.hack/Revenge and Twilight rewrite

Chapter 1

Fujio moved through the office, making documents in and out of his boss' room. Were he not deep into his work, he would have noticed the rich furniture in the offices. His eyes darted from place to place, moving nothing but files manually for his peer. Balmung was nothing but work, and the work always plopped onto him. This was the same as within the world as well, so he found it easy to get used to. It had probably been years since he had started working for Balmung, who managed to get his position back from the pigheads of CCcorp. However, Saito had yet to show up. They were always addressed as their character names, and if by any real name...their last name. That's why he always thought himself as Fujio. Well, might as well continue with files, he had time.

In the world...

Mac Anu

Elk sat down next to Tsukasa, there had been no real wait for them at the chaos gate. Mac Anu was the same as always, and Helb had been back to working her usual hours for about a year or so by now. Tsukasa's face simply felt impatient, Kite and Blackrose were late. It was the summer, so no one had to worry about their school work for about three weeks. "Tsukasa...is that them?" Elk's eyes looked towards two figures, they looked just like Kite and Blackrose. There was just one problem, they were smaller.

"I don't know, I'm kinda worried about asking them. I'm thinking they are those special dothacker's contest winners. There was some sort of signifigance in their quest, something with Aura's daughter." Tsukasa hadn't really known all that, but Helba was always emailing who was interested in the world's latest happenings. Elk laughed slightly, realizing that Blackrose and Kite would probably worry about seeing twins of themselves.

"Well, maybe we should say hello."

"Maybe not."

"Why not?"

"You see that wavemaster over there?" His finger pointed to the woman who was dressed exactly like Mistral. However, upon targeting the character, Elk saw the name Mirielle.


"She is Mistral's four year old daughter." Elk thought slightly, thinking a slight math problem before reacting. However, luck was not on their side, because the moment Tsukasa had looked at Mirielle...

"Hi! You two look like twins!" Elk was startled, clutching at Tsukasa slightly as he looked at the problem at hand. They had seen them, and they were waiting for the ones that were just as important. Tsukasa pushed the young child away slightly, letting Elk catch his breath.

"Yeah, we look alike. We get that a lot." Tsukasa said with a slight sacastic flare, it had not been easy to be confronted by such a childish character.

CC corporation headquarters

Fujio's sat against his chair, the hectic morning ended with a rather simple cup of black coffee. It was a secret joke between all adminastrator lackies. If they drank black coffee, they could serve the best to their boss. Saito's card had come in late, he had checked a few minutes ago as he was going to get his coffee. His eyes darted to the office next to his, but the door was firmly shut, and typing was franticly being done in the room. "Well, let's see what mail Balmung wants me to check." The box was full, and mostly full of emails claiming that Balmung had no taste in event planning. Ever since the valentine's day event, all of Balmung's events were complained to by many players. The latest one had the cheesiest prize ever, a Piros plush toy. Even Fujio feared getting a plush toy that ugly. After deleting the forty complaint messages, since the complaint area had tired of having to send so many apologies to players event after event. He then deleted the emails with no real premise other than to spam the servers. Finally, only five messages remained. Four were sent to Balmung, however, one related to the Cobalt Knights. Mix ups happened a lot in the office, and this was no exception. He clutched the neuro goggles, pulling them over his eyes and blond hair. He logged in, and then entered the world to wait for Magi.

Mac Anu

Reki leaned against the stone wall, he was really bored. He knew that the Cobalt Knights recieved about two hundred messages each day, not to mention the ten spam each hour. Most employees remember a lot of unimportant facts, along with the every day routine. The big group that had been targeted by the Cobalt Knights awhile ago, sat down by the river. Shugo, Rena, Ouka, and Mirielle had all been targeted awhile ago by the brigade for their illegal actions. Lios, the man that most strived to be, had suspended the dothacker's accounts, at least the real Blackrose and Kite accounts. The suspension had only lasted for a month, and no one had really seen much of them. "Reki."

"Bal-Balmung sir!" He had turned to the voice with a huge reaction. Balmung always did that, however...he could never get used to the way Balmung did as such. He took a deep breath, allowing himself to appear normal.

"What happened to my files on the last event?"

"Well, the complaint office went to the executives and ordered me to delete the prize code and all that went on with the event." He was telling the truth, they could never say this to Balmung, besides, he did most of the work.

"Well, I'll be expecting you back when I return from the few emails you sent." The blademaster turned towards the chaos gate, warpping out to an area. Reki took a deep breath before returning to watch the group. In all the commotion, he had failed to notice the real Blackrose and Kite had joined the group. Two wavemaster's had also appeared, how had that happened without him noticing?

"You should be working, Balmung's little add on." A feminine voice didn't startle him, it filled him with dread. He turned to see Kamui, the leader of the Cobalt knight brigade. Too many things had happened at once, all because of one email.

"Where's Magi?"

"She just got back online an hour ago, she had been here for awhile. We had another all nighter last night. Not that you don't know about all nighters, but I'm sure Balmung is foriegn to those." Kamui laughed at the thought, leaving no real place for Reki to leave a comeback. She had the blunt truth written, Balmung didn't do as much work as he should have. The only time he did was when it was completely important to him. She turned to the chaos gate, either logging off or going to her online office. It was then he noticed the shape approaching him.

"Magi? What's with the?"

"Reki, did you get an...email for the Cobalt knights?" Her face looked more confused than anything, he nodded slightly to her. She then pulled him tightly, more tightly than he would have suspected she had the grip to do. They had finally stopped when they had reached the Mac Anu Alleyway.

"Magi...what are-"

"Show me the email, please." Her face was pleading, and she read the email with the utmost care. Her face turned down, pushing the email away. "It can't be..."

"Magi?" He turned just as she was about to run off, clutching her wrist softly. "Tell me...what is it? This isn't like you." Her face turned to him, tears showed in her eyes, and he just stood there dumbly for a few moments. It was then he felt her arms go around him, sobbing into his chest.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."

"What are you sorry for? You didn't..."

"I wanted to hide it, I truly did."

"What are you talking about?"

"That report...it was...sent by a person who saw a person I knew..."

"Knew as what?"

"My first boyfriend..." She looked up at him, it had turned into night. He then realized it had been about five hours of file moving, that was technically...he didn't know time anymore. Balmung was a new time system, one that one could never guess the next twist to. "He...stalked me. I'm sorry, you didn't need to hear this from me. It's just that, I like you...Fujio..." She moved away from him, but he pulled her back.

"I...like you too...Saito." Magi's eyes widened, and she turned from him. She then walked back, having realized what she had just done. Reki's eyes were widened, but he had hidden it for now. What had caused her to reveal her secret? Well, now it had been released from her, and he would help take care of her problem. He had to look up what that character was, and figure out how to take care of the problem.