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Holding Hands

Chapter 1

245… 246…Bingo.

Max turned the handles of her bike and skidded to a stop in front of the house. She double checked the address on the mailbox and hopped off. She unzipped her back pack and pulled out the box, neatly wrapped in gold paper.

It was a nice neighborhood, quiet and peaceful compared to the other places she had already been that day. The houses were…nice. The paint wasn't peeling and the streets weren't littered with rubbish. Max plastered a smile on her face and walked to the front door. Rich people, big tip. All she had to do was play nice.

She knocked on the door after a few minutes of searching for a non existent doorbell. "Jam Pony Messenger!" she yelled, knocking again. She waited five minutes and knocked once more, slowly but surely getting more and more pissed off.

She tapped her feet impatiently on the white tiles and banged louder on the door. She knew there were people inside. The car was in the driveway and the lights were on. No reason why they shouldn't be answering the door. "Jam Pony-"

The door swung open before she could scream again and she openly stared at the sight before her. A woman, maybe thirty, thirty five stood by the door, clad only in her bathrobe. Her hair was messy, lipstick smeared across her cheeks and her feet bare.

Shoulda just went away after five minutes, Maxie…Look what you have to deal with now.

"What do you want?" The woman asked, clearly displeased with Max's timely interruption. She was the kind of person Max tried hard to avoid. Superficial, status conscious and hypocritical to the core. The kind of person who would not tip her.

Thank god it's for her husband…Maybe he's nice. Or not.

"I- uh- have a package for a Mr. Parker." She said, ignoring the fact that if the robe moved another inch or so the lady's left breast would have been exposed. She held out the gold package to her, expecting the lady to take it. Instead, she fixed Max with a dirty look, as if to say 'I'm not touching your filthy little hands even if it's the last thing I do.'

"Tony! It's for you!" She yelled into the house. A crash could be heard as 'Tony' made his way to the door. Max exhaled in disgust as the smell of alcohol and god knows what else wafted towards her as Tony approached.

"Yeah?" He growled at her. He was half naked, his fat belly protruding out of his shorts. Max cringed mentally as she imagined what the two people in front of her had been doing before she interrupted them.

"Package for you, sir." She said sweetly, years of practice hiding her actual distaste for the man. Tony took it, his pudgy fingers leaving stains on the gold wrapping. "That all?"

Max held out her clipboard and pointed to the paper on it. "Just gotta sign there." He passed the package to the woman as he took the clipboard. Max handed him her pen and watched as he scrawled his initials untidily on his paper. "Thank you, sir." She said, her voice laced with the innocence and niceness only a person of her upbringing could have mustered.

It worked. The man dug deep into his pockets and handed Max a crisp twenty dollar bill. "That's for being respectful." He said as he turned away from her. Max openly grinned at the woman's shocked expression over the big tip. The door shut and she walked away, pocketing the money. The pen, however…She snapped it into half and tossed it into the drain. No way was she using anything the guy had touched. Not if she had guessed correctly what the two of them had been doing earlier.

She rode away, grinning as her sensitive ears picked up the screams of the woman condemning Tony for giving her the big tip.

All's fair in love and war…


She returned to Jam Pony still feeling somewhat happy with the big tip she had received. She spotted Original Cindy leaning against her locker and made her way there, expertly maneuvering past Normal with a casual "I'm on my break."

"Hey, boo."

"Hey." She replied as she joined Cindy leaning against the lockers. "Bad day?" She said as she realized her friend had remained silent after her initial greeting. Original Cindy sighed. "You remember Fran?"

Max nodded. "The girl from the bar? Red head?"

"Yeah. Caught her with her tongue down some half wit's throat at the park. So Original Cindy walks up to her and asks what's the meaning of this, and the bitch says that Original Cindy showed her the error in her ways. Damn if that doesn't hurt a poor lesbo's heart."

Max pulled her friend into a tight hug. "Girl doesn't know what she's talking about, boo. You were the best thing that happened to her and it's her loss." She said. Original Cindy nodded ruefully. "Yeah. Her loss. Plenty of other fishes in the sea for Original Cindy." She said. She held out her fist and Max thumped it as they both shared a laugh.

"I got a major tip from this dirtbag down at Sector 5. Drinks on me tonight?" Max said. "Of course." Cindy replied.

Max's pager beeped then, the shrill sound slightly startling her. She glanced at the familiar number sighed. "I gotta go. Tell Normal not to get his panties in a twist. I'll be back before lunch break is over." She told Cindy, slinging her back pack over her shoulders.

