Ch 38: Observez le 'soleil' mourir (Watch the 'sun' die)

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ch 4

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ch 4

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Note: Mewtwo's speeches will be italicized to distinguish from others.

Those brief moments of reliving his almost forgotten childhood were enough to move the clone to silently cry. His face cringed in defiance as he struggled to not to make any sounds. Yet his tears managed to escape down to his worn out cheek. A true statement of his current condition. Never before has his mind & body felt so inadequate. Many recurring invective phrases arose from the recesses of his teetering mind. Determined to break his spirits. The same ones that drove him on to his 4-month road to redemption.

"(...Haven't I suffered enough? Why must I feel like this now? WHERE DOES IT ALL LEAD TO ANYWAYS!)" Eye shut to prevent any signs of vulnerability, Mewtwo let out a stiff cough. It was not much to hide the anguished cries for so long. He felt weak & powerless over his emotions. Overcome by the unexpected sorrow, the clone took refuge on to one of the room corners and knelt down to just let it all go in silence. He wanted to vent some pent up frustration, but that would lead towards his emotions to make poor choices. The feeling took on a toll over his weary body. Slow & silent, the darkness crept through his teary eye & he succumbed to a dreamless slumber. A first break in a while.


(one week ago)

Who would have thought that the bay town of Fall City (1) would lead them to her relatives? Not even Mewtwo knew about it. None the less, it was time for the two to move on with their lives. Though it was somewhat heart breaking for him to leave her here, she was with family & that matters. There was no need to get attached to her. But all the times that he gazes at her, it reminded him the 'what if's'. Particularly: what if it would be like if Ai was still alive.

Was he trying subconsciously, to compensate the feelings for a dead friend through Myo?

A part of him knew that answer all too well.

Yes. Even if it's not really Ai who has been with him, knowing that he now was able to look into the innocent eyes of a child without shame. The shame of his treacherous past, receding back into the deep fathom within his mind. And To know what it feels like to have a compassionate heart. Not out of regards to obligations or by threats. But of his own free will.

Mewtwo took it as a quick opportunity to visit a close friend that had put a pacified heart in him again. Passing by the elegant outskirts, he was greeted by gentle green trees, calm flat roads, subtle landscapes that an artist can call 'serene'. Miles from any source of unnecessary contacts from the residents. The area of interest was a small cottage overlooking a lonely hill to the north. And on top that hill, laid a small monument: an angel statue with one of it's wings shown broken.

The walk to his next to last destination is a tradition, a sacred pilgrimage if you will: once a year homage for the past five. To pay reverence for a dearly departed. Never alone though, as it has been for five years, he was accompanied by the mother of his friend Ai: Kuwashima Sachiko. No one would guess for her to not hold a grudge against the clone who had killed her ex-husband. Then again, to have met Mewtwo is surely a frightening ordeal in the beginning.The first time that they met, old wounds were to be opened up, lots of confusion & many more odd question. Even though the first meeting was a tad bit soon to be engaged, it at least carved a deep root for both to stand on.

And it was all due to the one voice that followed him for the past four & the half years.

The so-called enigmatic voice within him

The voice held no secrets, yet, never told of it's origin. Fathoms of possibilities pass by on every waking moment of true solitude. One such place is in deep with his subconscious mind, and it all started some time ago when they met. It just took one riddle to pave the way that is now his life.

XXXX(Flashback six years ago)XXXX

'Wandering aimlessly across the seas close to eastern land of Fiore, the trouble minded clone needed to know what to do with the rest of his life. His heart was forever broken. To feel betrayal once again, how his life is nothing more than a cheap amusement to all. There was no reason as to why it was done, rather; it gave him the impression that it was inevitable. A cruel way of saying, "it's over." If there was one type pain that he had would want to rid of, it would be emotional pain. There was nothing like it ever in his life before. Now that he knows of what it feels like, the clone wanted nothing than to never to have it ever again. Physical pain can be treated by simple remedies. There was nothing that he knew of to rid himself of the anguish.

