Three sets of eyes were riveted on the wineglass that lay on its side, the deep red stain spreading across the white tablecloth and approaching the edge of the table.

One pair of eyes were wide and unblinking as they watched Yuuri's bandaged fingers reach over to grasp the glass gently by its stem and bring it to his lips to finish the little bit of wine that was left before setting it back down next to the silverware. While everyone else turned to look at Yuuri, who calmly shook out his linen napkin and patted it over the spilled wine, Wolfram's mouth opened and closed a few times but nothing came out.

Yuuri glanced to his right. "Hey, Wolfram," he said, gesturingatthe sleeve slowly soaking up more of the wine, "you might want to change out of that before the stain really sets. Like my mother always says, the longer you wait the harder it is to get rid of."

Wolfram opened his mouth again and then pushed his chair back abruptly and left the room. If Yuuri noticed the uncomfortable silence that followed he didn't act like it. He speared his fork into the meat on his plate and popped it into his mouth, chewing it slowly and enjoying the taste. There were a lot of things in this world that he couldn't abide by and even more he still barely understood, but he could still appreciate Doria's cooking.

He laughed and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as Sangria bustled in to remove the soiled linen. A clean napkin was handed to him before she hustled right back out to the hallway, and Yuuri resumed eating as if nothing had happened.

Günter was dabbing at his eyes with the corner of his cloak and Gwendal and Konrad were exchanging meaningful glances. Yuuri seemed oblivious to Günter's sniffles and it wasn't until the royal advisor made a sound like a wounded animal that Gwendal pushed his chair back with even more force than Wolfram had used. Konrad took the cue and got to his feet.

"Your Highness."

"Yeah, Konrad?" Yuuri asked. He picked up one of the vegetables. "What's this one called again? It tastes a little like broccoli but it's kind of sweet. I wonder how it would taste if we mashed it up and spread it on toast." He looked up at Konrad. "Don't you think we should try it?"

"Whatever you'd like, Your Highness." Konrad smiled. Günter's sobbing had grown a little louder and Gwendal cleared his throat impatiently.

"Oh, and the bill for the dry cleaning of this tablecloth, can that be taken out of my salary or something?" He glanced over at Wolfram's glass as if realizing for the first time that he'd practically sent the blond from the room. "Hey, someone might want to move that somewhere safe. Wolfram will probably want to keep it."

Silence fell over the room again and Konrad returned to his seat. He hid his smile behind his napkin and picked up his silverware.

There was little conversation for the rest of the meal, but it was just as well because Yuuri remembered none of it. He felt pretty satisfied now but later he'd have to go and confess to his husband. He'd been the one to ask Lasagna, just before dinner, to set down the plate of warm bread right after Wolfram had taken his first sip. He'd felt his cheeks grow warm as he'd asked if she'd please remember to move Wolfram's glass to a spot on the table right between them. It took so little to rile him up that Yuuri could have made his own set of wagers about Wolfram knocking it over with his elbow.

The customs sure were strange in this land but Yuuri wished they'd give him a little credit. After an unplanned engagement followed by an equally accidental duel (and he was trying to forget that second duel he'd initiated), not to mention hours of having history crammed into his brain by an enthusiastic Günter, didn't they think that if he learned nothing else, he'd have made sure he was well aware of what constituted a marriage ceremony in Shin Makoku?

For all Wolfram had put him through, Yuuri thought he could wait a little longer before he let him know. Yuuri had known exactly what he was doing when he'd used his left hand to pick up the stem of the glass. He'd known what he'd been promising when he took a sip from the same side that Wolfram's lips had touched.

And if Wolfram needed any convincing, Yuuri thought he might start by not kicking his spouse out of bed on their wedding night.