Cindy smirked knowingly at her. "Hey, if your boyfriend is cooking for ya, it won't hurt if you bring back something for your best boo too, right?"

Max rolled her eyes in frustration. "Cindy, you know we're not like that."

"Whatever you say, boo."

Max sighed again as she mounted her bike and rode off.



She walked into the penthouse and was welcomed with silence. She peeked into the kitchen and found the counters clean. She walked to the living room and that too was devoid of Logan. Where the hell is he?

She heard keys scratching against the door and stared unbelievably at Logan who had just entered. "You beep me and then go shopping?" She said as she took note of the grocery bags on his lap. Logan wheeled towards her, and motioned for her to help with the bags.

"Well, I didn't think you'd get here so quick." He said, relieved as the burden lessened. "Besides, you usually call before coming over."

"Whatever." Max placed the bag on the counter and did a quick search in them and grinned in victory as she found a box of chocolates in one of them. "These for me?" She asked Logan. He chuckled at her obvious excitement. "Depends."

"On what?"

Logan wheeled away, turning into the make shift office. Max followed him her feline nature getting the better of her. She watched as he rummaged through the mess on the table top, the box of chocolates still in her hand, momentarily forgotten. "I got a huge tip today." She informed him as he started pulling open his drawers.

"Yeah? How much?" He asked, now wheeling towards the living room. Max followed him once more and settled herself on the arm of the couch. "Twenty bucks." Logan looked up as she said that, evidently surprised. "Twenty bucks? That much?"

Max nodded, now becoming very amused as she watched Logan fling various cushions across the room. "The guy was disgusting, though, I think I interrupted him and his wife banging the gong."

Logan blinked at her as she said that. "Banging the what?" Max laughed, forgetting Logan didn't speak street. "Nevermind. He was disgusting. All fat and sweaty, HEY!"

She ducked as a cushion came flying towards her. "Watch out, will ya?" Logan grinned sheepishly at her. "Sorry." He said. She got up and reclaimed the arm of the couch. "What are you looking for anyway?"

Logan sighed and ran his hand through his spiky hair. "It's an invitation."

"If it's pink and smells of roses, I saw it on the floor on the way in." she said.

Logan's eyes widened. "You could've told me that earlier."

"You could have asked me earlier." She retorted.

Logan sighed as he went to get the invitation. He returned to the living room and handed it to her. "That's why I beeped you." He said.

"Yadda yadda yadda invited to a dinner party…" She read, her eyes scanning the card. She looked up at him. "What's this gotta do with me?"

Logan smiled at her and used his hands to lift his leg so they crossed one another. He placed his elbows on his thighs and clasped his hands together, resting his chin on them. "Please come with me?"

Max looked at the man before her, his gorgeous blue eyes pleading with her. "You look really funny when you sit like that." She said. Logan let out an exasperated sigh. "You get the chocolate." He said.

Max glanced at the forgotten box of chocolates she had dumped on the couch. "Why do you want me to go? What happened to that blonde chick who was hanging around here last week? She busy?"

"She's just an informant, Max."

"She seemed really, really friendly."

Too damned friendly, actually. Whoa, where did that come from…

"Well, I didn't ask her, I asked you."

"Can't you go alone?" Max asked, now curious as to why Logan, who before this couldn't care less about social parties, was so desperate to go to this one. She handed him the card.

"No, I can't." He said. He took the pink card from her and pocketed it.

"Why not?"

"Because it's embarrassing."

Max raised her eyebrows at him. "It's way more than that, mister. I see right through you."

"Alright, fine. It's because…because…Dammit. How do I say this…I, uh, had a…kind of a reputation, from when I was younger. See, I never ever turned up at parties with the same person, same woman to be exact, except for when I was married, so, well…uh…" Logan faltered, feeling the heat rising from his neck and knew he was starting to blush.

Max let out a soft laugh. Now she understood. "You want a change. You want to be seen at two different parties with the same girl. Logan Cale, you never cease to surprise me, you know that?" She watched as Logan turned a deeper shade of red.

"This is a formal thing?" she asked him.

Logan's face brightened up immediately, a smile gracing his features. "You'll come?" Max narrowed her eyes at him. "I'm just considering it. I might have plans Thursday night."

Logan's eyes sparkled, sapphire blue boring into her chocolate brown ones.

Nowwho can resist those beautiful, gorgeous eyes…MAX! Damn, girl, are you in heat? No…Not for another month or so…

"I'll make it worth your while." Logan tried again, misinterpreting her silence. Max pouted. "Dinner plus dessert. Twice." She said. "And the box of chocolates."

