Kagome was now nine months pregnant and due any day now,the first person she told besides her brother was her grandfather and then Hojo of course. Her mom was last to find out and the least happy.Her mother would have nothing to do with it, the only thing she gave Kagome was life and she had made sure to threaten that gift on a daily basis. If it wasn't for Hojo,Sota and her grandfather the baby would have nothing at all. Grandpa was infact the one who bought most of the babys furniture, with the help of Sota's part time job and Hojo's sisterly love for Kagome.Kagome was actually dreading the day her baby left the womb, not because she didn't want it but because once her child was born her grandfather was returning home through the well to tell her father the news and to stay their permanently. He had found a nice youkai couple to watch after the shrine, a month or so after Kagome broke the news.

Kagome's cravings were something to behold, her once petite size was now huge, she had gained over 100 pounds. As she was currently making herself her third sandwich, she had a slight pain in her stomach and then her water had broke. "Oh no, not now." Kagome said as she clutched her stomach.

"Sota!" Kagome screamed.Souta came running in the kitchen thinking Kagome wanted him to rub her feet or something, she had benn rather moody lately.

"Eww" Sota said grossed out "Did you pee?" He asked looking at the rather large wet spot on Kagome's new maternity dress.

"Shut up" She growled "Just call Hojo and Gramps...don't forget to get my bag"

"You, you mean you're in labor the baby is coming now, Help!" Sota yelled as he ran out the kitchen. "Gramps, Hojo quick , Kagome's having the baby!" Sota yelled.Hojo ran in the kitchen and helped Kagome while their grandfather called the hospital.

"Baka" Kagome scolded "I'm the one in labor here" Kagome glared at her twin that was taking deep breaths, like the instructor at the birthing classes had told Kagome to do, Sota was present at all the meetings since he was dubbed her coach.

"Well then take deep breaths!" he yelled as he held her bag.

"Would you two stop!" Hojo said as grandfather opened the front door. Hojo helped Kagome down the few steps, and into their gramps car, Hojo sat in the front with Grandpa while Sota sat in the back with Kagome.

"Breathe woman." Sota said. Kagome was getting tired of Sota's mouth so she hit and kicked him.

"For a hundred and eighty nine pound fourteen year old in labor she sure packs a punch" Sota whined.

"I swear Sota when this is over you're so dead." Kagome growled.

"I love you too Kagome." Sota said.

"Hey gramps how much longer till we get to the hospital?" Sota saked him.

Genki floored it and Sota screamed as he turned rather sharply. "Were here" Genki said.

"What the heck is wrong with you, are you trying to kill us!" Sota said as he got out the car helping Kagome out as well. Hojo went and got a wheel chair for Kagome.

"Here you go hun." Hojo said as he helped Kagome into the chair and wheeled her in to the emergancy room. Genki and Sota followed jogging after the fastly speeding wheel chair, Kagome screamed as another contraction hit her.

The doctor came in the room to check on Kagome. "Sorry to say this but you're to far in labor for any medcine." he told her.

"What!" she yelleld as Sota and Hojo washed up and put blue scrubs on while their grandfather sat in the waiting room.

Sota took out the camera and took a picture of Kagome's face, it was priceless. "You have to be fucking kidding me..damn it Sota you shit fucking duck...goat sniffing...sheep raping...queer eye for a straight guy watching...mother fucker..." Kagome yelled a stringful of colorful words fly.

Sota paled, since when did his little sis use such vulgar words. "You ass, son of bitch, when I get my claws on you , you're going to wish you were never born!" Sota backed away from Kagome.

"You know Hojo you can help her I'll just stand over here." Sota said as he moved to the far end of the delivery room.

"Sota get over here" Hojo whined "Your the one that took the classes I just paid for them"

"No way, just tell her to push ya know, and breathe." Sota said not moving from his spot.Kagome's mood did a 180 and she whined for her twin, she had recently been changed into a hospital gown and hooked up to different machines.

Sota hung his head as he cautiously walked over to Kagome ready to bolt if she lashed out at him. "Okay Sissy let's start." he said.

