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"Not a Ghost"

Red hair, strawberries and sunlight, hung against her pale, soft face. Gorgeous green eyes danced over his worn, weary form. She ran a finger down his cheek, tracing his lower lip.

Remus' heart skipped a beat. He shook off her spell and snatched the offending hand in his own, making the young woman flinch.

"This is not what I want," the werewolf breathed. He lowered his head in shame and let her go, retreating back into his chair.

"I'm sorry, Remus," she said. She lifted his chin with one hand. "I needed to know if she was still in your heart, if you still loved her."

Remus' eyes were wet with unshed tears when they caught hers. He studied her new form. She was back to her own short, mousy hair and wide, sad expression. "What did you prove?" he asked.

"That you always have, always will."

"She's dead." The wizard's soft voice shook. "I knew long before her death that she would never be mine. I couldn't ruin my friends' lives—I couldn't tell them how I felt." He released a long sigh. "How did you find out?"

"When you talk about her, I can see your face brighten." The woman leaned down, brushing her full lips against his. She pulled back again. "Just promise me that there will always be room for me in your smile," Tonks whispered.

Remus studied her with a faint smile. "No ghost of my past will ever be able to compete with you, Nymph."