom, and she didn't dare not knock on her mom's bedroom door.Kagome looked at the clock, it was ten till and she had an odd feeling someone was coming. Kagome was getting something to eat when the doorbell rang. Kagome took her sandwich with her and went to open the door. Hojo stood there he wore a green polo shirt and khaki pants and clean white sneakers

"Hey, Sota ready?" he asked her.

"No of course not...come in though...he should be done soon..." Kagome said, as she lead him to the couch she sat down by him and watched him closely as she ate.

" So uh, did Sota tell you that if my mom comes you're to act like we like eact other?" Kagome asked him.

"Yeah." Hojo said as he took his sunglasses off. "So you're twins yet he is older than you, that's odd." he said

Kagome looked at him. "What else did Sota tell you?" she asked him.

"He told me about your parents...about you...about how close you two are...he's told me that he's a virgin...that he's still confused on his sexuality and that you would ask me wierd questions" Hojo said.

Kagome huffed. "How old are you, and you better not take advantage of Sota , so help me kami if you do I'll kill you." Kagome said.

"Sixteen,No I'm not going to take anything from your brother that he doesn't want to give, and if I do you can kick my ass" Hojo said.

"Good, are you a virgin?" she asked him as Sota came down the steps.

: "No I am not" Hojo said.

"How many guys/girls have you been with?" Kagome asked.

"One guy and one girl...and no not at the same time" Hojo said.

"Have you been tested?" Kagome asked.

"Yes I have." he said as he turned his head and saw Sota.Sota blushed.

"Hi, Hojo, please forgive Kagome she was dropped on the head as a child." Sota said.

"I always wondered where that bump came from" Kagome said "Now can we got get me some pills"

"Kagome I hate that guy." Sota said.

"Sota you promised or do you want me to tell Hojo about the dream you had last night?" Kagome threatened.

"Fine" Sota said.

"We can take my car" Hojo said.

"Dreaming about me already Sota?" Hojo said in a husky voice.

hr Three Months Later

Kagome and Sota were getting older Sota was in a serious relationship with Hojo, Kagome ahd become friends with Kurama, he would come over to her house, the two would hangout, go to movies , things like that, but neither of the boys knew what was going on in Sota and Kagome's home. Their mom had staretd beating them.It wasn't too serious...since they were hnayous, but being trapped in their human state made the beatings just what they were.Sota wanted to tell his lover...seeing as they were in a lot like love state but he was afraid. They had just recently became lovers and Sota didn't know if Hojo felt the same way. Besides he was already keeping his race from him.

"Kagome I really like you and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?'" Kurama aked her.

"Umm I dunno" Kagome said "My brother..."

"Your bother what does he have to do with us?" Kurama asked her as he took her hand in his.

"Everything...he's my twin..he dislikes you" Kagome said.

"You have protected his secret life...his boyfriend..why not let me do the same for you...he will let you be with me if he loves you as much as you love him" Kurama said.

"Okay yes I'll go out with you" Kagome said.Kurama smirked he had something in his mind wonderful planned for Kagome.

"Go on a date with me?" Kurama asked "Tonight"

"Ok, I'll go out with you tonight what time?" she asked him.

"8 pm." Kurama said.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"Drive in movie" Kurama said "I'll pick you up"

Kagome smiled at him, "Okay I'll be ready." Kagome said and kissed him on the cheek.

Kagome went inside her house to get ready, Kurama's eyes flashed red, soon he thought I will get more than just a kiss on the cheek. He left to prepare. Kagome looked at her clothes , since her twin didn't want her showing her assets. She decided on a teal tee shirt and a V-neck cardigan and a flared amber green flared skirt. she let her hair air dry. She then put on a honey lemon flavored lip gloss.

Sota was doing much of the same though, he wore a button up white shirt and tight grey skinny jeans.His growing hair was braided back thanks to Kagome. He sniffed the air. "Kagome you smell different" Sota said.

"It's called clean something you're just getting use to." she told him.

"No its more than that its in your scent" Sota said "It has changed again"

"What do you mean, you better not be trying to ruin my date." Kagome hissed.

"I'm not" Sota said "Its just it calls to me" He blushed.

"Look nothing has changed, ok now let's go it's almost time." Kagome told him. They put their shoes on and headed down stairs to their awaiting dates.Kagome was the first to come down the stairs Kurama was waiting with Hojo. Kurama's eyes took on a darker shad as he watched her with predatory eyes, Kagome would be his tonight whether she liked it on not.

