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Blood: I tried to put some OOC and some humor into this but, I don't think it came out right, I don't see the punch line anyway, I just worte it 2day so I feel great at this one page or page and a half story. Please enjoy it 2


Hiei's Report


In this world called forever

People say they'll be together

Not true

I'm the only one that knows that there is no such thinkg called 'forever'. Hn, these stupig humans.

I'm not trying to say that thier not 'intersteding' I'm just saying that thier stupid, hn, peple said that writing releshes the soul, wierd people.

My own friend, Kurama takes writing and encouraged me to write something I feel strongly about. I don't see that, then again, I don't see how writing releshes the souls. I don't know about humans but, I care for them even less seeing how dumb and ingorant they are...

This is all I got to say

Humans are wierd but...



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