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(Raimundo's POV. It will be Rai's POV the whole time except for certain parts.)

I was outside of the temple. It was just getting to stuffy in there so I went outside for some fresh air, despite the fact that it was cold, rainy, dark, and wet. I liked the rain.

So there I was just leaning against the wall enjoying the scenery. And then I noticed something in the distance. I couldn't tell what it was at first. And then I noticed it was a person. Someone who was running. Someone who was running VERY fast. The person reached the temple gates, fiddled with them for a sec, then burst into the gardens. The person turned around like he or she was looking for something but they didn't stop running. And they crashed right into me before I could move.

I got up pretty fast and offered a hand to the fallen stranger. The person had on a brown trench coat and were soaked to the bone. He or she had to have been in the rain for a long time. The person looked up, he or she had big black sunglasses on. I couldn't see the eyes at all. The person took my hand and I pulled them up. The person was wearing black leather gloves and as soon as I took their hand I noticed something strange. Their hands were VERY warm, but it was such a cold night.

"Thanks." The person said. A girls voice. Suddenly another person appeared in the distance. They too were running very fast. The girl whipped around, saw them and ducked behind the nearest rock.

"Hide me." She whispered. Hide her? From who? The other person reached the gates. This on was a man. He was also soaked and was wearing normal everyday clothes. He looked around frantically for a moment before talking to me,

"Have you seen anybody run by recently?" He had a deep very manly voice. I hesitated and looked down at the girl. Not so much that the guy would noticed but enough to see her. She kept shaking her head and mouthing "No." And my gut just told me to listen.

"No. No one's gone by." I answered him.

"Thanks anyway." He said and took off running again. I turned back to the girl.

"Who was that?" I asked. She got up without responding at first. But the she spoke once more,

"Let's talk inside."

So we went inside. Of course, as soon as we got in Fung and my friends starred at her.

"Uh, hi guys. This is…" I started but then stopped. I didn't even know her name! "Um…What is your name?" I added.

"My name is Ember." She said and in one quick motion took her coat off and flipped her sun glasses off. She threw coat at the rack and it landed perfectly. However she kept her gloves on.

The whole imagine was shocking. Before she had had a hood on, but now that I could see her hair…It looked like fire. I'm serious. It was yellowish at the top, orange in the middle, and red at the tips. It looked like fire! Her hair was just about waist length and flared out slightly. Underneath the coat I saw that she had a big back-pack stuffed as full as it could be. She had light skin with just a little bit of a tan to it, but not much of one. She was a bit on the short side and was very skinny. Not anorexic looking, but just naturally small. Her outfit also followed the flame look. She had on flare out pants that were yellow with flames decorated at the part where it flares. She wore brown boots and she had an over-the-shoulder-top that also looked like fire. The shirt also exposed her belly, which master Fung wasn't to happy about. And to top it all off, red eyes. The over-all look was very red and fiery. Ember…The name seemed so appropriate now.

After the shock of the appearance was over, we introduced ourselves and started asking questions.

"How do you get your hair like that?" Kimiko asked. "I root touch-ups has to get so annoying."

"Well the top is natural. But I swear I'm not your average dumb blonde. As for the rest, lots and lots of hair dye..." Ember answered. "Can I ask you guys something?" She added and master Fung nodded.

"Can I stay here for a while? I won't be a burden, I'll even try to help you guys. But you see that guy that Raimundo saw earlier, Jim, he has this thing with my family. I don't know why, but for years his family has hunted down mine. My mom is dead and my dad…he's dead to." She paused before finishing.

"You can stay." Master Fung said and left to do some chores or something. Leaving all of us to bond.

"So how old are you?" I asked Ember.

"I'm fourteen. Fifteen in May."

"Cool. I'm me and Clay are fifteen, Kim's fourteen and so is Omi." I said back.

"So where are you from?" Omi asked.

"I'm from Texas." She said. I was shocked. She spoke with no accent!

"I'm from Texas to! How come you don't sound like it though?" Clay asked.

"Well I travel a bit so I kinda lost the accent. I'll slip into it every now and then though."

"So…Why the fire look?" I asked.

"Well…Um…Due to an accident, I guess you could call it, I developed fire powers. Well not just powers but like…Like I'm made of fire. Like there's fire going through my veins." She explained. So that's why her hands were so warm.

"Fire through your veins?" I repeated confused.

"Watch." She commanded and sat down at the table by a glass of water. She took off her gloves and put her hands to the glass. "Stand back, the glass might crack from the heat." After holding the glass for a minute the water inside began to BOIL! It actually boiled! It was incredible! I mean even Kimiko, the xiaolin dragon of fire, can't make water boil just by touching whatever it's in. She let it boil for a few before setting it aside and putting on her gloves. Omi, who was incredibly excited by the whole "show," starting explaining all about us and wu and asked her to join us. Although this little rant of his was long and boring and I think we all just tuned him out.

"Yeah, well that's great baldy but I'm tired. I'm gonna go crash." She said and disappeared around the corner. I guess she would find the "rooms" by herself.

After a minute she bolted back into the room grabbed her bag and dashed back. And now I was curious. I wanted to know everything about this girl. And I wanted to know what was in her bag and all this other stuff! But sometimes you regret things. And sometimes I regret ever learning everything about her…

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