The final chapter…It's so sad! (starts crying) Ahem anyway, it's hard letting this story go. I think it's my best yet. But it's over.

Enjoy the really long final chapter of Seemingly Innocent:

(The next morning. Raimundo's POV.)

Nightmare. Nightmare. What are nightmares? A bad dream, a traumatic experience, or more correctly, what my life has become. As I stand here, where it's all finished, it's all over, I can't help but think that this isn't the end. And…and it's not. Ending are suppose to be happy. The good people win. The main character gets the girl and they live happily ever after. But no, that wasn't happening this time. Then again…was I the good guy?

I had "tattled." I told on Ember. I gave away my girlfriends hiding place, just so things could go back to normal. Normal. Normal. What is normal? Usual, that's what. But I mean usual, who wants to be usual? I don't want to be normal! I'm unique! I mean, I control the wind!

But regardless of that, this was still a nightmare. It was over. It was all over. And I couldn't but help but feel responsible, but then again, I was responsible.

And now, I will finish my story. I will tell you how this nightmare ended. Every detail. This is how it ends:

It was a normal, usual day. Nothing unique about it. Except my entire night was plagued by nightmares. In one, Jim turned on me and I was sent to jail for ever. In another Ember snapped and killed us all. Horrid one after horrid one. And why? Because I told; and I was scared.

I woke up before Ember and was scrambling around in the kitchen. I wanted to cook her something special before they came. She didn't know about them. And the guilt was tearing me apart.

As I stood in the small kitchen cooking up some eggs, I heard a door open. I turned around and Ember walked out looking very sleepy. She was in the same dress as last night…last night…oh gosh…

"Hey…" She said; she sounded tired. Then she yawned loudly and grabbed the coffee beans.

"Morning." I said, sounding to sound cheery. "Look, I already made some." I pointed to the coffee pot. She put the bag o' beans down, yawned once more, poured herself a cup, and then headed for the sofa.

I finished up the tray of food and brought it over while she was still channel surfing.

"You didn't have to make my breakfast." She smiled.

"I wanted to." I answered quickly and sat down. I was starting to sweat from nerves; that's how bad it was.

I tried to tell her then, but nothing came out. I tried again later, same results. I waited longer, one hour. That time I was able to get out some words, but nothing involving Jim. I just started babbling about the weather. But she needed to know. I was going to tell her. I had to.

Eventually two long hours passed. I was ready. As Ember coffee buzz wore down she turned to video games, and brought out the playstation two. We were playing some wrestling game when finally I paused it.

"What'd you do that for?" Ember demanded angrily.

"I-I have to tell you so-something." I stuttered.

"Okay shoot. But hurry up I wanna keep playin'!"

"A-alright." I started. "I-I…I…I told!"

"You told who what?" She blinked in confusion.

"I-I…I told Jim!"

Her face darkened. "You told Jim what?" Her voice was cold and angry sounding, but I could tell she was scared.

"No…well I didn't tell Jim…bu-but he knows!" I started to tear up. This was too hard.

"Rai, just explain calmly, okay?" She sounded nicer now. Like a mother soothing a young child.

"Ki-Kimiko called me on my cell…She said…She said that, that if I told where you were, they would…he would…I-I'd go free." I started to sob. With each word I hated myself more the stupid decision I had made.

Ember hesitated, "…And?"

"I told!" I sobbed loudly. Tears began flowing down my cheeks freely. I tried to stop crying and look like a man but I couldn't. "I told them we were in Texas! I-I…I don't deserve to be your partner! I'm a terrible person!" I kept babbling about how awful I was.

"Rai," Ember said, I didn't shut up, "Rai…RAI!" Finally she smacked me, causing me to stop my hysterical behavior.

"Ow…" I rubbed my cheek. "That stings…and burns…ow…"

"Sorry." She muttered.

"But Ember I told! Why aren't you trying to kill me or something?" I was surprised by her calm manner.

"Rai it's okay…I mean, I probably would've done the same thing!" She forced a small chuckle. I smiled weakly but it soon turned to a frown. "Did you tell them where in Texas?" She asked.

"No…I just said Texas."

"Then I have a plan." She smiled big. "They don't know where we are in Texas. And face it, Texas is HUGE! Jim has that little thing that can track my heat waves, but it won't work unless we're close to each other. Rai, we don't have to stay here!" She smiled and took my hand with her gloved one. "We can go somewhere else. Travel the world! Anywhere you wanna go!"

"Anywhere?" I repeated

"Yeah! Anywhere!" She said excited. "It'll be a while before they find us…let's go to Paris!"

"Paris? Paris, France?"

"Yup!" She nodded.

