All right people I was just letting my mind wonder when this idea came to me and I just had to write it down I all hope you all like it.

It sucks put I don't own Naruto or an other of the characters

I've notice how you are lately you may have very one else fooled with your fake grin

But not me I know you to well I can see the pain and sorrow in your eyes you

Fill guilty because of Sasuke death but there was nothing you could do about it

He was going to destroy the village you had to do what you had to do that's

All there it to that if anything you are a hero the village may not see it that way

But I do and it's not just your strength that makes you a hero

But the fact that you will help an one out

Like how you help Gaara see that your love for someone can make you truly strong or

When you help Neji see that an one can change there destiny when they be leave in themselves

That's what makes you a hero you even tried to show

Sasuke that light but he was to blinded be his greed for power and hatred for his brother to see it

I know this sounds weird especially coming from me since I used to be one of his fan girls

But I grow up and saw what he was just a cold hearted bastard who didn't give a rat's ass about

An one but himself maybe one day Sakura and the villages will see that

And forgive you and if they don't then screw them you don't need them because you

Have me I will all was be there for you no matter what happen

So let me be you pillar of strength let me be your light out of the darkness you are in

Because to me you are not the demon everyone talks about

You are just you

Your are my Naruto

You are my Hero

You are the one I love

And that is why I married you

That is why I had your son

Because I don't know what I would do with out you in my life

Because to me you are my light my strength

Never Forget That

I hope you all like it sorry if it to short please review it