She looked out the window in a panic. There he was, like every night, standing, looking up at her window in wonder. She winced as he beckoned her.

She turned away coldly. She remembered a time when it used to make her heart flutter with joy. Now it scared her.

He wasn't the same man she'd loved, he'd changed. He'd killed Jenny. He'd killed Willow's fish. Killed countless people. He'd treated her awfully.

She cradled her knees and glanced out the window. She picked up a stake and held it close. She wanted to kill him. She poised her stake as she tried to open her window.

The stake fell listlessly from her fingers and fell down the slope of the roof.

He narrowed his eyes and picked it up. He laughed. It made her shiver. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

"Face it! You can't kill me!" He tossed the stake in the air. "You can't do it!"

She felt the impulse to do it then, get it over with, her face covered in tears.

"No." She said hoarsely. He looked up, an eyebrow raised, he climbed up onto the rooftop.


"Not now." She whispered.

"Feeling weak, Buffy? Not at your best?" He teased. He'd love to take her on right then. He loved it when she was vulnerable.

"No." She slammed the window back down. His laughter bombarded her. She broke down into tears where he couldn't see her. She missed Angel, she wanted him back. She knew it wasn't going to happen, he was gone. Her eyes squinted. "Soon."