Dean and Sam arrive in a small college town where coeds are mysteriously disappearing, but the aftermath of the hunt leaves the boys struggling with something they never dreamed could happen. Will they be able to deal with the consequences or will the boys finally have to give up the hunt?

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Dean wove his precious Impala through the expansive campus, cautiously avoiding the hundreds of students who paid little to no attention to the fact that cars actually inhabited the roads. More concerned with talking to their friends and making it to class on time, the students were constantly stepping into the street without so much as a backward glance.

"Geez, someone needs to tell these kids that their entire campus isn't one giant cross walk," Dean complained as he narrowly missed hitting a boy sporting a set of earphones, his face buried in a Physics book. Dean blasted the horn at the kid, but the sound didn't even register in his mind as he stepped foot onto the other side of the street. "I thought you had to be intelligent to get in to college." He turned to Sam. "You ever do stuff like that college boy?"

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother. "You can't win 'em all. Keep your eyes on the road, bro. I think the dorm is just up ahead there."

They managed to make it the last hundred yards without any further incidents and parked the car safely in front of Weston House, one of the towering dormitory's on the campus, as Sam looked at his watch. The time and his growling stomach told him it was long past lunchtime. "What do you say we head across the street there to that deli and grab a bite to eat before we get down to investigating. I'm famished."

"Ooh, bringing out the big words for the campus," Dean teased lightheartedly. "I may just have to buy myself a dictionary to keep up with you."

"At least one of us has to appear like we belong here," Sam shot back as he slammed the door shut and sprinted across the street.

"Careful with the car," Dean ordered, feigning annoyance joining his brother at the deli. "She doesn't like to be treated so roughly."

With sandwiches, chips, and the customary dill spear in hand Dean and Sam chose a table near the window so they could keep an eye on the dorm and the students on the off chance that anything out of the ordinary might happen. It didn't seem likely that something could happen in broad daylight, but the Winchester boys weren't taking any chances. Two days ago Sam had gotten a call from an old friend from school who was in an absolute state of panic. His little sister, a freshman at the campus Sam and Dean were currently at, had gone missing after a long night of partying. She had last been seen around three thirty in the morning less than a block from Weston House, but she had never actually made it inside to her room. Initially, Sam had simply played the good friend card, consoling his buddy and offering the standard words of sympathy. But Sam's brain began working overtime when Tony began recounting other unusual occurrences surrounding his sister's disappearance. She wasn't the first to go missing, not by a long shot. For weeks now coeds had been disappearing in the middle of the night, and everyone of them had been last spotted less than a block from Weston House. Each one had traveled alone to their late night destination. But that's where the similarities ended. There was no pattern to the victims that could distinguish who, or what, the attacker was seeking in his hunt. From football players to TA's, straight A students to flunkey's, freshmen to graduate students, the attacker was making no biases towards his victims. In addition, no one had ever seen the attacker, and none of the victims had ever been found. There was no distinguishable evidence that even suggested foul play. It was as if they had simply disappeared.

It hadn't taken much to convince Sam that there was something supernatural going on at the campus and Dean had quickly agreed. "We should go," Dean had said matter-of-factly. "Tell your friend that we'll get to the bottom of this." Neither of them had discussed the unlikely possibility that Tony's sister would be found alive, but if they could stop the attacks from happening to other students it was worth their investigation.

They hadn't said much to each other as they ate their sandwiches, both keeping ears open for conversations about the attacks among the other patrons in the diner. The efforts paid off as Dean's sensitive hearing picked up on a hushed conversation at the table just behind them. He listened intently as the group of seven males and females tossed out varying ideas on safety measures for the students. From the way they talked he could tell that they held positions of authority over some, or all, of the students on campus.

After fifteen minutes it didn't seem likely that the group would be disbanding any time soon, and Dean wasn't getting the information he was looking for. He motioned for Sam to follow him out of the restaurant and back across the street to the car. "Why'd we leave," Sam asked him when they had made it back to the car. "From the way you were eavesdropping on their conversation I could swear you were getting information."

"I think we're gonna get more out of them if we actually talk to one of them in person. They were just talking about keeping people safe, but I wasn't getting any information on the actual attacks. I just want to do some snooping around here and wait for that group to leave the deli. Just help me watch for them."

Another half hour passed before Sam noticed two of the girls from the group, one brunette, one blonde, making their way across the street back to Weston House. Between the two of them Sam and Dean had already made a preliminary search of the grounds around the dorm and came up empty. There was no sign that anything out of the ordinary had been happening on an almost nightly basis for several weeks. Sam caught up to the girls as they reached the door to the dorm. Dean was right behind his brother. "Excuse me," Sam began, holding the door open for the girls to go through. "I was hoping you could help me with something."

"Depends on what you need," the brunette replied suspiciously. Her petite frame disguised her fiery demeanor as she tried to stand up straighter and make herself appear intimidating to the boys. The series of disappearances was obviously taking it's toll on the nerves of the campus residents and this girl was taking no chances.