Logan laughed. "Okay. And I'll throw a dress in there too." Max shook her head. "No, you're not doing that again. I'll get my own dress." She said. She got up and headed for the kitchen. Logan followed her and watched as she tore the plastic wrapping off the box of chocolates.

"How are you going to get it? The dress I mean." He asked. Max looked at him pointedly and threw a round chocolate ball at him. He caught it and put it in his mouth, savoring the sweet taste before saying "You planning on borrowing it again?" Max opened the refrigerator and disappeared from his sight. "No. I'll find a way to get one." He heard her mutter. She reappeared, a box of apple juice in her hand. Logan wheeled beside her and took two glasses and placed it in front of her.

"You know however you get it, I'll pay for it, like the last time."

"I can get it myself." Max repeated. She poured the juice and handed him a glass, throwing the now empty juice box into the rubbish bin. She turned to move away. But Logan stayed where he was, cornering her.

"Move." She said. He pretended not to hear her, busying himself with putting away the groceries into the various cupboards. Max groaned. "C'mon. Guys don't like girls who use their money to buy unnecessary things. Like dresses. Why are you so hell bent on wasting your money on something I'm gonna wear only once in this lifetime?"

Logan turned to her and made a show of slowly locking the brakes of the wheelchair. "I'm not your average guy, Max. Besides, girls usually like it when guys offer to use their money to buy unnecessary things, like dresses. Why are you so hell bent on not letting me do that?"

"I'm not your average girl."

They lapsed into a silence, stubborn sapphire eyes meeting equally stubborn chocolate ones.

"Just let me." Logan said.

I dare you, Max.

"Why should I?"

Double dare right back at you, Cale.

"My credit card is in my wallet, back in the living room." Logan said, ignoring her question and pointing vaguely behind him. Max sighed. She knew she could not out stubborn him. Not when his eyes pleaded with her like it was a life or death situation. Damn him.

One day those eyes are going to be the death of me.

"Fine. You want me to waste your hard earned cash, I will. And I'm bringing Cindy with me." Max said finally. Logan grinned triumphantly and moved away, letting Max move away from the counter. He navigated around the cushions strewn around the room and retrieved his wallet from the coffee table. He opened it and took out the black premier card and handed it to her.

"Call me when you go shopping. I'll let the people know you're using it."

Max settled on the couch opposite him and nodded, still examining the card. Not many people in the post pulse world had credit cards and it was nice to have one in her hands, even if it wasn't really hers. "Thanks, Logan."

Logan looked at her, aware of the sudden change in her voice, from being playful and light to soft and tender. "No problem." He said. "You deserve some nice things, Max." She nodded again. "Hey, you won't mind if I get something for Cindy as well?"

Logan shook his head slowly, a smile playing on his lips. "I don't mind."

Before he knew it, his hands had covered hers on the table, their fingers entwined, his thumb stroking the insides of her palm.

How the hell did that happen? How long have I been doing that?

Max remained silent as she watched in amusement the slight changes of Logan's expression as he slowly realized what his naughty hand had been doing. She chuckled and he looked up, confusion clear as day in his eyes.

"It's been doing that for a while now." She said, tilting her head towards their hands, still joined. Logan's eyes widened, but didn't make a move to pull his hands away.

Still silent, he looked back up into her eyes and was relieved to find the amusement there instead of the disgust and repulsion he had initially expected.

God this guy is cute. He's afraid I don't like him holding my hand…Wait, wait, wait. Since when did I like him holding my hand? Shit.

"Uh…" He was lost for words. He liked the feeling of her hands in his. And it seemed that she didn't mind his hand caressing hers either. He smiled tentatively at her and lowered his eyes to his hands. Max laughed then, pulling her hand away.

"Logan Cale, playboy extraordinaire, shy, because he's holding a girl's hands? I don't believe it!" She feigned surprise as she laughed harder at Logan's reddening face. Her laughter hid her actual nervousness of the situation, unable to deal with the emotions that were flooding her senses at that moment.

"Hey," She walked past the coffee table between them and knelt down in front of him. "You're like my best friend. Don't be shy around me, aiight?"

Best friend my ass. You like the way he held your hand. Face it, girl, you are so whipped.

Logan nodded, licking his lips.

Best friend...right.

"Okay. Now I feel really stupid. Want some lunch?"

Max got up and walked to the kitchen. "As if you have to ask."


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