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Naruto superpowered

Summery: Naruto figures out that the only way to be recognized is get superpowers. What kind of power will he get? Not your average powerful Naruto story.

Pre read by Amei-chan

Chapter 1

It was another day where team seven was doing another D-ranked mission.

The mission this time was doing some baby sitting. Well, it was more of chaperoning. The people of the child care center needed some supervision for a class field trip

Taking a bunch of winy kids was one thing, but the trade off was that the field trip was composed of going to the cinema.

Yep; Sakura went starry eyed thinking of all the great things such as her idol finally kissing her during the movies like in those cheesy romance novels such as that book Kakashi-sensei held.

But it was no romance movie which was a good thing for the guys except Kakashi who would rather see an R rated movie and for Sakura who could continue to dream on her imagination.

The movie that the kids were going to watch was called Fantastic Four.

Naruto thought going to the movies was exciting. Considering he never went to watch any movies as a child and unable to use any judgments of figuring out a good movie and a bad one, he thought the movie was interesting. It was some group of astronauts who went beyond the sky and they got some superpowers. He thought it was cool as well as the other kids since these nobodies suddenly became strong and beat some enemy called Doctor Victor Von Doom. It was in a way like the ninja world but without the need of going to school to beat the baddies.

While Naruto and the kids were glued to the screen, Kakashi was taking a nap. Sakura tried to sit next to Sasuke but she couldn't because she had to occupy some restless kids. Sasuke on the other hand was annoyed by these pesky kids. He had better things to do such as training to kill his brother. But Sasuke figured it was a good time to sleep since he didn't get a decent sleep yesterday from his going on training.

"Wow those four were fantastic!" shouted Naruto excitedly after the team and the children had left the movie center in order to go to the day care center.

"Yay, yay whatever," Sakura said she waved him off as if he was some sort of pest.

There was almost no romance or ninjas in that stupid movie.

"That's not saying much, dobe. After all the title IS Fantastic Four," stated Sasuke, smirking at the blonde's simpleton mind.

"What did you say? I'll show you who's the dobe!" screamed Naruto as he charged towards the prodigy child of the dead Uchiha clan.

Unfortunately, Sakura tripped the loud boy easily. "How dare you hurt try hurt Sasuke!" shouted the pink hair forehead girl.

"Ow that hurts!" moaned Naruto.

"Guess all the training you had was pointless, you're still weak as always," smirked Sasuke.

"Bastard, you watch your mouth! I'll kick your ass if I need to! Just wait until I get my hands on you."

But before Naruto could rant on, he was kicked in the mouth by Sakura who screamed about not saying bad things in front of children. The crowd of kids has suddenly stopped.

Sasuke humph-ed and mentioned about him not ever getting near to his level even if he had superpowers.

The teacher Kakashi shook his head.

"Now children, there's no need for fighting. Sakura you shouldn't have knocked Naruto since somebody now has to carry him."

"Nonsense, Kakashi-sensei! Since the day care center is nearby, we'll just drop the kids off. There's no need of having Naruto to come with us! After all it's his fault from starting it." Sakura said.

Kakashi put a little thought in it and had to agree with her reasoning. After all she was supposed to be the smartest genin in her class.

"Ok, Naruto! We'll leave without you since the only last step of the mission is to drop off the kids. You'll have to get your pay from the Hokage Tower when you get up," ordered Kakashi.

Naruto didn't reply since he was trying to think something else beside from the pain at his mouth.

"So it's agreed then. See you later," said Kakashi as the rest of the team seven left with the kids without Naruto.

Not only that, but Naruto had to have his head stepped upon by Sasuke bastard and Sakura bitch.

'Jerk' Naruto thought.

At the Ichiraku Ramen stand, Naruto was eating some Ramen. But he wasn't like himself chewing down as much ramen as he could afford after getting his paycheck. This time the typically cheerful Uzumaki Naruto wasn't so dynamic.

Naruto was at the moment stirring the noodles in his ramen around, barely eating any of the wonderful food.

The waitress Ayame noticed the blond moping and she went to him as soon as she was finished serving the last customer of the day.

"Hey, what's wrong?" asked Ayame.

"Hm?" asked Naruto as he looked up from his bowl still filled of ramen.