"Bubby" Kagome cried "I'm scared"

"I know, but I'm here." Sota said as Kagome took his hand. "Just don't crush my hand." he told her.Kagome smiled as the doctor instructed her to push, Kagome squeezed Sota's hand as she grunted and pushed.

"Thank Kami I'm a guy." Sota said as Kagome gripped his hand tighter. "Hey Hojo wanna switch places?" he asked.Hojo declined as he snapped pictures, recently taking the camera from Sota.

Kagome pushed, it was so much much pain, "I'm never having another baby again!" she screamed as she pushed.

"That's good Kagome I see the head." The doctor told her.

"A few more pushes now" The doctor said, Hojo had went to stand by the doctor to take better pictures, what he saw was both beautiful and repulsive.

Kagome contunied to push and in the process crushing poor Sota's hand. "Damn it Kagome." he howled as Kagome pushed one more time and the next noise they heard was that of a crying baby.Hojo was snapping away, as Kagome was given a blue bundle of what seemed to be a healthy boy with a good set of lungs.

"Shippo" Kagome said.

hr Two months later

Kagome played with her bundle he had red hair, ears shaped like an elf, his eyes were the color of an emerlad. "Hey Shippo what do you say we go out today huh?" she asked her son.

He cooed and latched onto his mothers fingers with his semi pointy nails. "Hmm how does that spell go that gramps taught me before he left" Kagome said as she concentrated on turning Shippo human.

After Kagome said the spell, Shippo now looked like an ordinary baby. Kagome picked him up and grabbed his bag and hers and went down the steps and was greeted by her mom.

"Where are you going?" Yumi asked, blocking her daughters exit.

"To look after the shrine and visit Sota at his job" Kagome said.

"Did you finish your chores?" Yumi asked her.Kagome nodded her head.

"Speak you have a tongue don't you!" her mom yelled.Kagome flinched at her voice as did Shippo.

"Yes" Kagome said staring at the floor.

"I swear to kami once you put that bastard down I'm gonna teach you some respect" Yumi scolded.

Kagome held Shippo tighter. "I'm sorry mommy." she said.

Yumi slapped her. "You have a child now...do not act like one...you will not call me mommy again...you will refer to me as mother..." Yumi bit out harshly.

Kagome held back the tears. "Now get out I don't want to see your face till Sota comes home from work." her mother told her.

Kagome quickly got her sons stroller and her purse before exiting the house, Sota didn't get off for another hour or so, and there was no point going to the shrine to train with out Sota, so she was stuck with a two month old baby in Tokyo, alone,homeless for now.

So she did what any mom would do she took her two month old to the park, once they were at the park she took him out of the stroller and sat down on the bench and watched as some birds were sitting in the grass.

Even though Shippo was a full demon, where he should of only been 3/4's Kagome's spiritual power and strong lineage she guessed had made him full blooded, he was still to young to do anything in his spell bounded form, besides sit in the grass.

"Hey Shippo I'm sorry that you had to see that, Mother has been that way every since our so called dad walked out on her." Kagome told her young son.Shippo just smiled at her as a butterfly caught his eye and he attempted to bite it.Kagome laughed at her sons antics. and at the same time she was thinking of what to do till Sota got off from work.

"Hmm lets go see uncle Hojo" Kagome said, Hojo had quit his job at hot topic to work at a bookstore/coffee place since it paid more and made it esier to help out Kagome and still have his own pocket money even though his parents were on the wealthy side.

Kagome put Shippo back in the stroller and his diaper bag in the basket and began her walk to Hojo's job. "Hmm maybe I should by a book to read or maybe a cd to drown out mother's voice." Kagome said.

Kagome entered the book store slash coffee house to be greeted by Hojo's bored voice. "Welcome to lava java..home of the famous java...can I take your order" Hojo said, not looking up from the counter.

"Hmm how about a big slice of you and a cup of your java hold the cream please" Kagome said in a seductive voice, making Hojo shoot up.

Hojo smiled when he saw Kagome."Hey what's up?" he asked as he held out his arms for Shippo.Kagome unbuckled Shippo and handed him to Hojo.

"My mom." she simply said.

After knowing Hojo for a year or so now, he began to figure out many of the twins secrets and sighed as he played with the child. "Wanna talk about it?" He asked, but Kagome declined and smiled.

