Pestilence of Death

Here is my next story. For those of you who have read Chaotic Forces will be able to understand this. This story is like a prequel to the sequel! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Scheme

Amy Rose walked across the sidewalk, trying to find a way to cross the street. She could see her goal, the Piersa Restaurant, where her boyfriend, Sonic, was waiting (her REAL boyfriend), but the streetlight blocked her.

Suddenly, Amy noticed a little shop right beside her. I guess this will buy me some time, she thought. She slowly walked to the shop.

Once there, an old lady jumped in front of Amy, causing her to let out an "Eep!", but she remained cool. Being 13, and hanging around Sonic, did that to you.

The old woman spoke in a cracked voice. "Hello, my dear! Would you like to try one of my potions?"

Amy looked at the list of potions, and then asked, "What does the Comfortation Brew do?"

"Why, it allows your boyfriend to feel a great happiness!", replied the woman.

Amy thought of Sonic. Ever since he heard that Chaoserix was his father, he had fallen into a state of confusion. "I'll take it!", she finally said.

"Wait right here, my dear. I'll return shortly." , said the woman as she passed through a curtain.

There, a highly sophisticated, but small, lab was awaiting. The old woman's shape disappeared, and in her place stood Metal Sonic, in his second form. He walked over to a small bottle. "—Hmph! She fell for it! Just like I knew she would! Now, with this vial, Sonic the Hedgehog will fall, and I will rule this earth!--". He picked up the bottle, and resumed his old woman disguise. "Here you are, madam."

Amy took the bottle graciously. "Thank you, ma'am.", and with that, she skipped across the street to the restaurant.

Hope you like it!

Amy: What's gonna happen to Sonic!

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Amy: Oh, no! sob!

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