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Naruto superpowered

Summery: Naruto figures out that the only way to be recognized is get superpowers. What kind of power will he get? Not your average powerful Naruto story.

Chapter 3


After fainting onto the sidewalk, Naruto had found himself in the hospital once again but this time for charka exhaustion. Not only that, the head medic made sure that the boy stayed there by imposing two bodyguards.

The first was Akimichi Chouji because of the brute strength that he possessed. He could hold the blond down if needed. The second was Aburame Shino, an expert on controlling kikai bugs. He could plant a bug on Naruto if the blond ever manage to escape thus finding Raman lover boy easily.

But alas, it was not really needed since the boy was sleeping like a baby fox for the next few days dreaming about drowning in a bowl of Raman.

After two days, Naruto was finally freed from the hospital. But before he left the door of his room, he was confronted by Aburame Shino.

"Uh, hey need something?" asked Naruto uneasy with the bug boy.

"Naruto, I think you should have this," replied the silent boy as he gave a box.

Naruto took the box and he looked at it being shocked at the content. It was the DVD collection edition of Spiderman!

"Uh Shino how did you manage to get this?" asked the blond.

"It unexpectedly came within the box of other insect movies such as A Bug's Life and Antz. Spiders are not insects…"

Naruto couldn't see behind the high collar and the dark glasses that Shino wore but he guessed Shino didn't like anything that destroyed bugs.

Oh well Naruto wasn't going to complain anything cause it was free. Hey who doesn't like free things?

"Well uh thanks!" spoke Naruto as he dashed away with the DVD box.

Shino stood there silently. After a little grin, he exploded in a shower of bugs.


At home Naruto was watching an episode of Spiderman via the DVD given by Shino.

Normally a person would be sitting on a couching watching TV with some sort of TV snack such as popcorn and soda pop. But Naruto was no average Joe.

If somebody was looking at the scene, he or she would see a microwave on. No the microwave was not for the popcorn, it was for the blonde's head.

On a stool, the microwave was balanced behind the couch with the door open so that the cooking device was showering Naruto lots of dosages of unhealthy radiation.

Everything seems to be fine at the moment. But knowing that Naruto's life was never fine, something had to happen.

Somebody started to bang onto Naruto's door.

Naruto decided to ignore the banging since he just got out of the hospital and he wanted to rest.

But the banging still continued.

Naruto was irritated so he turned up the volume of the TV set hoping to drown out the annoyance. Unfortunately, the remote control snapped in half.

"Bugger, well at least the treatment is working" muttered ramen boy.

Then the door was finally broken down by the sheer force of somebody. Naruto got ready just in case if some members of the terrorist group, Akatsuki , came for him. The person who appeared in front of him was the pink hair freak-loving Sasuke fangirl.

"Naruto! What do you think you're doing? Why didn't you answer the door?" yelled the girl.

Naruto snorted at Sakura's comment. How in the world did he become so stupidly blind in liking her in the first place? Didn't she know that she was trespassing on somebody's property? Not only that, she broke down the door.

"Well gee whiz! If you so need to know, I'm trying to do such as getting the strength of the Hulk. If you so smart as people claim, you should know that I don't have a gamma bomb to hit myself with nor anything that can protect the village from the massive amounts of radiation all at once. It's not like the villagers deserve it or something anyways. So I'm slowly micro waving myself since I'm so considerate."

Sakura looked at Naruto carefully. Something weird was going on here with the microwave going full blast. She decided to ignore that since it must be one of Naruto's stupid pranks.

"Idiot! That's what I get for getting you?" Scowled Sakura.

"Getting for what?" retorted the blond.

"I was getting you for the team grouping! You're so inconsiderate!" sheered the girl.

Naruto just rolled his eyes. "Have you considered perhaps I just gotten off from the hospital bed?"

"Of course I have! I'm an apprentice medic by the Godaime Tsunade. According to the files of yours, you always become good as new right after you leave."

Naruto almost paled. There was a small chance that pinkie might know that he was a demon container. He decided not to worry about it for now and he would try to kick the intruder out.

"So what's your point? Can't I have a decent rest time?" replied the blond. He would tell her to bugger off to annoy Sasuke but the mentioning of Sasuke would cause some mayhem.