"Okay." I said. "But still…"

"But still what?" Ember asked.

"I told…" I said slowly. "I mean I told! How can you forgive me for something like that!" The tears began cascading down as I beat myself up on the inside. "I'm sorry Ember…I'm so sorry…I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and I-I…And I love you!" I practically screamed.

"Wha-What?" She stuttered.

"I…I love you." I said slowly.

"Rai, I…" She started to say but out of no where stopped mid-sentence. "We should probably get going." She said quietly, "Who knows when Jim'll show up."

I nodded silently wondering why she stopped talking. Did she love me? Does she love me, but is she afraid to say it? The thoughts swarmed through my head as we scurried around packing. I figured we could take our time, but Ember was rushing things.

As we finished up the last bag and headed for the door, the thoughts were still roaming around in my head. Did she love me? Did she love me? Did she love me? The thoughts kept repeating until something happened. Something happened that made them stop.

Ember opened the door.

And parked outside were three cop cars.

Police officers surrounded us.

My fellow monks and friends were there as well.

And Jim was in the middle, waiting.

I stood there starring, my mouth agape. Slowly and creakily I rolled my head to the side. Ember had the exact same expression. Suddenly her expression faded and she had her game face back.

"I have a plan." She whispered real quick.

"Mary Leigh Smith," Jim started, Ember cringed at her real name, "You are under arrest. Put your hands up and come forward."

Ember didn't move.

"I am authorized to shoot! Put your hands up and come forward, NOW!" Jim pressed on. I turned to Ember again, and gave her look. Each moment mentally willing her more and more to move.

But still, she did nothing but stand there and smirk.

"Raimundo, you might want to get out of the way…" Jim said, and reached for his gun.

"NO!" I shouted and jumped in front of Ember.

"Move where I push you." Ember whispered in my ear from behind me.

"What?" I asked.

"You'll figure it out." She said and placed both hands on my shoulders. I jumped. It wasn't hot, I was just shocked.

She gave me a light push. I didn't do anything. She pushed again. Nothing. This time she shoved me a little on the hard side, I got the message. Slowly, I put one foot on the next step. I was going to be her human shield…great….But Jim wouldn't shoot me…right?

"Keep going." She whispered. We shakily made our way down the stairs and finally made it to the bottom. With each step my shoulders got hotter and hotter. Ember had put gloves on, but I could still feel the heat.

Now that we were at the bottom, I expected we would stop. I mean, Ember couldn't just keep walking with me like this…could she?

With every next step the police tensed up even more. Jim had his hands on his gun, ready to give it a squeeze if anything happened. The other cops starred, ready for action.

One more step…And I made eye contact with my friends, the monks. Clay gave me a good look for a minute. His face and eyes letting me know how much I had hurt everybody. He then turned away.

Omi seemed to be seconds away from tears. His face just said "But why?"

And Kimiko was the worst. Pure hatred filled her eyes. I could feel her glare blasting holes in me. It's was awful…but then I realized something. She wasn't looking at me, she was glaring at Ember.

I was too busy watching my friends that I didn't notice Ember stop; giving me a slight jolt when I did stop. We stood there starring at cops for quite some time, and finally Jim made the first move.

"Release the boy." He demanded coolly.

"The boy has a name." I snapped back. There was no doubt in my mind that living with Ember made my attitude worse.

"Fine…Release Raimundo Pendrosa." Jim said.

"Aw, but he's so cuddly." Ember whined. She eased her hands from shoulders and wrapped them around me in some freaky hug thing. I nearly jumped when she did it, but calmed down. I just relaxed. "Do I have to?" Ember asked sweetly. She just loved annoying everyone…and it worked.

"Let go of the boy…" Jim said slowly. I glared. "I mean Raimundo."

"Do you trust me?" Ember whispered very quietly.

"NO WHISPERING!" Jim bellowed.

"Yes." I said through the corner of my mouth. Though I couldn't see her, I could feel her nod "O.K." And before I knew what was happening I was brutally shoved forward. My friends caught me and Clay steadied me as I got up. I turned to face Ember. She'd thrown off her gloves and now had two fire balls resting in both.

We stood there starring for a while before Jim took charge once again.

"You're under arrest. Put…put…put out the fireballs and put your hands up."

"But where's fun in that?" Ember whinned. Unlike me she thought we could win…or at least she could win. With my friends holding me back we might have a problem both escaping.

"Put your hands up!" he yelled.

"Nah…I don't wanna." Ember persisted.

"Do it!"

"Do it? Oh how naughty!" Ember giggled. I couldn't help crack a smile.

