Tyson: Where do you get all these ideas?

Me: Any sort of word can set me off

Kai: How wonderful.

Me: Bah, read on!


No answer from the dual haired teen.

"Kaiii!" The boyish voice whined.

The silent teen seated on the couch shifted the forms on his lap and frowned at them, tapping his pen against the paper in his concentration.

"Kai! Hey, Kaiiii!" The bluenet stood in front of Kai demanded, a little put-out at getting no attention from his boyfriend what-so-ever.

Kai's left eyebrow eventually twitched in annoyance and he relented and he looked up irritably, "what?" He snapped, a little harsher than he had actually meant to.

Tyson bit his bottom lips slightly in slight hurt but dropped down to sit down beside Kai anyway, "you know Hil dragged me to the gym the other day, insisting that I need exercise.?"

Kai have a small grunt

"Yeah. Well, I kinda didn't do much exercise as it turns out. I went off to learn some pretty cool gymnastic moves instead. Of course Hil went insane later when she finally found me, but the point is that I did actually learn something while I was there. I've been perfecting it for a few days now, so I could show you. So can I, huh?" Tyson asked, looking at his older lover imploringly.

Kai's red eyes flickered over to looks at his pleading boyfriend's expression sceptically. "Not now… I'm busy." He said flatly, turning his gaze back to look at the forms he needed to fill out for work.

Tyson defeated for all of ten seconds before attempting again. "Come on! I learnt a bunch of others, but this one is the bet! You have to see it, come on… please? I 've been waiting for ages to show you."

Kai looked at the forms he was supposed to be to filling out and back up into big, hopeful blue eye. If he refused, he would be able to finish what he needed to be doing, but Tyson would be disappointed and upset with him, and the last thing Kai wanted was to make the younger teen sad because of him.

Sighing, he gave in and nodded, preferring to ignore Tyson's happy cheer when he relented.

"Yay! I promise you, it's really cool." Tyson told him, a broad grin present on his face. Getting off the couch and moving backward, he got onto his hands and knees.

Kai rose an eyebrow sceptically at what ever it was that Tyson was doing. His other eyebrow rose, however, in surprise when Tyson rose himself up to balance himself on his hands, his face going red as his blood rushed to his head.

"There!" Tyson grunted out, voice sounding a little strained as he willed his arms to hold his weight. He straightened out his legs and grinned to himself, "how's that?"

Kai's eyes were glued to the expanse of lightly toned, flat tanned tummy that had been exposed to him as his green t-shirt had slipped down. Swallowing dryly, he nodded. "Very nice…" he rasped.

Tyson blinked at the husky tone of Kai's voice. It only got that edge when the older teen was feeling reasonably turned on… as Tyson had many time to experience. "What, me or handstand?" He asked dryly.

Kai's expression looked thoughtful as Tyson wobbled and started to lower himself back down. "Both." He decided firmly, a faint smirk present on his face.

The bluenet snickered and overbalanced, landing with a 'thump' on the living room floor. "Urgh." He grunted.

Kai rolled his eyes and tossed his forms away to get up to help his boyfriend back up. "Are you alright?" He questioned softly, holding out his hand for Tyson to take.

"Yeah." Tyson replied, taking Kai's hand and smiling up at the older teen as he lifted him up gently.

His smile soon went and morphed into a look of surprise when Kai promptly tossed him over his shoulder, "Kai?"

"I think you can show me what other gymnastics you've learnt … in the bedroom." Kai replied smoothly.

"Uh… ok!" Tyson replied, smiling shakily as a rosy blush spread over his tanned cheeks.

Kai: That was a little short.

Me: So?

Kai: ... nevermind.

Me: Review?