"No! You still have to go to the team meeting like it or not!" shouted the know it all kunoichi.

"Shh… Quiet, I'm trying to learn some new techniques," spoke the blond as he put a finger to his lips in order to annoy her some more. His strategy was to annoy her so much that she would be stomping away in anger.

"Excuse me? You mean from that stupid show?" asked Sakura who noticed what Naruto was watching.

He solemnly nodded. "Of course, since I'm Spiderman, I think I can do the web slinging."

"Naruto, you're an idiot! I bet that thing from the microwave fried your brain! That's just some made fiction!"

Naruto twitched a bit and he glared at her. "Really? What about the time when we protected that princess from Snow Country, huh?"


On August 21st, 2004, there was a release of a movie called Daikatsugeki! Yukihime Ninpocho Dattebayo! If you translated into English, it was called Snow Princess' Book of Ninja Arts. The story was about team seven protecting Fujimi Yuki, an actresses during her voyage. Instead she was actually a princess in disguise named Koyuki who had a precious crystal which was the key to unlocking the rein of the Snow Country from her evil younger brother named Dotou.

In a way it was great because it showed how great Team seven was and it had a happy ending like any other lousy movie. But the bad thing was that, Sasuke realized he wasn't strong enough so he could kill his brother. Therefore, he brooded a lot more especially when he remembered the incident when he tired to escape from the village to get more power but failed because Naruto prevented him. Not only that, he blamed Naruto for everything that happened in his life. That also caused the Sauske fan brigade to hate the loving Ramen boy even more.

The worst part of it was that Naruto's super move, the Rasengan, was being imitated by lots of cheapo wannabes. That made Naruto's new teacher, Jiraiya, angry saying that the kid had ruin Yondaime's legacy by showing off. The good thing was that none of the imitation was close to the original since their sphere leaked lots of charka. It was more closely to the B-ranked assassination technique, Chidori that Sasuke and Kakashi used.

Unfortunately, Naruto now had to find another finishing move beside that Rasengan. But that story was for another time since Naruto was still arguing with Sakura…


"That was different! It was real and we all were in it," spluttered Sakura remembering about the snow transforming into grass in an instant.

"Really how different is it from that show I'm watching now?" asked Naruto as he twitched a lot more and there was a knot on his head.

"It's not with real people and that show had special effects!" uttered the girl.

"Oh really? What about jumping at really high heights and doing those insane Justus? Are they not considered special effects too?" demanded Naruto as his hair had turned bright green.

"That... was different!" pronounced the girl.

"How is it not the same?" pressed Naruto in an effortless pitch of logic. He remembered the many countless lives that were scarified during the early production of this supposedly movie. He tried not to get angry…

"It... it... just isn't! Not only that, anything you see on TV is a bunch of lies especially that stupid show you're watching!" blabbered Sakura with nonsense as she ignored the pending danger of Naruto's eyes now matching the color of his emerald hair.

"Excuse me? TV can't lie!" stated Naruto. He was boiling mad. NOBODY diss his favorite show and gets away with it!

Sakura rolled her eyes skyward as she spoke some more unreasonable conclusions.

"You heard me! Only a lifeless wit baka would watch that ridiculous show! You have got to be the most..."

She finally noticed that Naruto was growing ever so slightly.

"What the?"

Naruto grasped onto his head as the pain surpass his threshold. His muscles grew outward, while he went from being four feet nine to about seven feet. His shirt and pant were stretched almost to the breaking point thanks to the power of the gamma rays. As results, Naruto wore mutated purple pants. When the transformation finished, he weighed roughly one thousand pounds from his original weight of 88 pounds.

The newly altered Naruto glared down at Sakura. The kunoichi quickly wet herself as she saw the hatred that his eyes conveyed.



Author's notes:

Cookies to everybody who guess it was the Hulk.

Bummer I need your help completing this chapter. What should I do after this scene? Should I have Naruto beat up Sakura and go on a rampage?

Who do you want to have to encounter the mighty Naruto's fists?

To hulk fans, how do you explain that the fact that the pants are always on the Hulk no matter what? Wouldn't they stretch or something?