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Technus laughed over a sixteen-year old Sam's dead body.

"Sam!" Danny cried and ran to her.

I failed her. My powers stopped working when she needed me most and I failed her.

Danny hugged Sam's limp body to himself and sobbed.

"Foolish girl," Technus declared, "going in front of my deadly ray gun to save that worthless boy."

"She was my everything," Danny whispered between sobs.

"Was she now?" Technus asked sarcastically, "then you shouldn't mind joining her!"

"Make it quick Technus," Danny whispered in a voice of utter sadness and defeat.

Technus was taken a back for a moment.

He really plans to die to be with her.

Technus suddenly let a grin paste upon his face.

"Very well," Technus said, "I admit that in the end you were a worthy adversary," he confessed, "and if you lived you should've truly considered becoming a teacher," he told Danny, "Goodbye menacing boy!" he declared and fired.

The End

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