"I was serious about my order" She joked.

Hojo laughed as he drunk in the form of his adopted baby sister. "Your looking ravishing..I would take you up on your offer if I weren't completely smitten with a certain other Higurashi and totally gay" Hojo said "So it seems your 'training' is going well...your losing all that baby fat...you better quit it...thick is the new thin"

"Aww, I think he still likes you, and thanks, do you mind if I stay here for a while? I really don't feel like walking around for the next couple of hours." Kagome said/ asked.

"Of course Girly you know I love Shippo..I wouldn't turn him away he is my god child" Hojo said, seeing the pout of Kagome's lips "And I like you to" He added.

"So what are you doing?" she asked as she looked at people buying books and drinking differnt coffee drinks.

"Not much just waiting for people to buy books or magazines." he told her as a cute boy maybe just a bit older than him walked up and placed a book in font of Hojo.

"Hey there stud" Hojo said, Kagome apparently thought his gay dar was broken or so she hoped, Hojo was good looking but this guy was to hot to be gay, it would be such a waste of such perfect features if he didn't reproduce and if he was gay Kagome was tempted to demand he go to a sperm bank so his looks would not go on wasted.

The said guy smiled at Hojo. "Hi." the guy said , he had silver white hair it was to the middle of his back, he had sun kissed eyes and a sexy deep voice that could make any man or woman weak in the knees. "What's your name honey?" Hojo asked him the boy smirked at him. "I would only tell you after I took you out." the man said completely ignoring Kagome.

"Why are all the gorgeous guys gay" Kagome cried as she took her son away from the hottie magnet that was her friend and adopted brother.

After said man gave Hojo his number. Hojo smugly walked over to Kagome who was now sitting at a table reading a book.

"What happened you're blushing?" she asked as she closed the book she was reading.

"Apparently" Hojo said saddened some "He wants you to give him a call...he was only acting with me ...how cruel"

Kagome snatched the number from Hojo , giving him multiple paper cuts. "Ow, sex fiend woman." Hojo joked.

"Didn't he see that Shippo was mine" Kagome asked as she looked at the name and number "Maru" She said "It suits him"

Kagome had went home few hours ago. She had just finished feeding Shippo. she placed him in his swing and Shippo slowly fell asleep. An hour or so later Shippo work up crying he was wet his supposed to be grndmother just watched him cry his little head off. Kagome woke up an hour later and saw that Shippo was crying not only that he had thrown up his food, and his whole face was red.

Kagome looked at her mother, she noticed the ear plugs in her ears and the T.V was on mute with Subtitles.Kagome was enraged and upset at the same time. She quickly picked up Shippo and tried to soothe him but nothing seemed to work when she attempted to lay him down and change him he screamed louder and when she tried to make a bottle she almost dropped him, tears of frustration poured out of her eyes, she couldn't take care of her pup,her kit, she was a disgrace.

Her mother watched the whole thing, not lifting a hand at all. Sota walked in from a long day at work, he herd his nephews cry. He saw Kagome trying to soothe the baby. "Sissy sit down I'll take over" he said as he looked at his mom. Sota changed Shippo, and then put him on his shoulder running his hand down Shippo's back.Kagome quieted her sobs as she went about making her son a bottle, to feel of some use.

"Kagome don't worry about it, you're not the first mom that this has happend too." Sota said

"I fell asleep" She cried "I didn't wake up and my baby needed me"

"Kagome, it's ok." he said.

"What if he remebers this when he's older, what if he hates me?" she asked.

"He's only two months...he's bound to find other reasons to hate you" Sota joked.

Kagome glared at him. "So what did you do today?" Sota asked as he sat down with Shippo.

hr Three months later

Three months later Shippo said his first word, and to Kagome's surprise and upset he had said Sota and her brother had gotten it on camera much to her disdain. His second word was mama and his third word was Hojo.

Shortly after Shippo started to crawl and once that was strated Kagome and Sota along with Hojo had to baby proof the house. "See we should of did this months ago." Sota growled.

"What ever baka...just shut up and keep plugging" Kagome said throwing the said plug at his forehead. Sota grumbled about women and their emotions.