"That's it!" Jim exclaimed fed up. He reached out a hand lighting fast towards Ember. But Ember was anticipating the move. When his hand was an inch away her body burst into flame. At firsts I was worried but then I couldn't finally see her outline. She had completely covered herself in fire. No one would be able to read her.

"And everything will go up in flames…" Ember whispered. Jim pulled his hand away and looked to his fellow officers. Giving them a look that said "what do I do?"

"I-I'll shoot!" Jim finally yelled.

"You'd shoot at something engulfed in flames? Do you KNOW how dangerous that could be?" Ember taunted. The height of the fire shifted and saw Ember sit on the dirt floor. "You see Jim, I can stay like this. I can stay here for a very long time and you can't do anything. You can pour water on me or get a fire extinguisher. It won't work. So I hope you have a plan."

Jim starred for a moment, then closed his eyes in deep thought. "But…you can't run." He finally said slowly.

"Eh what?" Ember said stupidly. She stood up again and the fire raised higher.

"You can't run!" Jim said again louder. "You can stay there as long as you want but you can't get away! You're surrounded! And soon you'll need food and water! You might be there for a while miss Smith but you can't run!" Jim said excited.

"What…" Ember said in a voice that was…scared. She was scared. Her arrogance was gone and her ever-so-present-smirk faded. She was worried that it was all over. I was worried to. "No!" She finally screamed. "I can to get away! I can go phoenix and fly!" Her confidence was either coming back, or she was in denial.

"Ember, everyone here knows that you can't fly unless you get a good running start." Jim retorted.

"No!" She screamed frustrated. The tip of the fire spread out and crashed into two of the cars. Sending them tumbling.

"Ember…Stop." I whispered as she readied to destroy another car. I wasn't sure why but tears started flowing down my face. It was somehow an emotional moment.

"What?" She said and walked over to me. My friends stepped back, away from the flaming girl.

"We're caught." I sobbed. She starred back for a moment and then the flames around her disappeared.

"We can't be caught." She said lowering her head.

"But…we are." We starred into each other eyes for a minute. For a while I thought it would turn into some cheesy end-of-the-movie-kiss, but something else happened.

While we were distracted Jim had raced up behind Ember and slapped the cuffs on. Special cuffs too. The metal had to be at least four inches thick and it fit tightly around her wrists.

"Huh? What?" Ember whipped around and came face-to-face with the cop.

"You're caught…It's over Ember. The phoenix has been caught." Jim answered, trying to hide the pride in his face.

"No…"She whispered. Jim didn't care about being gentle and roughly started dragging her to the car. As she was pulled along she gave me this look. She was confused. She was angry. She was sad. The look wads worth a million words. But the one thing that I noticed the most it just screamed "Don't go."

I watched her leaving being pulled to the car. She was fighting back slightly but not to hard. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Clay.

"Welcome back partner." He said.

I pulled away from his hand. "Who says I want to be back?"

"Rai-" Kimiko started.

"No! I don't care!" I yelled at them. "I don't care about being a monk or anything!"

We were quite for a minute. Then Kimiko spoke again, "Did she hurt you?"

"Of course she didn't hurt me!" I retorted. "She loves…She didn't hurt me! I don't wanna talk about this!" I turned around angrily and saw Ember only a foot away from the cop car.

Kimiko, unable to hold back any more rage exploded, "YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!" She screamed at Ember.

"Yeah, yeah, back at ya bitch." Ember muttered just loud enough for us to hear. Clay and Omi then had to restrain Kimiko from attacking her.

Ember was forcefully shoved in the car and Jim got into the driver seat. While my friends were distracted with Kimiko I ran up to the window of the front seat.

"Officer…about me, I-" I started but Jim cut me off.

"I'm keeping my word Raimundo. You're free to go. Leave . Go live your life." He answered.

I looked to the back seat. Ember's capture had finally set in her mind and she was crying gently. "What will become of her?" I asked choking on the words.

"She'll get a few years in prison…more than a few actually."

I sobbed a little. "Will I be able to visit her?"

"A few times." He answered truthfully. He wasn't looking me in the eye. He knew he had destroyed my life. "I gotta um…I gotta go now."

I nodded silently and look to Ember. She was pressing her face into the glass.

"Bye…" I sobbed loudly and waved weakly. The cars started moving along the dirt road slowly. "Bye…" I said once more and broke down and started crying.

I looked up once to see Ember was now facing out the back window. And though she was far I could see her clearly. She started mouthing something. I could read the words clearly.

"I love you." She mouthed over and over again, tears streaming down her face.

Those were the three other words. The three other words that will keep with me forever.

And now here I stand. Telling my story and watching her drive away. Watching her leave.

The one true love of my life was…gone.


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