It had been some days, but for his crushed soul, it felt like only minutes ago. Even the tears are still fresh. The only reminder of his greatest error was that of the cloak he donned on. A Christmas present from Clair. Mewtwo wanted to relinquished the garment into the depths of the sea & let the memories sink towards the deep abyss, yet it was the only thing that has the ability to let him wander the lands without revealing himself to the public. It prevented anything to gaze at his vulnerability. Yet they cannot hide his distrait voice. Alone in the middle of nowhere, Mewtwo voiced his cries. "Look at what you had done now 'life': Are you happy now? Does is amuse you that I suffer like this, while the rest are enjoying in bliss? That everyone else but me can have a chance to feel alive? To know what it's like to love? Do you relish on the account of me being betrayed... by the one thing that even I cannot do! Why did I bother to feel, when it means nothing in the end? It hurts & I do not know how to ail it! Why do I still live when I didn't ask to be? "

The next words Mewtwo spat, were out of pure frustration with no regards to the consequences that lay ahead.

"Not even your god almighty was there to help! And why should god do a damn thing to me? I'm not of his creation! Yes, the all omnipotent master of all can not even do one thing right. For all that I know: There is no god! Yet you humans & your pathetic pokemon all worship. Maybe it's time to show them all that there is no such thing as god." Driven up to the point of utter madness, the clone brushed away some tearstains away & gritted his teeth. No longer was he sad: he is teeming with wrath. Every fiber of his conscience pointed towards vengeance, pain, suffering. Death. Murder. At the current moment, Mewtwo's mind was receding back to his former cold-blooded ways. There was no way that he will allow to be manipulated by another human ever again.

The first time that he was betrayed: it was by Giovanni. The promise of equality. To show the world that he can be as equal as any human can be.

The second time: Clair. A chance at feeling compassion. Even for the first time...Love.

Though the Team Rocket boss made it an issue to break his will & gained absolute control over his powers, not even the whole organization could accomplish that. It only placed aversion in his head towards humanity. But what the Blackthorn gym leader did, it took nearly everything. She took away his hope.

Enough is enough, time moves on, and so shall he. But the bitter taste of betrayal lingers on. Resentment overwhelmed joy. Revenge, boiling compassion alive.

Hatred, killing love.

"All that matters not, is to once & for all... is to cast away all that is altruistic within my abhorred being and finish what I should have dealt with at New Island...I'll show you that there is no god in my own way: by killing you all!" With haste, the emotionally distraught clone flew onward. Preparing for his second counterattack the intention of sparring no living soul. Natural and artificial...

But at that last moment, the little voice from within beckons for a more passive resolution, countering by offering a simple point towards the right direction.

'Haste not of dire hate.

Look at your words: does it have meaning?

For, if you want to seek for a better tomorrow

the answer lies:'

At the bay where "Fall' presides all year round.

And all you need is, 'The child of bliss'

Who or what is this voice? No answer can be produced. Why was it helping him? Why now again? The last time, it led him into treacherous territories. Who knows.. Sometimes in nonsense, mostly straight to the point, it's as if there was a force much more. Beyond the mortal plains. He'd contemplated on whether to go along with his malcontent plan or to follow some silly riddle. "I know that I am capable of going with my counterattack, but what of this highly illogical..." Mewtwo pondered for a moment. After all, he is trying to cope with what had occurred. Though the message was about five seconds in length, it did gave him quite a challenge for him to understand.

Torn from choosing whether to do something drastic or out of proportion logic, he hovered over the calm blue seas, taking in a deep thought & clearing his mind of all the distractions. Minute after minute, hours after hours, Mewtwo: in the middle of a vast ocean, away from contacts from ocean liners & small vessels, came to a conclusion. He took in a deep breath of fresh air. "...For once, I should not have been so hasty as to retaliate out of my emotions. But what am I to do now?"

Without any purpose, he was a lost cause once again, a vagabond. With only the cloak on his back & the memories in his head, Mewtwo needed to know what to do. "At the bay where 'Fall' presides year round'...I have nothing else to lose if I did heed that confounding voice. Someday, I will know who or what is inside of my mind. But for now: it's time for me to go."

Mewtwo chose to take the high route of life & decided that his earlier irreconcilable comments, weren't true at all. Yet, the feelings still hurts & he'll have to figure it out how to cope with it. And so, he set out to find the meaning to the obscure riddle: moving forward & on from his past. Hopefully, to not be betrayed once more.