"Ah...It's nothing..." replied Naruto as he drooped his head onto the soup.

Ayame frowned and she sat across the table when she heard this.

"Naruto, you're the most dependable customer for many years now. Don't think since I work at some lowly restaurant means that I am unable to read people," retorted Ayame.

Naruto sighed and he knew there was no way he could fool her. She knew him longer than anybody else except her father, the best chef. So he started to proceed to tell her about the recent mission his team had until Ayame interrupted.

"Oh, the Fantastic Four!" She squealed in delight.

That caused Naruto to become even more depressed.

Ayame frowned upon the blonde's face. So she had to ask him.

"Is there something wrong with the Fantastic Four?"

"No. It just seems that no matter what I do, people simply won't take notice of me. Even the people of Fantastic Four who popped out of nowhere are more popular than I am," Naruto sighed.

Ayame's face showed some pity for him. She knew since she saw him as a young kid. She herself was one too. She sometimes would play with if only at night time when her father let him stay at their restaurant. But it always had to be hidden from the public's eye. She did not know why at first, as she was told to never mention about the young blonde to anybody but her father until she saw that people always gave him cold stares every time he left the Raman stand. When confronting her father about the incident, she was told the truth about some fox hidden in the young boy's body. She really doubted that story since there was no way a kind playmate like him could be the evil fox.

But at the end, no matter what he tried, such as ignoring the crowd, they would always win. Ayame and her father knew it was wrong, but as humanity showed, they couldn't just speak up without the risk of getting themselves killed by a mob. It was a useless sacrifice.

She and her father also knew that Naruto had to endure many hard ships in order to become a ninja. She thought his break came when he saved the villagers' precious Uchiha boy but instead, he got more cold glares. He was recognized indeed. However he was not a hero, but a villain. Personally, Ayame thought the Uchiha boy was a cowardly traitor and that Sakura was beyond rude who did n't even thank Naruto for bringing her idol back.

"Well you know that the Fantastic Four are powerful right?" asked Ayame as she was thinking a way to cheer him up.

"Yeah they beat some bad guy with some cool powers out of nowhere," grumbled Naruto.

"Well why don't you make some powers by yourself?" asked Ayame.

"Huh?" pondered the blonde.

"Well you know that the Fantastic Four got their powers by doing something right?" asked Ayame.

"Yeah…But I can't just go beyond the sky, can I?" proposed Naruto

"No you silly! I'm sure there are other ways to get powers besides that! You know like the powers that some people have here, right?"

"Yeah like those blood limits. They all have different techniques…" stated Naruto.

"Right! The Fantastic Four aren't the only people who have powers! There are many other people who have gotten powers out of nowhere too!"

"Get powers out of nowhere…" Naruto pondered.

"Yep! So you just have to pick and choose what you want as your powers. Even if you think it's horrible at beginning, you'll never know until you need it the most at a certain time."

"But how am I supposed to get those powers that I want?" requested Naruto.

Ayame shrugged. "You're the most creative person here. I'm sure you can figure out. Remember out of nowhere…"

At night in Naruto's bedroom, he was thinking how to get superpowers. He then began to mutter himself as he paced back and forth.

"Argh! How can I gain superpowers? Now I'll be even more of a loser than everybody! I must remember! Out of nowhere! Think, Naruto, think! Damn I've got so many problems!"

After nearly ten minutes of this thinking, his foot hit something. "Huh? What's this?" He saw it, and in it he found his redemption. It was a translated copy of The Amazing Spiderman number 1.

"That's it!" Naruto exclaimed.

Going over to the closet, he pulled out a sizable stack of manga. He spread it out across his futon, and looked at each in turn. Practically every comic book imaginable was present: Spiderman to Superman. Batman, Dragon Ball Z, Rockman, Full Metal Alchemist, Angelic Layer, Bastard!, Slayers, Power Rangers, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Johnny Quest…

"Manga! That's it! Manga can't lie! Thank God to American comic books! Somewhere, in here, is the solution to my problems!" shouted Naruto excitedly.

Within Naruto's belly, a fuzzy fox shivered. The Kyuubi no Kitsune had no idea why though.

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Yeah from what I seen in stories, Naruto is strong because of the fox or a bloodline. So I figured out why not make him strong as by himself?

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