Yuuri smiled and crouched down to accept the flower offered to him. The girl threw her arms around him and smacked him loudly on the cheek, blushing all the while as Yuuri laughed and rubbed her hair before tucking the flower between his buttons and heading back into the castle.

He had a stack of paperwork awaiting his signature but it was such a nice day out he'd instead enjoyed mingling with everyone outside and saying hello to the swordsmen training outside. It was a shame he didn't have enough time to head over to the baseball field. It was definitely perfect weather for it.

He heard the plaintive baa and followed it into the library. It was nice being in here without Gunter pushing a book at him and singing to him of how regal and majestic he looked when he was thinking.

The door had only been ajar and he was on his knees calling to the lamb - or no, according to Wolfram it was probably a cat - when he heard it slam against the wall so hard the table he was looking under shook beneath his hand. With that kind of force it either meant something very bad had happened...

...or more likely, as he found when he stood back up, it was Wolfram.

"Hey, how's it going?" he asked. He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to that and he found himself taking a step back as Wolfram stepped close enough that he could see the gleam of anger in his eyes.

"How could you?"

Of course. Somehow he'd managed to once again betray this farce of an engagement and Wolfram had found out. "It was just a kitty," he said, gesturing around the room. He saw the twitch of a tail disappear out the door. "Traitor!" he called out after it, and then winced immediately. That wasn't exactly the best choice of words he could have used.

He looked at Wolfram and held his hands up placatingly. "Really, just a cat. Didn't you hear her baa baa?"

Wolfram was not looking his best. His uniform was disheveled, his cheeks smudged with dirt, and his hair, well, okay, maybe his hair didn't look too bad, but he was breathing hard and underneath the dirt Wolfram's cheeks were turning bright red.

Wolfram had given chase the moment he'd seen the blue flower. The girl had given his fiance Konrad's flower, and Yuuri had smiled at her. Didn't he see the effect he had on everyone? And she'd kissed him! He didn't care how innocent it had been. It still didn't give her right to liberties that he, the king's betrothed, had been denied.

Not that he wanted to kiss Yuuri; he just didn't want Yuuri's lips touching anyone else's.

It took Yuuri a while to realize that while Wolfram had been advancing, he'd taken a few steps back. When his fingers brushed against the draperies he realized there was nowhere else to go. What was Wolfram so angry about anyway? Actually there was almost always just one answer to that, so the real question was who he was angry about.

"Not that little girl?" Yuuri gave Wolfram a lopsided grin. "You can't be serious." Even as he said that, he knew Wolfram was deadly serious. After all, he'd flung a pillow at Yuuri for dancing with Beatrice and she couldn't be any older than the girl who'd given him the flower.

"This!" Wolfram pulled the offending flower out of Yuuri's jacket and waved it in his face. "And you let her kiss you!"

Even before he did it, Yuuri knew that it would be a mistake, but he couldn't help it. The look on Wolfram's face, and the idea of his being this upset over a little girl - it was too much. He laughed.

"You humiliated me and made a mockery of our engagement!" Wolfram said hotly. Yuuri could feel the heat radiating off him and he shrank back against the wall a little when Wolfram raised his hand. Yuuri expected to see a ball of flame dancing in the air at any moment.

"Come on, Wolfram, haven't we-" He didn't get any further. Wolfram had gripped Yuuri's cheeks between his thumb and fingers, tilted his head to the side, and kissed him.

Wolfram slowly relaxed his grip and his fingertips explored Yuuri's jaw as he swiped his tongue against Yuuri's lips. He'd not planned this, but Yuuri had made him so angry, and his lips had been so close, and then they'd parted so invitingly...

He'd been lying to himself when he said he didn't want this. He did. He slid his fingers behind Yuuri's neck and touched his tongue to Yuuri's. It took him longer than it should have to notice.

Yuuri wasn't responding.

Wolfram pulled back, his face as red as it had been when he'd stormed into the room but for a completely different reason. "Yuuri, I-" He turned to look past Yuuri's shoulder, through the window, to see the children laughing and playing outside. His throat felt like it was closing up.

He should apologize, or tell Yuuri off, or maybe even try it again, but he took one look at Yuuri's face and unconsciously took a step back. "Yuuri..." His throat closed a little more and he cleared his throat. A faint baa could be heard just outside the door, the door he'd left wide open, and he felt his cheeks burn hotter. "The cat," he said weakly. "I should bring her back to...to..." He squared his shoulders and looked directly at Yuuri. "I don't have time to waste here. Some of us have important things to do."

He pulled the door closed behind him and let his head fall back against it for just a moment. It was a good thing he suspected he'd be unable to sleep tonight because this was one time when even he didn't think he belonged in Yuuri's bed.