Chapter 1

Ryan Realo had never expected to ever see the spectacle that was Duel Academy, none the less from a helicopter. His parents had barely scraped up the tuition fee, but he aced the entrance exam, over a Dr. Crawler or something. Everyone made a big deal out of it though, because only one person had ever done it before, but he found out that he still wouldn't be an Obelisk, but at least he wouldn't be called Slifer slacker all year long, and he did look good in yellow. The helicopter landed on top of the school roughly shaking up all the passengers inside. When Ryan got out of the helicopter, three adults were standing on the roof standing on the roof including the weird guy he had beaten at the entrance exam. One man was holding a cat with long black hair and one had a huge red blazer, bald, and had a beard.

"Welcome all students to the extraordinary Duel Academy," said the bald man in a booming voice. "I'm Chancellor Shepard, this is Dr. Banner," he said pointing to the man holding the cat, "and this is Dr. Crowler."

Crowler took a quick a glance out of the corner of his eye at Ryan and growled with envy.

"Man, she looks like a chick," Ryan thought to himself.

"All Obelisk's line up with Dr. Crowler, Ra Yellow's with Dr. Banner, and Slifer's with me; we will show you too your dorms."

Ryan lined up behind Banner and waited while he passed out schedules and maps of the campus. He then proceeded to show them to their dorms.

"Everyone will have a roommate," Banner said walking down a long corridor lined with yellow doors with numbers on them. He then announced where each of the students dorms' were.

Ryan walked to his dorm, took a deep breath, and opened the door. All he could do was stare at the walls. They were lined with equations, formulas, and card names. He walked further into the room to find a humongous desk with books stacked mile high and mass of hair sticking out of a book.

"Uh . . . um excuse me, I'm you're new roommate Ryan."

The head raised itself up from the desk, yawned, and stretched. "Oh hello there," the boy said in a British accent. He was taller than Ryan and his hair was jelled back and up.

"Bastion Masawa," he said stretching out a hand.

"Ryan Realo," he said shaking his hand. "I guess I'm you're roommate.

"Oh . . . okay . . . well," Bastion stammered obviously surprised. There was a long silence between the two students.

"I see you like math," Ryan said taking another glance at all the equations on the walls."

"Yeah, I prefer the scientific aspect of dueling, I'm not really a "heart of the cards type" guy; I can erase some of it if you want?"

"No, no, no, you were here first."

"Well if you're sure."

"Here let me see your schedule," Bastion said grabbing his schedule out of his hand. "Wow same schedule as me, so I can show you wh . . . but before he could finish what his sentence a bell rang.

"Hurry, just grab a notebook, a pen and hurry to your first class," Bastion said running out the door.

"First day of classes and I'm gonna be late," Ryan thought to himself and ran out the door after Bastion.