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Adam must have drove for hours, zig-zagging across town attempting to find his wife and he was no closer to knowing where she was than when he left Dr. Stevens' office. With a defeated sigh, he turned the car around and headed back for their home, as much as he wanted to find Amy and talk to her now, he had resigned to going home and waiting for her to return. That is if she returned at all…Adam shook his head, he didn't need those negative thoughts in his head right now, he needed to focus on Amy, how much she was hurting right now, and what little he could do to help.

He pulled into the driveway and hit the button to open the garage door and was in shock at what he saw parked inside. Sitting in it's proper place, closest to the door leading to the kitchen, was Amy's car as if it had never been moved at all. He smiled triumphantly having finally found his wife in the last possible place he thought she'd be and he parked his car, taking a deep breath as he pulled the key from the ignition and went to enter his house.

The house was oddly silent as he walked through the darkened kitchen. He peeked through curtains covering the sliding door to the backyard and saw their two dogs playing merrily without a single clue of the problems that their owners were having. He checked in the living room for Amy, but she wasn't there, nor was she in the office, the den, or the weight room. Running out of rooms to look for his wife he ventured down the long hallway that led to their bedroom and stealthily pushed the door open and entered the room but Amy didn't appear to be there either. The bed was just a messy as it was when he got up this morning, he was just about to give up and go search the house once again when he heard what sounded like a hiccup come from the walk-in closet. Slightly confused he walked over and peeked around the open door and saw Amy, sitting amidst a pile of clothes, tears streaming down her face, and a suitcase in front of her.

"Hey," Adam said after a moment of watching his wife haphazardly throwing clothes into the suitcase, "What are you doing?"

Startled, Amy turned around, trying in vain to erase the tears from her face. "Packing," she sniffed, "Adam I think we should separate."

Adam gaped at the woman before him for a moment before what she had just said registered. "Separate? Why? Because of last night, because Amy the way I see it…"

Amy quickly cut him off, "Not just because of last night. This has been a long time coming Adam. I think it would just be best if we could spend some time apart."

"What good could possibly come from us being apart," Adam asked trying to hide the hurt look on his face. "Look Amy, we need to work this out, we need to talk."

Amy shook her head, "No, what we need is some time apart, to evaluate our feelings and…"

This time Adam cut Amy off, "I don't need to evaluate my feelings for you, I love you and I want to fix this, that's all I need to know."

"Some things can't be fixed Adam," Amy sighed as she turned away from him and picked up another shirt to put in her bag, "and how can you love me? I've lied to you, neglected you, I've been horrible to you…Adam you…you deserve so much better."

"But Ames," he started only to be cut short once again by his wife.

"No, I'm going to my mother's to stay for a few weeks. This is for the best, really."

"But I don't want you to go, I want you to stay here, with me and work this out. Please Amy, I'm not giving up on us yet, you shouldn't either," Adam pleaded, wishing that Amy would stop zipping her suitcase.

"Adam I…"

"No," he interrupted, his voice starting to rise, "you're going to listen to me. I talked to Dr. Stevens and he said that there are some things I need to tell you."

Amy looked at her husband in shock, "You went to talk to Dr. Stevens? Why?"

"Because I didn't know what to do. I was confused and I needed some help trying to figure out my thoughts."

"You were taking therapy seriously?"

"I take our relationship seriously, and I'll do anything that might help us get back on the same page." Adam ran a hand through his hair as he tried to remember everything he had said earlier that morning to the doctor. "You just dropped that bomb on me last night and before I could even completely process what was happening, you were avoiding me; and now you want some time apart? You haven't even given me the chance to respond to everything you said last night. Just before you decide to go, listen to me. Hear me out, and if what I say doesn't convince you to stay and work this out then by all means, go to your mother's."

Amy fully turned to face Adam and crossed her arms over her chest. "Fine, I'm listening."

Adam looked at their surroundings; the messy closet wasn't exactly the ideal setting he had in mind for this conversation. "Think we could move to another room, a closet really doesn't seem like the greatest of places to talk."

"We'll talk here," she said somewhat defiantly.

"Alright then, we'll talk here." Adam took a deep breath and decided where to start. "Last night when you said it was all your fault, you were wrong, very wrong. You see, Amy you should have told me what was wrong, I understand why you didn't though; but I should have notice that something was wrong with you. I'm supposed to be your husband, I'm supposed to know you better than anyone else, and I didn't see that anything was bothering you. I just chalked it up to a marital rut, and that was wrong. I should have talked to you from the beginning when things first starting changing.

"And Maria, honey you didn't push me into her arms. Yes I was feeling a little neglected, but I shouldn't have gone to Maria. That was my choice, and it was a bad one; and if you'll let me I'll spend the rest of my life showing you that there truly is no other woman on this earth for me because Amy I am so sorry. I betrayed you, so what if we were having problems; that was no excuse.

"And as for everything you said about not being able to have kids, I know that I can't even begin to fathom what you're going through, but I know it must be hard," Adam sighed, kneeling down to the floor where Amy was sitting and taking her hand. "But that doesn't mean our family has to be limited to you, I, and our dogs. We could adopt a baby, or heck we could skip the whole diapers and potty training and adopt an older child, there are so many out there that need a good home and a family and I think that we could give that to any one of them. Just because that child isn't biologically ours doesn't mean they wouldn't be our son or daughter. And if adoption isn't something you want to do, then I am content to just get another dog and add on to the fence outside. But Amy, there are options, options that you and I can explore, together. I love you, and I know that we can make this work but only if you want to. So Amy, will you still have me?"

As Amy finally looked up from the ground and met her husband's eyes with her own tear-filled eyes, Adam was unsure as to what her answer would be. He studied her face, her uncertain shining eyes, her trembling lips, her stained cheeks hoping, praying for some sign of what she would say but found himself at a loss. Holding his breath he waited for his wife to answer he knew he could do nothing more to convince her to stay, he had said and done all he could, it was up to Amy now. As her lips slowly parted, Adam knew this was it, the next words she would say could very well kill him; he closed his eyes waiting for her verdict and was utterly surprised at what happened next.

She kissed him. Amy had leaned over and kissed her husband with every bit of passion and emotion she had silently begging him to forgive her for wanting to give up. She threw her arms around his neck and nearly knocked him to the floor due to how shocked he was, but that shock only lasted a moment before Adam began to kiss her back with equal fervor pulling her closer to him. Neither knew how long they stayed on the closet floor kissing each other as though their lives depended upon it but when they finally did part, Adam helped her up and together they put away the contents of her suitcase.