Hojo couldn't help but laugh at the two, "So Kags have you called Maru yet?" Hojo asked. Kagome grumbled about men and bad timing as she attempted to crawl away with her son.Hojo grabbed her by her ankle.

"No I haven't called him" she said in a huff as she blew a piece of hair out of her face.

Hojo whipped out his cell phone and dialed speed dial. "What you think I gave you the only copy of that number" Hojo said laughing shoving the phone towards Kagome.

It rung for awhile and Kagome was tempted to hang up until she heard a teenaged girl answer. "Hello" The girl greeted.

"Umm yeah is Maru there?" Kagome asked, the girl giggled.

"Dad its for you" The girl said, shoving the phone away, 'Dad' Kagome thought 'Just how old is this guy'

Maru answered the phone. "Hello?" he said in that same sexy voice. Kagome had to hold back the moan that threatend to escape her mouth.

Umm" Kagome said "I met you awhile back in Lava Java and you gave me your number...you probably don't remember me so bye"

"Hey wait" Maru said "Your the gay girl...I mean the girl that thought I was gay"

Kagome blushed and muttered a quiet yeah that was me...but in her head she was repeating like a mantra stupid Kagome as she bashed her skull in.

hr One year later

It had been a year since that phone call, and Kagome still kept in touch with Maru even though he was older than her by a slight landslide. He was 23...er four now to her 15...the girl she had talked to was his adopted or so she thought daughter.Shippo was now closing in on turning two and was very smart for his age...he talked alot and that was cute but at times annoying.

Sota had bit down his feelings for guys and pretended to be straight again. Yumi was still their mother, yet that still had not been proven through a DNA test or the daily beatings they recieved from her. Even though they were hanyous, it was more mental pain than physical.

Gramps was still down the well, Hojo was still Hojo, and Kagome's and Sota's training was going smoothly thanks to the demonic couple Genki had hired to watch over the shrine...err 'well' mostly...Azari and Ryuho were their birth given names but to Sota and his twin it was strictly Sensei.

Kagome was still confused about Hojo at times she thought he was overly demonic and at others he seemed human. The time was coming that they would tell him of their secret and if Hojo couldn't or wouldn't understand they would flee to the well before they were suppose to.

Sota was sitting with Hojo in their living room, their mom had went out for the day so it was just, Kagome, Shippo, Sota and Hojo in the house.

"Hey Hojo if you found out that there was something different about, Kagome, Shippo and I would you still want to hang out with us?" Sota asked his once lover.

"Of course I would" The eighteen year old said.

"Wee...erm do you believe in demons?" Sota asked.

"Hell spawn demons or half dog half frog demons?" Hojo asked,something flashed in his eyes at that.

Sota nodded his head,"Well what if I told you I was a kitsune hanyou/monk and that Kagome was a kitsune hanyou/miko and Shippo was a full blooded kitsune?" Sota asked him.

"Well then I would have to say a perverted comment about are past fling and then add that I was/am a full blooded wolf demon" Hojo said.

"You're a what how could you not tell me!" Sota yelled. Hojo smirked at him.

"So uh now that you know, what does that mean?" Sota asked.

"Nothing" Hojo said, a perverted grin graced his features "It just explains alot"

hr Another year later

Shippo was now walking and talking and getting into a lot of things, Kagome had to watch him more. Shippo wasn't dumb he knew that his grandma didn't love him. She would hit him for no reason at all. Shippo had some brusies on his arms and legs, that came from his grandma.

"Mama" Shippo said "Why does grandma not like me?"

"Grandma doesn't like you,me or uncle Sota because before you were born it was mines and Sota's fault that your step-grandpa left" Kagome said, thats when she heard her mother slam the door.

"Do not fill his head with that nonsense" Yumi screamed "You know I do not hate him" She lied.

"Then why do you always hit him or us for that matter if I'm just lying!" Kagome screamed.Kagome was expecting the slap but she wasn't expecting the kick her mom delivered to her making her drop Shippo.

She laid on the floor, her stomach was hurt, Shippo cried as he watched his grandma , hurt his mommy.

