I was the first of many, many children. I grew up quickly, and was my father's favored son even as others were born. I defended his kingdom. I was his crown prince. It was my brother who convinced my father to banish me and put me out into the cold. This long exile has taught me several things. One, my father is corrupted by his power, as is my brother, having taken my seat. Two, only myself and those around me can possibly have any chance of stopping the two conniving monsters from ruining all of kingdom. And three, love always sees the truth.

You know me by many names, mortal. But I would prefer you call me Luke, to avoid the negativity now associated with my once proud names. And I would just like to tell you the truth of my banishment, the other angels, and my father himself. This is my story, full of action, adventure, danger, passion, mystery, love, magic, fantasy, great good, and great evil. It is about people pure, corrupt, full of lies, and ever truthful. And hopefully, hopefully, this will be enough for you to see that maybe I'm not such a bad guy after all.