Flickering Lights


Hello everybody. I know you're probably thinking right about now that this doesn't seem like a chapter, and I'm afraid I would have to say yes, it isn't. I've decided that I won't continue writing on this story. It was hard making this decision because I like the plot quite a bit. But I don't have the fire to write it anymore. I'm sorry to anyone I might have disappointed, but I hope the notes I write down below for the chapters that were to come in this story will satisfy you somewhat.

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Sam Crawford, having survived his ordeal in the fire, runs to the nearest hospital he is pulled into the emergency room. He barely recovers and the doctor tells him he is lucky to be alive. Sam isn't quite sure if 'lucky' was the right words to express his situation.

After he is better enough to walk on his own without anyone's help, he goes in search of Eric Crawford.


Eric Crawford is horrified to find that his brother still lived to be standing in front of him. His breathing little brother, who had died. He was mixed with a flurry of emotions, but he couldn't let them take a hold of him. He thought of what his father would have done then.

He wouldn't have any hesitation of killed Sam. No matter how much it would have hurt.

And then he realized just how weak he was compared to his old man. He had wanted to become like him, and yet even after all those years, he just couldn't be him. He was plain, old Eric Crawford.

"Hello, Eric." Sam spoke, and he looked at Eric without any trace of a comforting smile.


So far that's how much I've had stored in my head. I know I've missed out some good details in the plot but I can't remember them.. I'm sorry!

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