"Why grandma, why did you hit mommy?" Shippo cried.

The four year old didn't know what to do, his body hurt from the fall even though he was in his demon from it was more the pain that his mother dropped him than the actual impact of the fall.

hr Another year later

A year had passsed, the abuse had gotten worse, Kagome could hide the scars with make-up. She was driving her grandpa's old car on this particulair day she was going to visit Maru.She was now seventeen,her son Shippo was five and this would be the millionth time she and her son were going to visit Maru and his daughter Ree.Today was the day they both had days off and Ree didn't have school. Ree was only two years younger than Kagome, being 15 or so she thought.

"Mama can we go to the movies, with Maru and Ree-kun?" Shippo asked her as they drove to Maru's home.

"Im not sure baby...money's kinda tight and we are saving up for that skate board you want" Kagome said, Maru and Ree lived in uptown tokyo, they were rich but didn't act it.

Kagome had the radio blaring as she turned the corner and drove up to Maru's and Ree's home she pressed the intercom button and waited to be buzzed in. The white gates opened and Kagome drove in as she turned her radio off.

Kagome parked and smiled as Ree came running out of the large house smiling, the 15-year-old was quite pretty, she had long thick black hair worn always half up half down,with choclate brown orbs and quite a contagious smile, she was a little on the thick side much like Kagome use to be when she was pregnant with Shippo and that made the girl quiet and shy, she didn't talk much besides around her father,Shippo,Sota and Kagome. She seemed to be crushing on Sota and would stutter and blush when he was near. There was something about Ree that made Kagome stop and think, it was like she was always holding something back.Sometimes it seemed that Ree was much younger, and then much older like she knew something about Kagome that Kagome didn't know herself.

"Hey Ree, you ready to go out?" Kagome asked her.

"Yeah, hey Kagome can you make daddy take us to the zoo?" Ree asked.

Kagome was about to answer but Shippo butted in. "We can't...money's tight right now...were saving up to buy me a skate board" Shippo said.

"Oh, don't worry I'll make daddy pay for the zoo trip."Ree said."Please Kagome-chan make him take us?" she said with puppy dog eyes.

Even though Ree was a tad bit too old to use puppy dog eyes, it still made Kagome cave. "Your too old to use those...they should put an age limit on those...but I'll do it" Kagome said as she got out of the car and made her way to Maru who was exiting his house, Ree giggled as she watched Kagome work her magic.

Ree couldn't hear what they were saying with out giving away her secret but she could tell about the twirl of Kagome's hair and the flirty giggle that Kagome had pulled through,She saw Kagome quickly peck her father on the cheek before returning to her son and friend blushing madly. Ree laughed at her mother figure and friend.

"I guess we're going to the zoo." Ree said with excitement as she watched her daddy come over to the car.

"Ree you know I don't like going to the zoo." Her dad said to her.

"Thats why Kagome asked and I didn't" Ree said.

Shippo whined "Mama It's not fair"

"Whats not fair?" Ree asked.

"He wanted to see a movie...but were saving up to buy him a skate board before we move" Kagome said.

"Move?"Ree cried."We're you moving too?" Shippo looked at Kagome to see what she was going to say.

"Umm you wouldn't believe me if I told you" Kagome thought, but she didn't say it aloud less it sound rude. "Were moving back to are home town" She said "But don't worry I'm sure we can visit" She added to herself "Unless the well traps us there"

hr The last year in Modern Tokyo

Tomorrow both of the twins would be 18, and in a month Shippo would turn 6, but today was saying good bye and they would spend their last night in Tokyo in Genki's, their grandfathers Shrine with their Senseis Azari and Ryuho.Their mother expected nothing, or so they thought, they were going to leave a suicide note later that night, pack their bags and flee to the shrine.

Their first goodbye would be given to Hojo since he was working and his job at Lava Java was close to where Maru and Ree lived, and the shrine was by Maru's house, so it worked out like that. Yumi was at work, which gave them ample time to pack and load up the car with the bare necessities, the Skate boards they purchased over six years ago and the newly purchased board of Shippo's that served as a parting gift from Ree, Ree had also given Kagome a silver chain that had a large pearl attatched to it, Ree said she was saving Sota's gift for when he got their to say good bye.