Hojo like a gentlemen stood up and greeted Kagome with a hug and a kiss. "You look lovely" Hojo said, and Kurama had to bite back a growl.

"Yes you do." Kurama said taking Kagome by the hand.

"We should go." Hojo said,Kurama led Kagome out the house and to his hummer.

Sota followed suit with his lover in tow,pouting all the while. "She gets lovely what do I get" Sota whined.

"Good enough to eat" Hojo said, as they got in his car.

Kagome was quite as Kurama drove to the drive in movie. " I'm glad we could do this, do you think that next time we can go to amusement park?" Kagome asked him.

"Sure" Kurama said 'With my next vixtim' he added as an after thought.They arrived at the drive in, it was crowded, So Hojo wasn't parked next to Kurama's hummer. Kurama smirked.

"Want to get some popcorn?" Kagome asked him.

"Why don't you?" Kurama said, handing her his wallet "Its on me"

"Ok." She said and got out the hummer closing the door behind her. He watched her leave, after she left he moved to the back seat and began making the seats flat, now all he had to do was wait for dear little Kagome to return.

hr With Sota and Hojo

The two lovers were making out when they heard the love making of other couples one was particularly loud "Thank we can give them a run for their condoms" Hojo said huskily. Sota nodded his head. Hojo began kissing his way down Sota's long tanned neck.Sota was panting hard.

"Tell me you want me Sota." Hojo said as he bit his ear.

"Take me" Hojo said, Sota panicked he was no longer a virgin but he was never the dominant one during sex.

Sota was a little unsure of what to do.Hojo senesd it and grabbed Sota's hand and placed it on his hardend member. "Sota don't make me beg." Hojo groaned out.

He wrapped his hand around the hardend member and squeezed loving the moan Hojo let out, he stroaked the larger man slowly. "Faster" Hojo moaned.Sota unzipped Hojo's pants releasing his memeber that had doubled in size.He pulled the older boys pants down and off along with his shoes, he then went to his shirt and slowly unbuttoned it. Hojo leaned up and captured the youger's boys lips with his own, his tongue begging for entrance.Sota obliged lettting Hojo's tongue slide in his mouth.During the kiss Hojo began to undress the younger boy, using his feet to kick off the boys shoes, and his hands to do the rest. He had Sota's shirt off and was working on the boys pants.Hojo threw Sota's shirt in the back seat. He pulled Sota's pants down to his ankles he smirked as all he had left to do was remove Sota's boxers.

"There is no room up here" Sota said with a blush, good thing the windows were tinted.

"You read my mind." Hojo said as he climbed in the back and then pulled Sota back with him.

hr With Kagome and Kurama

Kagome returned with popcorn and a coke, she tried to open the car door but it was locked, taking a gulp of coke she knocked on the door.

Kurama opend the door pulling Kagome in, and in the process she dropped her coke. "Kurama waht are you doing you made me drop my coke." she said.

"You can get another after I'm done with you." he said. Kagome's eyes went wide.

Kagome's discarded pop and popcorn was long forgotten, as she looked at the now flat seats, she screamed and was silenced by a fist to her gut. "Your in heat Kagome...this is your fault" Kurama said.

Tears fell down her face, as the boy she thought she would love forever began to rip her clothes off of her. he looked at the size of her breast pity they werent bigger. "Too bad you're not older you might enjoy this more." he said as he ripped her panties off with his now sharpend claws. Kagome tried push him off of her but he was strong. He laughed at her. "Don't you get Kagome I'm not a human I'm a demon and you're just another ningen for me tu use."He told her as he removed his clothes while still straddling her by the waist.

"Im not a human" Kagome cried out "I'm an inuhanyou miko"

Kurama smelled her "So you're, but it doesnt matter now." he said as he licked his lips. he had removed his own clothes by now and situatied himself between her legs, "Scream if you want too." He said before he slammed into her.

Kagome screamed as her youkai fought to be released but it was a useless battle, her blood lay dormant as Kurama thrusted in and out of her. Kagome cried and tried to fight back. "Please stop" She cried.

"Not u..ntil I'm satisfied." he groaned as he felt the on coming orgasam coming. " I'm going to cum inside of you, this is my gift to you." he grunted as his thick white seed spilled in her womb before he collasped ontop of Kagome.