XXXX(End Flashback)XXXX

He reflected on at his past choice, reassuring that it came too close to call when in doubt of his emotions. "To think that I was so close, to actually done something inane. How have I changed from then. I regret the meaningless words of venom that came from my voice back then. In fact: the very reason that I left them is to appease my soul, figuring out a way to cleanse my essence so that I may be able to live on." Now that it is over with, what matters now is that he can finally go back to Kanto. To seek out Daisy & Clair. It's weird coincidence, him looking for two humans the way that trainer seeks out a rare pokemon. The mere thought brought out a mental chuckle. The reasons for Daisy...he made a honorable pact with her to see to it that her goal for her life is met with a broader knowledge to ensure her own survival. But wanting to be a trainer & winning the Indigo league tournament is a tad overrated. If it meant his real freedom at the bargain table, then so be it. Daisy is way out of her league, yet her choice will not be faltered. And her attitude is far unique. Bold, licentious, aggressive, & rarely meek. But in many brief moments: powerful & relentless to let herself be forced to give up.

That: and the fact is that she is the only being able to kick his ass & put some sense back. He laughed at the mere thought of a scrawny adolescent, managing to defeat such a powerful entity as himself. "That girl...a pain in all aspect. Brash, complex, & licentious. But I wouldn't want that to change. At least then, I have someone for once to annoy at."

For was more than a relationship of forbidden romance. It is the chance to know feelings & emotion that are precious in every way. Love. Compassion. Joy. Hope. No longer are they to be denied. Even for all of those lonesome times out from the ends of the earth, there was no way to forget them. "Clair...even if each night were to be my last, I'd never want to forget those priceless moments that we has shared...together. Countless times... have my mind wandered why did it happened, for all that I know: it would have been the best for the both of us... if you'd forget about me and move on." More than ever, he seeks to regain the once relished sensations.Nearly halfway through the road, Mewtwo lifted his head to look up at the marvelous dusk skies, as if he were to seek out his answers out towards that the heavens. "...Yet my heart, aches for your sweet voice. Your gentle touch had captivated me, to let my guard down & surrender to only you. If there were anything that I could have done to amend-No. T'was an accident, I should not have hesitated as to leave & not hearing your side of the story."

Every obstacle that life throws at him become harsher & more sadistic with each & agonizing moment passing by. No matter for clone or freak as such as himself. If anything, he would take it upon himself to take on life itself, for that one brief pause of closure. Up to this point, it would seem to go in his favor. Almost four months had driven Mewtwo's mental prowess to it's potential. Stress, fatigue, hunger, and the recognizable signs of a recurring depression begin to seep back to him. Not to mention all the unscrupulous acts he'd committed throughout the journey.

That lead the two vagabonds to an unlikely event: running into Lance. When word spread out of a certain stranger wandering through the rough mountain terrains of Johto, the Elite 4 champ took this as an opportunity to hash things out. With empty threats & briberies to severe his relationship with the Blackthorn gym leader permanently. The usualMewtwo had also loathed the fact that he couldn't support his only flesh & blood cousin on letting her making her own choices. Her choice, in as to how she should live her life. The clone instinctively clenched his own fists out of aggression whenever he thinks about Lance. "If it weren't for the promise that Clair had made me took, you would be in a whole world of unimaginable pain. Though you are related to her: let her make her own path to follow. Even if, it is with me."

That's when an offer over a common ground came into view. A simple hit job on a couple of marked targets. The bounty that he could pick up from going along with Lance's dirty job weren't worth the trouble to collect. But, to ensure survival & substituted comfort for a forced-made orphan, he took the job. It was just a pathetic way to dispose any future potential threats without self-incrimination in the 'clients' part. Using a pokemon to do a hitman's job. Still on him, was the list of the targets.

Mondo: overseer in exporting illegal materials

Prof. Shirarui: Chief Scientist & in charge of Pokemon Datas.

Tatsumi: commander in charge of the Johto branch TR.

Buson: Recently promoted Elite officer

Bishyasu; Buson's partner after Bashou's 'disappearance'.

How ironic that these 5 work for the restructured Team Rocket, after the collapse of Team Aqua & Magma & the take over of Team Galaxy (Go-Go).

How ironic, has life put a spin on Mewtwo's life. Having to somewhat striking a crippling blow on the same organization that sponsored for his creation. And the same organization that is still run by the loathsome bastard that wanted absolute control over all. That name is virulence to his ears, just the memories with his presence, put Mewtwo's mind into a state of murderous intent. It was all in the past, and so must it shall never be brought back. And much like the past, he must remind himself to learn from the poor choices he took & steer clear towards a promising future. But to dabble in a thought of vengeance pacified his mind for the moment.

