Chapter 35 (Epilogue: I stay away.)

The end to part 1: 'The Outsiders' (It's been a long & trippy time, but it's back. Late, but here now.)

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Warning; Hmmm…I guess just some crude language, & violence & graphic body mutilation. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

(Feb 26, 2006)

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This part will be mostly Daisy's point in view, summarizing four months without Mewtwo. But in the near end…prepare to be shocked. Razzle-Dazzle!


ch 1, anon. So, in the four months he's been gone...Mewtwo's lost an eye, learned how to speak and swordfight, and made a friend...

Before I'll start, check the 'New' look that Mewtwo will have to adjust. (Is it me, or has he got the shit beaten out of him? You decide.)

(Daisy's Point of view)

Shit, it's 6:00 AM. A bit too early for me right now. Guess all that roaming around kinda made me a bit sluggish. Scratching my head, I had a nagging feeling at the back of my mind. But I suppose that could wait. Right now, a decent shower is at hand. The odor around here seems to be a bit sour. Getting up, I looked at the bunking quarter that I am presiding. Quite a spacious room. There was some shifting movements on my bed. To my amusement, it was my new travel companion Clair. Sure, she made a gun-toting violent hag, but at least she knows how to take care of Mewtwo's attitude. She was cuddling her pillow a little bit too close for comfort if you ask me. A smug of contentment were plastered all over her face. To add even more of an unexpected surprise, she called out Mewtwo's name…along with some rather unmentionable dirty words. The sheer thought of him & her, with the suggestion that she was saying: a bit romantic. But mostly, EWWWW!

Enough chit-chat, today is a new day: meaning a chance to improve on my trainer skills. Before the oh so needed shower, I think it's time to wake up Mr. grumpy head. Hmmm. This is odd, he's not here… "Maybe he just did not want to stay around here." He seems to somehow hates being in hospitals or something that reminds him of one. When I had the opportunity to see almost the events in his life, there was a crumbled hospital, and in a far distance, two odd shadows just kept on staring at it. Someday, I'll ask him about that. There's more to it than it seems, after all, I had to find out about his 'condition' & I think that I should not tell Clair about this. She would probably go ballistic if she knew…thinking about how he has to rely on drug inducement in order to live bit more. The things he had to go through…no. I have to look on the bright side, he's still here & I need his help. Who else knows what to do to prepare for a pokemon battle than a pokemon as himself? Hmmm, that's odd. There's a letter on the chair. I might as well read it.


I could not believe what he'd wrote down…it's not true! Let it be a lie, a terrible lie that he had concocted…I felt my eyes were starting to get all teary. My heart felt a cave in, as if someone had cut away another part of my life. I panicked. The thing that I could do was to go to the shower room. I don't know why, but that was the only thing that I could think straight before I was going into a breakdown. I ran, tossing anything that was attached to me. My clothes, the letter: all of it. Turning the faucets, I just stood the shower. The spraying water surrounding my flesh did nothing. All the pent up turmoil that had arisen from this, well… I cracked. A small cry. "What the hell is wrong in this life? Doesn't anyone besides me who sees it as not a happy place?" I had just snapped: I thought at first that I would be able to overcome anything that was thrown at me. But there is so much that I could take. Mewtwo's letter was the last straw. All the details of his mistake paled the acts that I had made. There is a lot of things that I know that Mewtwo had done, but this: it was too much for me to handle. In every possible way, his life runs similar to mine. We were & always will be outsiders to life, bound to venture through it all in inequity.


(Four months later…)

Finally, back on track after an unusual turn of events. Everything fell out in the first few days. Many rough patches needed to be tended. I did not notice at first, but for the week that Mewtwo was with me, I felt…I don't even know what the is, but there's a warm feeling…Granted, his early behaviors were unstable & unreliable. However, deep inside that perverted egotistical jerk's body, he's quite a good guy.