Kagome packed hers, Sippo's and Sota's things, she packed what they needed most. She even decided to write a lengthy note to her mom, though knowing her mother she wouldn't care and would probabaly just throw the note away.

"Mama are we gonna move some where were we don't have to be human?" Shippo asked.

"Yeah" Kagome said "Once Sota gets home from work and cashing in his last check were going to say good bye to are friends"

"When's Uncle Sota gonna get home" Shippo asked.

"Any minute now, can you be a strong little Kitsune and help mommy take these bags down stairs?" Kagome asked.

Shippo nodded his head and puffed out his chest. "Sure Mama." Shippo said as he grabbed a bag and took it down the steps. Kagome smiled at her little pup.

It didn't take long to take the bags down stairs, there was only six, a bag of clothes for each of them, a bag for their skate boards and gear, a bag of Shippo's toys, and then a bag of the technology they couldn't live with out and about a million batteries.

Sota came into the house smiling. "I left the car running so we have to do this quickly no need to have the neighbors cause a scene" Sota said, as he picked up three bags, his demon strenght was almost to the max, he left to put the bags in the the trunk and wait for them in the car, Shippo grabbed his bag of toys and Kagome got the other two before taping the note to the t.v they left the house and never looked back as they put the bags in the trunk and got in back seat.

Sota drove to the the Lava java in an awkward silence but Kagome couldn't blame him he was leaving his first love Hojo and the crush he had in Ree. They arrived at the java hut and bookstore ten minutes or so later with the tokyo traffc. Kagome and Shippo got out but Sota was slower to exit the car.

They entered the store to see a depressing sight, Hojo was hunched over a box of tissues sobbing which scared away most of the customers from the counter.

Sota approcahed his once lover. "Hojo." Sota said in a low voice knowing with Hojo's demonic hearing he would hear him. Hojo looked up and Sota and cried even more.

"Hojo me and Shippo are just gonna make are goodbyes quick...so you think you can drop Sota off at Maru's when you two are done?" Kagome asked.

Hojo smiled. "Sure Kagome" Hojo said "Thats it everyone out were closing up early for lunch...I said get the hell out"

The coustomers ran out the store. Once all coustomers were out Hojo walked over to the door and closed it he then walked over to a table. "Ok guys sit down." Hojo said.Kagome and Sota took a seat with Shippo sitting in Kagome's lap. Hojo bought out three bags and handed two to Kagome and one to Sota.Kagome opened her bag inside were books for some of the authors she liked to read along with her favorite cd's.She then opened Shippo's bag and saw that there were childern's books for him and some cd's as well.

Sota didn't bother opening the bag, he couldn't cry infront of his nephew, instead he sat their in silence as his sister and nephew said their goodbyes.

"Hojo Im gonna miss you...you were like a sister to me" Kagome said, as she and Shippo stood along with Hojo.

Hojo hugged Kagome and kissed her on her lips. "I'm gonna miss you too Kaggy." he said as he let her go. he then bent down to Shippo. "Shippo you be a good boy and listen to your mommy and uncle ok." Hojo said as he hugged the kit.

Shippo tried to stop the tears from falling as he puffed out his chest but the trio knew he would be crying on the ride to Maru's and Ree's. "I will uncle Hojo" Shippo promised.

"The first kiss in six years and its from a gay guy" Kagome cried.

"I'm sure they'll be many more " Hojo whisperd in her ear. Kagome smiled, a small smile before hugging him and leaving with Shippo. now all that was left was Sota and Hojo. Sota looked at Hojo for the longest time.

"So I guess this is good-bye." Sota stated.

"Not good bye" Hojo said "Just say good night and soon one day you'll wake up and I'll be there"

Kagome drove to Maru's home, she knew Shippo didn't want to say goodbye to Ree. "Hey Shippo I promise we'll come back to see them, but this is for the best, no more beatings and you get to meet your grandpa. I know he's going to love you." she said as she drove up to Maru's home and pressed the button on the intercom.

