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For those of you who want to find out more about the concept of UC, google Laura Kaplan Shanley or 'unassisted childbirth'.

Twelfth Chapter,

in which the X-Men meet their youngest team member

Jubilee kept quiet for all of two hours, and then it took the combined efforts of Scott, Hank and Piotr to keep Jean from bursting into the new family's room to check on them. And then, finally, early the next day, Rogue lowered her mental shields enough to give Jean and Hank permission to visit.

The redhead was a nervous wreck by the time she reached the door, but she forced herself to be calm. Everything was fine.

The door opened, revealing Logan in all his shirt-less glory, but Jean only saw Rogue and the baby.

Very naked Rogue and very naked baby.

"My God, Rogue! Are you alright?" She rushed into the room, Hank on her heels, and then nervously hovered at the edge of the bed.

Rogue smiled. "Do I look alright to you?"

"Hell, yeah."

Logan cocked an eyebrow at Jean's unusually colourful language and proceeded to hand one of his better cigars to Hank. "She doesn't show any reaction to Rogue's skin, and she seems to be fine when I touch her."

"That's... that's great!" Jean smiled brightly. It surprised her, but at the sight of Rogue and her baby, all her jealousy had evaporated. It shouldn't have. She should've thrown a hissy fit and be curt and mean and jealous that Rogue got what she always wanted. But she wasn't.

Hank smiled toothily. "So how is our new arrival?"

Rogue looked down at the rosy child on her chest, smiling serenely. "She's good."

"Nursin' like a champ." Logan grinned.

"And how are you?"

Rogue and Logan shared a conspiratory smile. "I'm good. No excessive bleeding, no birth injuries, placenta came out whole, yadda, yadda, yadda." She grinned. "Are ya gonna charge me for this?"

Jean rolled her eyes and went to inspect the placenta which had been wrapped in cloth and placed in a bowl on the nightstand. "Um, Rogue, here's a piece missing...?"

Rogue pulled up the blanket, shivering a little. "Oh yeah, I ate that. It helps with bleeding and depression and stuff."

The doctor choked. "You, what?" Then she noticed that the umbilical cord led over to the bed. To the baby. "Why didn't you cut the cord?"

"No need to cut it. It'll fall off in a few days anyway."

Jean's head was spinning. The whole idea of an unassisted birth had been enough to freak her out well beyond her limits, but this? Eating the placenta? Not cutting the cord? This was totally beyond her. So she did what she always did in these situations – she smiled brilliantly and dropped the subject. "So what are you going to name her?"

Rogue raised the child so she could look at her, and Jean tried not to look at the young woman' full, leaking breasts. "Laura Rose."

"That's pretty."

They settled on sending the others up in pairs so they could meet Laura, and a picture of the little family was put up in the rec room so the students could see the baby.

All was well.