I did eventually gave the letter to Clair…she did not take it too well either. There was a choice: stay here & wait for him, move on without him, or…look for him and beat some sense into him. There was only one way to find out…throw three types of coins (Gold for 1, silver for 2 & copper for #3.) up in the air and see, which one will land first…


Throughout our search, there were some harsh times. I took upon myself to continue on realizing my dream of being a champion trainer, even if it were to just to be one for a moment. The thought of having to go the distance with those that helped me, gave me the strength to overcome Mewtwo's absence. For Clair, she stuck around. She too, wanted to drag his purple tail back & smack him around. Ever since she hung around, she had hoped to resolve an old mistake from the past. Possibly, that whole shooting him incident. Anyways, I managed to beat this tough as nails gym leader, Surge. It was thanks to that moonstone. To think; all it took was a present from Mewtwo to beat Surge. He must have known that I would go up against even more powerful trainers. That bastard. Afterwards, there was some speculations that a powerful pokemon was sighted near Kumquat isle. Heading south on a ferry boat, that was our first thought. Through those times, battling anyone was the only way to soothe my woes & dander…

The first stop: a small cluster of islands called the Orange archipelagos. Traveling to many parts unknown, I kinda got excited. To see what lies beyond the sea, the free atmosphere. However, during these times, I wonder as to why I needed to find him. There were so many pointless possibilities, but one was anything but pointless.

He's an outsider & so am I.


…he is my friend…and I don't want to lose him.

I'll fast forward a bit, so that I will not make my thoughts seem unstable. The rumors of Kumquat Isles happened to be false. Much to my dismay, it would however serve as an opportunity to train on my battling skills. So I did what at the time seemed to be a good and challenged Clair to a battle. I lost. "You need to train even more. This time: you've got to answer to me if you want to reach your full potential." That little speech woke me up, fueling some hatred to her. But I know that Clair was trying to get my attention. Over the course of three months, I had to go through so many harsh training by my new coach. Her tactics and motivations for training can be summed up in one word: ikijigoku!

The things that I had to do for me to be a cut short from her standards were brutal. But it came with results that I must say, damn. My little guppy of a Magikarp evolved to a Gyarados…and boy did he get so big. There was also the facts that I happened to obtain two new pokemon. The first one was a Horsea via fishing. Although at first, I thought that it was seafood that needed to be cooked. Oops! The next one is a real treat to me: A Chikorita. I don't know how or why they are rare, but I got the luck to battle it out with Heidnreich. That reminds me: his foot fetish seems to have diminished once Mewtwo was nowhere to be found. Poor fella.

Back to the story, when we realized that three months had past by, it was time to get back onto the search for Mewtwo. I had suggested that we should travel on Dragonite. But she had told me that hers had unfortunately got sick. Figures. So it was naturally a boat. On the contrary, instead of going back to Vermilion, Olivine had something that could aide us (me in particular) on this long quest. A route that led to Ecruteak City and home to a visionary by the name of Morty. I'll give anything a chance, anything for finding that mongrel of a clone & beat him senselessly. The whole trip from the Orange Isles to cross the oceans to Olivine & finally to Ecruteak took 29 days. The rough voyage proved one new aspect that I did not know: seasickness is a bitch. The rocking and swaying, to & fro, up and down: I hated it.

Eventually, we came to our next point of interest: Ecruteak City. But life had yet again played another joke upon us. Morty had taken upon himself to take a trip to Saffron City to speak to their gym leader. Great…more travel. That's all that I needed for my tiresome heels. More walking. Nuts to that: there are other ways to get to from point A to point B. Better than from A to D to R to B and so on.

Worn out & tired, we had arrived at Goldenrod, via hitchhiking through two trucks & seventy miles. Not giving a damn as to how am I suppose to get another means of transportation, Clair took it upon herself (good for her) to acquire two rail passes for the magnet rail to Saffron City. I swear: she has some special abilities or what not to obtain critical items. I guess that's the perks of being one bad ass of lady. (though I still call her an old maid: just for a fix of fun) Since she told me that there is another gym leader that can help search where Mewtwo is, I might as well give it a shot.

"Kill two birds with one stone." Ask Morty & at the same area:challenge the other gym leader.

I had the thought of returning back to the gym leader challenge. After all, when an opportunity is presented, who would pass it up. Not me. Besides, I have to know just how far has my training skills had improved. Who knew that four months would go like that? It was unbearable…but it was worth it...almost. All of this, for a pokemon…Now, it's a matter of time before this will be all over. I feel tired in this magnet rail. So I'll just (yawns) listen to my music & …take a nap. "(Funny, this half working jalopy is the only thing that he had given me…thankszzzzzzz.)"


