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"I hate my name," Tonks sighed, pulling herself up on her elbows. She held the cover up to her bare chest, turning on to her side and resting her head in one palm.

The young witch stared at the man lying beside her on the bed. He was staring back at her, his expression somewhat dazed as if he had been dreaming for the past two hours. His hair was speckled with gray and he had a day's worth of stubble on his chin, but Tonks found his little 'faults' even more enchanting.

The tiny wrinkles around his eyes were her favorite amongst them. She could stare at those tiny folds all day and night, knowing that he was real, that he was not some part of her fantasy. A smile slipped onto her face as she noticed the red marks left on his neck and chest from her hands and lips, proof that he was not only real, but hers and hers alone.

"I said, I hate my name," she repeated.

Remus's cheek twitched and his eyes lit mischievously. "Oh, really, Nymphadora?" he asked. His hand crawled beneath the covers, gently stroking the smooth skin of her side, trailing over her hip and back up to naval where it rested. "But it's such a lovely name. I do think your mother has the best taste imaginable. I don't see why you hate it so much, Nymph."

"When you say it that way. . ." Her grin widened. She nibbled on his lower lip. "I still don't like it as much as what you called me a few minutes ago," she murmured into his mouth.

"Dora?" he said softy.

"That wasn't the one I was referring to," she whispered. Tonks kissed him deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue. When she pulled away, she let out a laugh. "But I suppose you can use that one in public."