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She looked at Martin with tears streaming down her face and anger bottled up inside, wanting to pour out of her heart.

"You're kidding right? Please tell me you're kidding."

"I'm not…please don't hate me…I tried to tell you."

Ruthie let the tears pour out of her eyes.

"Baby please, please don't cry…" he kept telling her.

Oh, she remembered the day that she met him quite well. She closed her eyes to recall the memory of Martin so long ago.


"So honey, we better get home to work on this project, huh?" her boyfriend Peter had asked her.

"Yeah, sure." She replied, although she was having a difficult time keeping her attention on Peter. She couldn't stop thinking about that baseball player. There was no doubt in her mind that she liked him. He was about a half of a foot taller than she was, with dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. 'Man is he hot.' She kept thinking to herself.

"He's new here you know. I hear his name's Brewer. Martin Brewer." Said her friend Jessica as she sat beside Ruthie. "He's gorgeous…" she continued. "He's looking at you! Wave at him!" She smiled and waved at Martin and he smiled back. 'Oh freshman can be so cute.' Martin thought. His friend Mac walked up to him. "You know, I hear her name's Ruthie…Ruthie Camden."

"Ruthie Camden?"

"Yeah…she's the preacher's kid."

'Figures…' Martin thought to himself. 'Not only is the only girl who seems to be somewhat interested in me a freshman, she's also a PK'

Ruthie and Peter left from watching baseball practice. Little did they know that only a few steps behind them was Martin Brewer. Only until they got to the back door did Ruthie notice that he was behind them for the last fifteen minutes. Peter went inside, not even noticing that Ruthie wasn't following. She had a big grin on her face when she saw Martin.

"Hey." She said

"Hi…I saw you at practice."

"Yeah…this year I really have been interested in baseball." She said, lying somewhat. She was interested in baseball this year, but not for the sport itself, but the simple fact that Martin was on the team.

"I'm Martin by the way…I just moved here a couple months ago."

"I'm Ruthie."