(No Point of view)

Speeding along the vast unscathed wilderness that looms over Kanto, the magnet rail headed towards it's last destination stop for the night: Saffron City rail station. The fellow passengers slumbered through most of the voyage. The P.A went into life.

"Attention: we will arrive at Saffron in ten minutes. We hope that you had a comf-" The P.A went into a static haze. Most of the passengers ignored it, but Clair did not. For some reason, she got a bad feeling. That is when the static started to break, revealing a chilling scenario.

"Hello? §§ Hello? We need help§§§§mad man §§§ broke the controls §§§ AAAHHHHH!"

Some woke up to hear that last comment, only to feel the sudden shaking that the compartments were doing. Indeed, she was right: that bad feeling came true. Many passengers thought that it was an elaborate hoax. Looking at her friend, Daisy, she saw that the girl was a log: too damn lazy to notice anything. She could not believe it that someone could sleep in a dire situation. "Damn it! Wake up you lazy- huh?" At the moment, before she thought of kicking her to wake up & help. The last Intercom message played out this time, it was a little girl: frightened and crying.

"Somebody please §§ help! There's a bad man §§§§ that's hurting my friend, Mewtwo §§§ outside. Please, help--"

"Mewtwo?" hearing that name once again took her by surprise. That bottled up emotions she held back for these pasts months were about to go off. However, before she could, there was the matter of the little girl, a crazy mad man, and the now run away magnet rail. Not to dawdle over any situations that takes time, Clair went into action. Heading out towards the control room. Calling out Dragonite, she made a command for a Horn drill at the blocked door. At no time, the loyal dragon crashed head on and broke the door wide away. "Good job, Dragonite. Rest up, I'll take over from here." After recalling Dragonite, she immediately drew out her revolver & newly acquired desert eagle. Not taking any chances, Clair cautiously made her way through the control unit. The stench of death crept up to her nose, indicating that the source of the foul smell is possibly the conductor. Or worse: the child. Red blinking lights shown that a terrible struggle had occurred, blood smeared all over.

The panels were in disarray, punctured with the many complicated wire & equipment damaged. At the floor, one of the conductor's arms & head were left there. The other parts were jammed into the control panels, causing sparks to fly off & disabling any ways to stop. "What in the hell is going on-who's there?" Hearing ragged breathings underneath the main control panels, Clair inched her desert eagle further than her revolver towards the source of the sounds. "Get out." Slowly, out came a little girl. Covered in blood & tears, she was so shook up. From the sheer looks, the girl is 8 years old, raven haired with bloodstains. Her pink cotton sweater & purple dress were too as well drenched. The girl started to speak, trying with all her might not to cry. "Are you going to kill me too?"

Whoever wanted to do such an appalling act of murder to a mere child was a monster to society. Clearly not a threat, Clair put away her guns and extended her hand. "no, I'm here to help. My name is Clair, what's-" Again, the rail started to shake & jerk violently. The rough motion scared the girl into the arms of Clair. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why is that bad man doing this? I did nothing wrong." Wrapping her arm around, she tried to calm the crying child. "Don't worry, you got help now…what is your name?" Sniffling, she spoke out in a whisper, "Myo…Myo Touma…and you?" "Clair." The shakings had subsided for a brief moment. Letting go, the concerned gym leader wanted one more question answered. "Is it true that Mewtwo is here?" Shyly, Myo nodded. "Yes. Right now, he's up there outside, trying to stop that bad man."

Metallic bumps and scrapings echoed on, giving a haunting image as to what is going on. There was no time to stay here, as the area that they were in seemed to shake again. "Come with me. I don't it's safe to be here." Pulling Myo to safety, Clair heard a loud bang, followed by a big dent caving in above them. Myo was on the verge of crying again. Not wanting to jeopardize Myo, the brave dragon trainer picked her up & made a dash towards out. Just in time too, from out of the corners of the cabinet, a sword had pierced through the thick metallic walls. Rather than a retraction, the sword blade motioned down in a quick action. Either this was a diabolical plot to kill off everyone, or the possibility to separate the cars & save everyone. The suspense growing, Clair turned her face to see the blade's movement ceased. Moving further back, she gazed in horror as the roof broke down. A large chunk fell down to where Myo was hiding. On top of the busted scraps, laid a monstrous man. Fazed for a brief moment, the man managed to get up on his feet. Myo impatiently tugged her aide's vest in a plea. "The bad man! The bad man!"

