Pestilence of Death

Chapter 3: In a Hospital, and the Spirit World

Amy looked at the limp form of Sonic with tears in her eyes. The doctors had said that he had somehow been infected with a deadly virus. At first, Amy didn't pay attention to this, until the doctors had said that in one week, the virus would kill Sonic.

Knuckles walked into the room, closely followed by Tails. "I wonder what happened to him?", Knuckles asked.

Amy burst out, "It was me! Some shop owner sold me this weird drink, and I poured it into Sonic's cup! Sonic! I'm so sorry!" Amy flung her arms around the sickly hero.

Shadow looked through the Earth orb, shocked. Since he gave up his life, things had been going great. Knuckles and Rouge had hooked up, and Sonic and Amy got together a few minutes after he died. Fortunately, he was able to see what was happening on Earth while he was in the Spirit World.

Now, as Shadow looked at Sonic in the hospital room, Shadow couldn't help but wonder. "I can't honestly believe Sonic would instantly become sick. Sure, he's just a stupid hedgehog, but I bet something else is up. Hmph. Whoever's behind this must be really pathetic."

"—Excellent. My plan is succeeding. Now, to begin my conquest of the world! Wave, Jet, Storm! Get in here!" commanded Metal Sonic. Three birds stepped forward. There was a green hack, a purple swallow, and a gray albatross. Each of them was carrying a hover board.

The green hack said, "Jet, reporting for duty!"

"Wave, ready to go." The swallow said.

"I'm ready for battle!" Storm said.

"—Perfect. With the Babylon Rouges under my control, no one will stop me! Now, Wave! Go capture Dr. Eggman! Jet, set these bobs at these locations: Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Westopolis Nuclear Plant. Storm, turn the G.U.N. Military Complex into rubble! GO!"

The fierce birds threw down their boards and raced away atop them. Metal Sonic accessed the control computer. The construction of his ultimate weapon was nearly finished.

Amy had calmed down after her confession. Her friends had said that it wasn't her fault, and they would find a way to cure Sonic. Unfortunately, it would take sometime to find the cure.

The nurse walked in. She took Sonic's temperature, which was heightening rapidly. Sonic started to breath rapidly. Things still did not look good. The nurse turned on the T.V. The Anchor lady gave a stunning report. "We interrupt this broadcast for a piece of startling news! Sever…zzzp! –Attention people of the world! I am Metal Sonic, soon to be your ruler! I have placed several bombs on several mounuments! Once they detonate in 2:00 minutes, almost half the country will be left in ruin! Also, the Babylon Rouges are now under my controlo, and soon Dr. Eggman will be too! Once my bombs detonate, you all must surrender, or I will begin my attack!"