Kagome cried, she minor cuts all across her body, and she could feel the blood and semen between her thighs, she wanted to puke but settled for gagging as she tried to get up. She needed to find her brother.

Sota stopped. "We have to stop ." he said to Hojo.

''Why?" Hojo asked as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Kagome I had this feeling all day that she was going to be hurt or something"he told Hojo.

"I'm sure she's ok she 's with Kurauma." Hojo told him.

That made Sota freeze, he began throwing his clothes on making sure to take the condow he wore of. "Hurry" Sota ordered .Hojo dressed wondering what was going through his young lover's mind.

After Kurama was dressed he looked at her, "You were great we must do this again some time." he said and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the front of the car and started it and drove near where he saw Hojo's car. He opened the passanger door and pushed Kagome out of it and drove away.Sota jumped out of the car to see Kurama peel away and Kagome hit the ground, naked and bleeding.

"Call the cops" Sota yelled to his lover.

Hojo called the cops and told them what had happend, The cops arrived shortly, as did the ambulance. Kagome was put in the ambulance Soat got in with her, Hojo followed them to Tama Hospital. While the doctors worked on Kagome .Sota paced back and forth in the waiting room. "Do you want me to call your mom?" Hojo asked as he walked over to him.

"Yeah if you don't she won't believe us" Sota said. "I need to call my grandpa as well"

Hojo used his cell phone and called Sota's mom, after he told her what happend to Kagome, she told him she was on her way he ended the call and gave the phone to Sota so he could call his grandpa.

"Granpa" Sota cried into the phone "It's Kagome get to the hospital as soon as you can"

Sota ended the call and handed the phone back to Hojo. "I told her not to go out with him, why didn't she listen to me?" Sota cried.

Hojo hugged him. "Shh it's going to be ok, we'll get the bastard for doing this to her."

"He's not normal" Sota said "He could kill you"

"No one's normal" Hojo said.

Sota looked at him., Sota's mom showed up a little while later. "What happened?" his mom asked him.

"Kurama raped kagome!" Sota yelled at her.

"You let your sister be raped" Yumi roared.

"No I didn't, they were in his car, I...I'm sorry mom, but I told the cops what he looked like and gave them his address, they went to arrest him." he told her.

"Why were you not with your sister..and alone in some car with a boy" Yumi asked disgust evident.

"Because she wanted to be alone with him, I thought that she'd be ok." Sota told her.Genki came in the emergancy room, he smelled Sota's and Yumi's scent.

"Sota, Yumi, How is Kagome?" he asked.

"Were not sure" Sota said.The four sat in slience, the doctor finally came in to talk to them.

Yumi stood up. "Doctor how is she?" she asked him.

"Your daughter has suffered a lot of blood loss, but we were able to stop the bleeding, we gave her some medcine for the pain, she is able to go home as soon as she is up to it you can go and see her if you like." she told Yumi.

"Is she pregnant?" Sota asked.

"It is to soon to tell" The doctor said.

hr One month later

A month had went by since the rape the police never found Kurama. Kagome tried to be her usual cheerful self, she looked at her calander her period had been due since three days ago, she was late and she knew that could mean only one thing and she prayed that it wasn't true. Kagome got up went downsatirs her mom nor Sota was home. she had to go too the drugstore by herself.

hr With Sota and Hojo

The two lovers were sitting in Hojo's room,Hojo was trying to arouse his lover, but Sota seemed reluctant to do so.

"Hojo I need to tell you something." Sota said.

"What is my love?" Hojo asked.

"I really care about you but after what has happend to Kagome I just feel that I can't be with you anymore, or anyone else for that matter." Sota said. Hojo knew this was coming,but he couldn't stop the tears that rolled down his cheeks.

"Sota I love you, but as much as it hurts me to see you go I will always love you and if you change your mind I will gladly start our relationship up agaian." he told him Sota smiled a sad smile. Sota stood up, he bent down and kissed Hojo before leaving his lover's bedroom.He said good bye to Hojo's parents and grabbed his skate board, he didn't bother with his gear, he never crashed and headed out side.

Kagome bought a take home pregnancy test, she came home she read the directions and waited for the results, sahe was laying on her bed whne Sota came in the bedroom.

"Hey Sota are you ok?" she asked him.

"Its over" Sota said as it finally hit him and he began to cry, Kagome's timer went off and she went in the bathroom to check it, she came out of the room crying.

"I'm pregnant" She cried.