Right now, he made a rare surprise. Mewtwo's tail twitch in anticipation. He heard some faint footsteps as he casually knocked on the door again, three times. There came a small voice coming from the other side of the door. "I'll be right there!" The steps grew louder by the second. The doorknob slowly opened up inwards, the owner of the voice stepped up to meet the visitor. Around the near age of forty, the owner of the voice was a lady with mid-short hair. Cyan colored hair. She wore a nice light saffron blouse, the kind that have a couple buttons near the bottom and two long thin sashes that tie in the middle and hang down. In plain view, Mewtwo approached the homeowner before taking a small bow of respect.

"Hello, Sachiko."

"Mewtwo! Bwh- how...what brings you here? You usually pop by here once a year." Out of sheer surprise, she took him in a breath-taking hug. Sachiko grinned in such glee over the unexpected visit. Mewtwo had faked a gasp of air. "Can't...breathe. Too. Much...strength in your...hug." She looked at his mocked struggling face, letting him go. But not without a gentle shove to his shoulders.

"Oh, you pompous you! Come in, come in, what brings you here so early than before?" Letting him go, Sachiko had motioned her hand, to let him know that her home is his home too. Without refusal, the dreary clone gave a nod of gratitude & proceeded to enter...

XXX(scene break)XXX

Soon, the time went on for hours on end. The conversation between the two quelled some remnants of both good & bad. The obvious, was about how he wound up with both a deep scar on eye & a sewn up one on the other. And of course, using his mouth to form speeches & conversations. More so like a worried mother, Sachiko began to prod for all the info. Even so, using her hands to further inspect his face.

"No concern over the facts that you might have some bacteria? Well I'll take care of that later, right now: give. You know you can't hide from this. Is it that bad?" Mewtwo wasn't one to have someone pry into some dicey matters. "If you count me being captured, having my face mutilated with a scar & missing one other eye..." She withdrew mentally when he had unintentionally barked at her. The defeated look upon his scowling face proved that now is not the time to let his emotions get the best of him again. It was time for a rest & by what he had done: it wasn't doing so well. "Please accept my apologies, I feel like I needed to ventilate some stress. But not onto you. You don't deserve that. Enough about me, I came here to know about how you've been doing." At this point, Sachiko wanted to steer away from a dreary state of affairs and lighten up the mood."I'm still fine, as you can see. Right now, I'm seeing this virile lad who knows how t-"

Mewtwo briefly had to interrupt. "Hey, HEY! Let's not get too detailed on that particular're pulling my tail, aren't you?'"

The small stifled chuckle clearly pointed it out. "Nope. He's real...and he is in this very room." There was nothing left in her reserve, to hold back her laughter. Rather than taking it as an insult, Mewtwo joined in, realizing that he has been had by another playful epigram from the lovely lady. "Eh HehI get the point. Let's move along. So back to my question: how have you been?" Now that the atmosphere was no longer hostile, Sachiko replied, "Really, I'm doing fine, the pension funds from my old job keep me secured. Add to the fact that this part of the land is relatively peaceful, I feel that I could hardly anticipate for tomorrow."

"I can see where Ai had gotten her benevolent enthusiasm from." A simple smile appeared upon his face. Here inside her abode, there was no such things as hostilities, judgment, & fear. The cozy atmosphere drew an essence that was once alien to him. Home. The interior design of the cottage accentuates a picture perfect scene of getting away from the modern world. Sans the modern day kitchen appliances & other necessary contraptions. Other than some high tech contraptions, the cottage exudes relaxation.

IT was at that same time that the Fuji widow's conscience become a torment of clandestineness & sense of overbearing emotions that might collide so horribly iniquitous. At the mention of her late daughter's name, she gave him an appreciative smile, hiding the façade with more sorrow. Every time her gaze falls upon his face, tore into her guilty conscience time after time. Upon hearing about the rough times he had to endure, tugged deeper into her heart. Almost five years had gone by & yet: still vexed to tell him about his origins. True, that she knew about the clone's DNA identity dilemma, but what from Sachiko also knew would forever shake the foundations of science. For that, it was difficult now for her to keep away the dying urge to run up & hug him for all he's truly worth. Alas, there lies the most bizarre base of reality.