Shippo sat in the back seat crying, he had been crying the majority of the ride and it was begining to make him sick as he gasped for air, the gates opened, Kagome drove up and parked. She frowned as she saw Ree slowly walk out of the house, she didn't smile, she just looked at them, she had a box in her hand, apparently Sota's gift, it had been a year or so since Sota saw Ree and in that year she had lost all of her baby fat and had thinned out greatly, and Kagome knew the new found interest in her appearance was for Sota.

Kagome parked the car. Shippo got out and walked over to Ree. "Hi Kagome-chan, Shippo-kun." she said sadly.

"Hi Ree." Kagome said with a smile. Ree looked to see no Sota. as if knowing what was on Ree's mind.

"He'll be here shortky."Kagome told her.

"I have some going away presents for you all." Ree said as she handed Kagome a small red velvet box and Shippo a green box a little bigger than Kagome's.

"Ree you have already given us a gift" Kagome said.

"I know but I don't want you all to forget me" Ree said.

Ree smiled "Don't open those until you get to where your moving" Ree scolded.

"Yes mom" Kagome said, as Maru came towards them he too had three longer boxers about as long as Kagome's arm from her finger tips to her shoulder blades one was wider than the rest.

"Don't open this until you get where your going" Maru said, but Kagome just nodded dumbly as she looked at her infatuation for almost six years now.

"Thank you Maru." Kagome said and hugged him around his neck. "I wish I could stay, there is so much I've wanted to tell you." Kagome told him.

"What did you want to tell me Kagome?" he asked her.

"Well I've had a crush on you, for one thing." she said as she began to blush.

"Six years in three months" Kagome thought "Umm" She said but was interrupted as Hojo's car pulled up and Sota stepped out holding the bag of CD's and books, he waved as Hojo peeled off. Ree grabbed the blue wrapped box from Maru before running to greet Sota with the blue box she had for him also. Maru growled as he saw his daughter being kissed by Sota.

"Marau don't get upset it's just a goodbye kiss." She said hoping he would listen to her otherwise she would be going away with out a brother.

He still growled and Kagome silenced him with a kiss of her own. "Six years in three months" She said "Thats how long"

Maru's growls turned to that of a purring noise. Kagome laughed to herself, he was purring and kissing her back. She herself wondered why did she have to leave now.

"I think I love you" Kagome thought.

"I think I love you too" Maru thought.

"I hope they love each other" Shippo and Sota thought.

"I know they love each other" Ree thought.The kissing couples had parted and now each of the Higurashi's stood holding two boxes. Kagome, Shippo and Sota walked to the car and put their gifts in the back.

"Well we have to get going, we'll try to come and see you guys when we can." Kagome told them.

Shippo had started crying again and quickly clung to Ree's legs, Ree hugged him back as Shippo slowly let go, he then ran to Maru and jumped into his arms, Maru caught him and hugged the child to his chest not minding the tears that stained his clothing. Shippo whispered into Maru's ear one word that even made Maru's heart clench. "Daddy". Maru hugged Shippo closer as he slowly put the boy down, Shippo quickly seeked shelter in the backseat of his great grandfathers car.

Kagome waited for Sota to say goodbye to Ree before she did her goodbyes to Maru. She watched as her brother pulled back from Ree his lips swollen,Ree blushing as she looked away from her father. Sota said a sorrowful goodbye before getting in the passenger seat. Kagome turned towards Ree first.

"I'm gonna miss you" Kagome said, Ree ran into her arms inhaling the scent of the older girl's hair.

"I'll never forget you" Ree said "Mama" she whispered.Ree slowly broke the embrace as she straightened up and wiped the tears from her eyes, she had known Kagome for almost six years since she was eleven or so. She respected and loved Kagome as a mother figure.

Kagome then looked towards Maru, she quickly embraced him and gave him a chaste kiss, she looked into his eyes as tears began to blur hers. "Ashiteru" She cried as she quickly broke free of him and bolted to the car, she slammed the door before kicking the gear into reverse and speeding down the street nearly missing the slowly moving white gates.

