.hack/Revenge and Twilight rewrite

Chapter 12

By the work of some very motivated adminastrators, the world was fixed in a month. The extensive damage led to about three weeks of all nighters in total. The brass was paying them handsomely for their overtime. Most players were happy to return to the world, having been deprived of it for a whole month. The ones who had fought within the world to stop what was causing the damage, stayed out of the world during that time for a change. This had all been too much for them to gulp completely. They were more confused now. Even Shibiyama and Balmung, along with Fujio and Saito, took vacation time that had added up. However, Saito and Fujio spent time with eachother, having finally allowing time for themselves. "Saito, at one time, I would have said this world was simply for play." He turned towards the woman beside him, her body bare.

"Yes, but the world isn't your life. Fujio, we have all the time in the world. Let's use it." She smiled, kissing the half dressed male sitting on the bed. He returned the kiss, finding he didn't have to be clothed right now.

Shibiyama's apartment

She hadn't slept late in ages, and it felt good to do it. Her eyes focused on the clock. "10:58 that's late for me." Her body moved from the bed, her gray pajamas moving against her with their cotton fabric. She approached the kitchen, grasping a coffee filter and filling it. She then put water in the black enamel container of the coffee maker. The phone then began to ring, and she ignored it. If it was the brass, she would say she was actually using her vacation time.

Hello, this is Shibiyama's apartment, I'm either at work or sick in bed. Well, leave a message and maybe I'll be able to reach you in awhile.

"Shibiyama, I know you're there. I heard from Balmung that you were actually using that vacation time. I think we should really meet up again some time-" She ran to the phone, the person on the phone...she knew him!

"Kazushi! I'm sorry...I thought you might have been the brass."

"Don't worry about it, do you want to meet sometime today?"

"Sure, when do you want to meet?"

Tania's apartment

A knock woke the woman on the bed, she pulled to her bedroom door, unlocking the ten locks and opening the door as if an expert. She then came to the door, unlocking the five locks at the door the same way. "Hello?" The male in front of her smiled, handing her a parcel wrapped in some sort of old dusty wrapping paper. "O...Kureno?"

"Yeah, I wanted to bring you a gift."

"Come on in." She shut the door, showing just how much they didn't know about her. He felt a depressed dark glow from the apartment, and saw how she matched it.

"You like living like this?"

"You get used to it." She was wearing her clothes from yesterday, which looked wrinkled from so much stretching or folding of the fabric. She looked at the male's stare slightly, knowing what he must have been thinking. "You woke me up, I didn't have time to get dressed. I'll get dressed now in some better clothing." He nodded, watching her go into the room, shutting the door. He almost blushed as she turned out of the room, only in a bath robe. She, however, didn't look very uncomfortable about it at all. The shower water turned on, leaving the young man to think about what he had planned on doing.

Akira Hayami's House (Blackrose)

She turned to face the mirror with difficulty. Her skirt and shirt were casual, it was just the mall, movies, and dinner...right? "Uhh...I don't know if I can do this..."

"C'mon! You can do this Akira. It's just a date with...what's his.."

"It's Takeshi!"

"Then it should be fine, you spend enough time in the world together, don't you?"

"Not as Akira though, only as Blackrose..." She held her small purse tightly, almost as if it were her very lifeline. "Fumikazu, you should be studying for your test."

"Not until I see you go on your date Akira."

"Akira! Takeshi's here!"

Tania's Apartment

Kureno only looked at the thought about female when he heard her bedroom door open again. She was dressed in a pair of kahki pants and a 3/4 sleeve blouse. It was plaid with white and two shades of pink. She also had a long black purse with it. "So, what were you planning to do?"

"I was thinking of spending some time the way you do, I mean..."

"I know what you're thinking. All your answers will come in time." She pulled out her wallet, making sure the amount she had wanted was in it. She turned towards the male, making no attempt to rouse him from his thoughts.

"I wanted to go to the book store with you."

"How did you know I liked the book store?"

"Helba told me."

"Just like her to do that..." She sighed at the fact that Helba told Kureno some interest that she wanted to remain secret. Who would want to know that the wavemaster who was in a huge role as hers liked reading manga and other books that let her go away?

"So, do you want to go?"


End of Part 2