"Well, well well. What do I have here…my little angel here has found a new play toy for me. The name is Zaigou; your soon to be executioner. And by the way: your guardian ain't going to help you now…" Staring into the cold soulless of this mad man, Clair focused on diverting one of her hands to her guns. But the man cracked his neck, anticipating her action. "Uh uh. If the blade of a sword couldn't kill me, then what chance do you have you were to say…shoot me? None. Hand over that gir-" Interrupted by a sword blade to the right arm, at the other end of the hilt: stood a large figure in a drab & ragged cloak. But all it did was slow the monster's attempt to kill. Expecting this to happen, the figure motioned the blade to the side temple, creating one hell of a headache to Zaigou. "GYYYAACKCK! Curse you, you foul freak!" Pushing back, he knocked off the hood of the cloak to reveal Mewtwo. But, it came with a startling discovery: his right eye was gone. Replaced by some sewing to the eyelid. Seeing the status of her once lover, she could not stop looking at him. That is when another shocker came into play. He opened his mouth, not to breath; but to speak. A first for the bewildered Clair.

"Take Myo to safety, I'll deal with Zaigou!"

With such speed, Mewtwo shoves a battered Zaigou to the malfunctioning control panels & circuits and repeatedly smashed his face. Over & over, the clone gave no mercy to this 'un-killable' psychopath. Snapping out of her transfixiation, Clair obeyed without any complaints. "C'mon, you don't want to be around to see this." To her dismay, Myo fidget, showing that she did not wanted to leave. "But Mewtwo—" Hearing this, Mewtwo (while beating up Zaigou) shouted, "Don't worry about me: go with Clair now! She'll help you, trust me." Taking into consideration, the little girl obliged & clung onto her heroine. Looking back one last time, Clair saw that the struggle got even fiercer. The inhuman mad man had escaped from Mewtwo's clutches and thrashed at him with lightning quick punches. Seeing as this had unfurled, Mewtwo managed to block so many brutal thrusts before concocting a suicidal idea. Instantly connecting a sidekick to the face, Mewtwo then raised his sword to swing not at Zaigou, but at the floor. Seeing how this was about to go, the gym leader got the notion & made a dash back six meters away with Myo, straight out of harm's way, before pulling out her revolver from the holster again. "Myo, I need you to go into my top pocket & fish out a very red bullet…"

Using all available strength, Mewtwo drove the motion of the sword back to the gash marks he had earlier made. Not long after being kicked, did Zaigou regained his composure. "You vile vermin!" Immediately, he leapt up & successfully grabbed Mewtwo by the neck, preparing to break his head off.Ripping off his cloak, he wrapped his wounded right arm around Mewtwo's neck and motioned his attack upwards.Having already carving the essential weak point of the control car, all that the clone had to do is create an impact to one key spot & separate the rail cars into two. However, by doing so, he left himself vulnerable to a lethal strike. "Any last words before I turn your skull into a pile of slag?"

Dropping down his sword down, Mewtwo struggled out this serious dilemma, at the same time: waiting for the right time to initiate the final blow. Some stitchings were giving away on his sewed shut right eye. Indicating that now would be a good time not to die.

"(Now or never.)"

"Now Clair!"

Hearing the go word, she threw her gun to the floor. Towards the two combatants.. As her revolver tumbled at an awkward wobble, she ran to the other passenger cars. In her mind, she'd wished him good luck. So too did Myo, when some tears rolled over her cheeks. It did make to Mewtwo's grasps. "(Good thing that her trigger & ring were modified so that too can I wield it.)" A blatant attempt played in at the seven foot berserker's eyes. "Guns can't hurt me!" Confident that his foe would resort to a lower means of assault, Zaigou gave off some pressures to Mewtwo. Wanting to see his acts in futility. But Mewtwo had other plans. By aiming the barrel of the gun to the floor. He knew what was in the barrel. The one key element to forever cease this onslaught.

Wasting no time to act, he pulled back the hammer into a firing position & squeezed the trigger.

"Payback's a bitch."

...To be Continued...

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Now onward to the third installment of the saga: Weak & powerless… (…The aftermath…)

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