The ride to the shrine was quiet each person was lost in their own thoughts. But this was for the best Kagome would meet her dad and see a whole new world. She saw the Shrine come into view she pulled up to the curb and got out with Sota and Shippo. Shippo, Sota and Kagome beagn taking their bags to the well house. Sota slid the door open he took the bags from Kagome and Shippo. Kagome and Shippo each took turns taking their things to Sota. Once all their things were in the well house Sota slid the door shut. And the three went back to the car this time Sota drove.

"Mama those boxes are still back here" Shippo said, as he tried to open the green ones he got zapped "Owww"

"Ree-chan told you not to open them didn't she?" Kagome asked her son. Shippo nodded his head as he rubbed his now stinging hand.

"Better him then us." Sota said. as they drover to a nearby resturant.

"Only a man would say that about a six year old" Kagome said as they walked into the chinese themed resturant.

A young woman with dark hair was staing by the door. "Hi, My name is Amy, welcome to our establisment, would you like a booth or table?" Amy asked Kagome, Sota and Shippo.

"A booth ." Sota said.

Amy noddded her head she grabbed three menus and led the three to a booth once they were seated she handed them their menus. "Enjoy your evening some one will be with you shortly" She told them and left.

Sota and Shippo quickly turned to the Ramen section of the menu. "Which flavor?" Sota said.

"Its so hard to choose" Shippo added.

Kagome sighed. "How hard is it to pick a flavor?" Kagome asked the two males.

"There are too many flavors Mama." Shippo whined.

"Then pick two fatty" Kagome joked.

"Okay...I want..hmm cheddar and pork" Shippo said.

"I was kidding" Kagome thought, "Good thing Sota's paying"

"I'm getting chicken and beef" Sota sang "Chicken and beef...beef and chicken"

Kagome continued to look at her menu when a waitress walked over to them. "Hi my name is Yuki and I will be your waitress for this eveing , do you know what you want or do you need more time?" she asked them.

"Umm yes were ready to order, boys go first" Kagome said.

hr The Well (the next day)

Three demons stood staring into the bottomless well. One was a chibi full blooded kitsune, he had firey red hair half way down his back,a new purple cresent moon was on his forehead, along with two pinkish red stripes on each cheek,he was about 4 foot and something odd inches,his tail was a yellowish tan color,he wore black hakamas and a black haori they had minor adjustments, the pant legs were ripped off and made into long shorts, his haori sleeves were gone completely, he also wore wrist bands and fish net arm sleeves,for shoes he wore combat boots.

The older male was a half demon hanyou monk, he was a good 6 feet almost 7,he wore the same outfit as the younger full demon although he had chains hanging off of his pants. All three demons/demoness had their claws painted black, along with black eyelier,the female had more of course.His hair was past his butt,his hair was black and so were the dog like/fox ears atop his head his tail was a lighter shade of black almost brown.

The female was the same.The female was 6 foot even.She wore a short black kimono with fish net stockings that went all the way up her legs,she wore a more feminine pair of combat boots,the necklace she recieved from Ree was worn securely around her neck.

They had converted most of their stuff into three huge black back packs, Shippo now being in his full demon form was able to carry his own bag,the only bag left was the bag that held their skateboards, and the gifts Ree wouldn't let them open until they got to were their going.

"Thats a long drop" Kagome said.

"How long" Shippo said gulping,Sota picked up a rock and held it over the wells rim.

"Lets see" Sota said, dropping the rock.

The three listened,all they could hear was the wind of the speed the rock was going until it hit. "Thats far" Shippo said.

"How come it didn't disappear" Kagome asked.

"I think it has to be a person" Sota said, as he stared at his twin and in that moment there was a silent agreement as Sota picked up the extra bag. "I'll go first"

Sota smiled at his twin and nephew before jumping over the ledge, Kagome watched him fall and then be engulfed by a blue light. "Sota" She called out, but their was no answer.

Kagome's ears twitched,something wasn't right. "Did it work?" Shippo asked.

"I dunno were gonna have to find out for ourselves" Kagome said, as she grabbed Shippo's hand, they stood onto the ledge together.

"I'll jump and then you jump seconds after me okay?" Kagome told her son.

Shippo nodded and despite his protest he merely growled as his mom kissed him on the cheek. She jumped and as she thought she would never stop, she slowed down and was engulfed in a blue light. Shippo jumped after wards.