A reminder to the lonesome widow of her own secret.

In one's perspective, and in anyone else's: an abominate attempt to keep the legacy alive. But to her: a gift for a new life. Under no circumstance, did she had any clear contacts with her late ex-husband, using a false pre-text alias to deliver an anonymous package, with a sealed unlabeled beaker containing "Ai's" blood sample. Only she knew that. Little did anyone but her alone would know, that the late Dr. Fuji had now in fact, found a path towards the secrets of life. Fuji had gambled on his life, participating in 'Project Mewtwo' & with such wasted resources on creating an actual fetus, the blood specimen was a long shot. That was the easy part. Compositing other strands of genetic DNA, mostly of lesser genomes to fill in the incomplete primary structure in no walk in the park. But after many months of data simulations & programming run-throughs, it paid off. Not only had Dr. Fuji created a pokemon unlike any at all, but a bit of his passion for resurrecting his daughter had came true in a different & unimaginable way, that he managed to keep another a part of Ai's 'soul' alive. No one would have guessed that it resides inside the genetic super beast. No one will ever know about this unfeasible discovery that could only be deemed as purely impossible.

Only one living individual knows to this day: Sachiko Kuwashima.

Who else had knowledge of medical information than her? After all, she was a former doctor herself in fields of Hematology, before meeting Fuji. Prior to that: in the early years of her motherhood, she took it upon herself to document her daughter's health. During those times of blissful motherhood, she felt a bit overprotective over her only offspring.

Maybe it was due to their dissolved marriage over Ai's death, or the cruel realities that life always had a knack to bring misery & despair to anyone. But somewhere in her mind, there was at least a radical idea to actually keep her alive: someway or another. She played an important role amongst the shadows into the creation-no: the birth of a perplexed being the world will never know. Playing god for once, knowing that it was their only child's blood.

In front of her, sitting on her plush sofa couch right next to her by only 19 inches apart: is a being with the combined DNA of Mew, and Ai's.

And...her own too.

There lies the dreaded blade, from a double edge sword. To know that you were made for another purpose than as a pokemon would have been a mind-blowing stipulation for Mewtwo. Sachiko had contemplated on the course of consequences that were to derive if this knowledge were to be revealed to him. To let him know that all of these times, he had a family he never thought that he would ever have. There was no way to know how he would coax with it. He might even do something awfully terrible, possibly like what had happened the first time at New Island. Sachiko also knew that if word gets out about this, it will mean the end for both of them. With imprisonment on her part for associating on 'playing god' & him being executed just by being himself.

Every visit that Mewtwo makes, on the same day every year, Sachiko struggles to summon up the courage to tell him the truth. Yet every time, it never gets formed into words. Fear always prevented her to do so. This was the price she had to pay for every waking moment in her life. Was it right in any ways to try to find a way to need & be needed? In her own part: no. However,

All within a few second, did her mind struggled to yet to try again. Underneath her mask of unintentional deceit, she couldn't take it. Something had to give. On the verge of crying into a blithering mass of apologies and heartache, Sachiko kept her gaze focused, not wanting to attract any unnecessary attention from Mewtwo. "(For you to not know your true origins, I hope you can forgive me for keeping it away from you…my poor lonely child…)" Mentally voicing the word 'child' would've been the breaking point for her. Fortunately, she was barely able to have managed to hear Mewtwo's last statement to have snapped out of her near impending troublesome mind. "...I said: are you alright?"

"Oh, eh he. Sorry," in a whimsical way, she stuck her tongue out in embarrassment. A first for Mewtwo to see this sort of action from her. "So, what are you going to do now?" Sachiko had to know. "I'm for the moment, going to rest a bit. Before the stroke of twilight, I shall head back to Kanto: a promise that I made needs to be seen to the end. And possibly: a last chance at something that I thought once, would never occur."

"Wouldn't it hurt for you to stay here for a while longer? A little rest might do you good."She knew that he never wants to stay around in one area for no more than 24 hours. She'd hoped to convince him to remain here just a while longer. Any time spent with him, consoles that empty feeling within her. As expected, he graciously declined her offer."You & I both know that it is impossible for me to be in one spot for more than a day. Besides,…I still want to make things right while I still have the chance. There is a lot of things that needs to be dealt with. Things that have haunted me for some time..." If there was a soft spot, it would be a favor.

