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Life Within Melting Snow And Burning Cigarettes.

Do you know what I was, how I lived? You know what despair is; then winter should have meaning for you.

Louise Gluck.

Outside, a patch of snow fell upon earth every once in a while, and the continuous dripping of melted ice echoed against the stone steps. Tala looked blankly at the window, wondering how, looked blankly at the endless landscape of snowed peaks and swinging pines, wondering why.

There was a scratching sound as a match was lit and then the body next to him took a deep drag and the stinging smell of cigarette expanded in the room. It made him shudder as his body ached in a strange contented way, his muscles were stiff and his head felt light, yet there was a strange melting sensation within. Curling a bit under the covers, he felt his toes scratch the slightly rough surface of the sheets and he made a conscious effort to repress the shivers that broke out through his skin.

Outside, another patch of snow fell.

Bryan wondered what had possessed him to do what he'd done, not that he regret it, but he felt curious. Even more so, when Tala had not complained and simply submitted rather willingly. His skin was still slick and warm, goose bumps braking as the chilly air of early morning entered through the cracks in the window. Pale eyes fixed on the tip of the burning stick, watching with a slight fascination as it consumed ever so slowly.

Outside, another patch of snow fell.

A smaller, much more delicate looking hand reached out to take the cigarette from his hands, and the burlier teen arched an eyebrow as the redhead fell all over him again. Normally, anyone stepping into his personal space was dead within seconds. Normally, Bryan hadn't shag them through the floor first.

"What?" The redhead took a nervous drag of the cigarette, knelling in bed and looking at the smug albino through narrowed eyes.

"Hn," A rough fingertip reached out to scrap a path from his breastbone to his navel, making Tala shudder inwardly. Bryan smirked, "Nothing."

"Are we doing this again?" Blue eyes narrowed as the other reclaimed his cigarette, almost completely consumed already, and took a drag with a pensive air.

A puff of smoke raised to the ceiling, leaving tendrils of grey in the air.


Tala huffed, and was silenced with a rather possessive kiss, the butt of the dying stick squeezed against the nightstand carelessly.

Outside, another patch of snow fell.

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