"But Maybe...I shall take your offer & stay a while longer. Perhaps then, we can talk a bit more." Standing up, Mewtwo draped himself back to his cloak. But not before he brought out an elbow to her side, making a gesture of nobility. "Shall we go, Miss?" Following his example, Sachiko got up & wrapped her arm around his. "My, what a gentlemen you are…yes. Let's." Arm & arm, the two made their way to a short stroll towards Ai's grave stone.


Some time went on by before he woke up. Lying on the side of the cool sterile wall, Mewtwo's body began to stir. Violently. Feeling groggy from all of the melodrama that is his life, he rubbed his head in confusion, only to figure it out that his arm had some blood flow cut off by the awkward position. "Uuoogh, where, am I…" By the looks of the gloomy hollow structure confines, he was back at where he was. At the hospital. Realizing that it was now nighttime, he struggled to straighten up, only to fail & fall to the floor: repeatedly. If he had wanted to, the clone would just simply use his powers hovered with the slightest of ease, but that would mean taking the easy way out. In true retrospect, relying on one's 'natural' abilities alone would render one's mind to be lagging. To learn new possibilities, to adapt would be the key for survival. That would explain now why he is now able to speak through his vocal cord for the first time.

Tried with his might, Mewtwo barely managed to stand up, having to shake off some of wears & nagging aches. Oh, how his spine aches for relief. Aches & pains were the usual for him. On a minor to mild dose, he would have shrugged it off & move along. However for the heavy doses such as the one he's now having, the clone had to focus on ways to subside his weakness. He breathed out a sigh before closing his eye & took some steps back to Myo's bed. Seeing her dozing off peacefully, one would never know just how much trauma the two had to go through. "A part of me wish that this was all but that of a terrible nightmare & that you'd still had your parents & your relatives. Know that I will be there to help you in any ways." He propped his hand to tug at his cloak, lying at the corner foothold of Myo's bed. By doing so, he tugged on the sturdy fibers, before long seeing a glimpse of a hilt. His wily tail wrapped around the scabbard ever so vigilantly. Holding it in place, the clone took some careful glances at item of interest. Within the contents, a blade unlike any other. Why did such a pokemon as himself would want the use of a weapon? It was not for the act of assimilating as a human. No, the purpose is as clear as the of flow of blood. As a precautionary step if his psychic abilities were of no use. "(Though the fact that I detest these instruments of archaic warfare, this here seems of use to me. Many of the times, that I had to use it to shed the blood of so many obstacles. Many in which: you've saved her life...)"

A wave of unnerving sense warned him that of a presence is afoot. In one fell swoop, the glassy blade was unsheathed from the scabbard & poised to draw blood. The next instant: a calm echo resonated around the room. "So…I see that you have had a little incident with the trainNot your forte of hiding attention from the public" Behind him, teleported a silky long raven haired woman. Her wardrobe consisted of a magenta silk long sleeved shirt, light tan pants that were mostly unseen by her knee high stilettos boots. On her upper left shoulder, a golden round badge. It was none other than the clairvoyant gym leader of Saffron City: Sabrina. Her calm emotionless face enshrouded in the utmost serenity, the psychic mistress had measured her gaze towards Mewtwo, then at the sleeping child

Returning back the sword to it's cover, Mewtwo gave an circumspect gaze out from the looks of hers. It doesn't take two eyes to know the presence of telekinetic sinews. And given the circumstances that neither had ever met could say that it was fate. "Cut the charade, Sabrina. I'm here for one thing. Information. I hav-" She cut off his speech with her own. "-Come here to seek information, concerning this whole fiasco and how it is related to the girl…Myo. Fortunately, I had foreseen this event in my mind for the past week. And might I add: you want me to find out who her last living relative is. Correct? Are you aware of the price that you must pay?"

Still having his back facing Sabrina, he nodded. "Yes. This is by far, priority one."

The air grew a stench of doubt, truth be told: things were to be dismal. Sabrina at last, spoke to give him a warning.

"Then, you won't like the answer. Nor will the child as well."


A/N: (1) Fall City is in the Fiore Region.

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Ch 39: Judith: Dead before Alive (why the news that Sabrina not so good.)