Sam turned up the Winchester charm a notch and offered the girl his most effective smile and began providing her with the story he and Dean had fabricated on the drive over "I'm Sam Winchester. This is my brother Dean. We're private investigators hired by the Malone family to look into the disappearance of Kimmie Malone," he explained, referencing Tony's sister. I understand she lived here, in this dormitory. We were hoping to talk to some people who knew her, and maybe get some information on these disappearances."

The girls kept silent for a long time, averting their eyes away from the two hunters, and Sam was afraid they had already struck out on their first attempt at information. He was about to thank them for their time and move on to someone who might be more helpful when the blond spoke up, timidly. "Kimmie was one of mine," she practically whispered.

"I'm sorry, one of your what's?" Dean asked, stepping forward towards the girls with curiosity.

"I was her RA - resident advisor," the girl replied, a little louder. "Kimmie was on my wing. She was such a sweet girl." Tears brimmed in her eyes as she thought about the missing girl. "She was my responsibility."

Sam reached a comforting hand out to the girl and placed it on her shoulder. "This isn't your fault, miss. None of this is your fault. We just need some information so that we can find the thing– I mean the person that's doing this." Dean shot Sam a look, warning him to be more careful with what he was saying. The last thing they needed was for the girls to clam up because they began to sound certifiable.

"Is there anyway we could go someplace and sit down?" Dean asked gently, foreseeing the likelihood that recounting the attacks and disappearances would be too much for the girls to do standing up. Nodding their heads the girls indicated that Sam and Dean should follow them. Minutes later they sat in the brunette's dorm room with cups of coffee. On the way up they had learned her name was Laura, and the blond was Justine.

Once they had gotten comfortable with the boys and trusted they weren't dangerous Laura and Justine had proven themselves to be veritable fountains of knowledge on the disappearances. It seemed that the disappearances had started almost five weeks ago and in that time 17 coeds had gone missing. Only a handful of them actually were residents of Weston House; the others just happened to have been walking by at the wrong time. Every one of them had gone missing sometime between midnight and four o'clock. Despite the lack of witnesses that could testify to actually having seen any attacks occur, there was an overwhelming number of people who remember seeing each of the victims near the dorm at the time of their disappearance. Police had performed search after search of the area, but every time they came up with nothing. Not once had there been any sign of a struggle. The lack of evidence screamed supernatural loud and clear to the seasoned hunters. Armed with the names of all the victims and every possible bit of information they could extract from Laura and Justine Sam and Dean headed to the door, thanking the girls for their help.

"What are you going to do now?" Laura asked.

"Not much we can do until it gets dark," Dean replied. "We're just gonna go across the street to the diner and wait. Don't worry. If everything goes alright this whole thing we'll be over by daybreak tomorrow."

"But how are you going to catch this guy? What can you possibly do that the police haven't been able to do."

"No offense to the police, Laura, but they don't have a clue what to do about something like this. This is what we do. You'll see." Dean's cocky smile did little to comfort the girl who had understandably developed a rational fear of the Weston House attacker.

Sharing a well placed look with Justine, Laura announced, "We want to help. We're coming with you."

"Uh uh. No. Absolutely not," Dean ordered firmly. "I'm not willing to put either of you at risk. We've been doing this for a long time. But you two, you'll only be in the way. The best way you can help is to stay inside tonight and out of harms way."

Laura opened her mouth to protest, but Dean stopped her before she could say anything. "I mean it. Stay put. When this is all over we'll come back and say good bye to you girls. Maybe even take you out for a cup of coffee before we hightail it out of here."

Although they had just met, something told Laura that you didn't argue with Dean Winchester. He was a man who always got what he wanted. Relenting, she nodded. "Just stay safe," she finally said, stretching up and giving each brother a peck on the cheek, lingering just a little longer with Dean. "I'll never forgive myself if you two get yourselves killed."

In unison the brother's flashed their million dollar smiles at the girls. "It'll never happen," Dean said emphatically. "The Winchester men are invincible."

With several hours still left to kill Dean and Sam left the dorm and made their way back to the diner. It was time to talk strategy. The only thing they were absolutely sure of was that all the victims had been near the dorm alone. That meant the brothers would have to split up in order to stand a chance at being selected as the attacker's next victim. But it also meant there would be twice the chance that one of them would be grabbed. Unfortunately, they still had no idea what they were dealing with, which meant they had no idea what would kill it. They needed to be armed with every possible manner of attack available to them, which then begged the question of how to conceal those weapons. The only thing they had going for them was that it was still February and bulky coats would be able to conceal most of the weaponry.

At dusk, still hours before any of the attacks had occurred, Dean and Sam crossed the street back to the Impala. By some unexpected twist of fate the street was entirely deserted, allowing the brother's to select their weapons without the need to hide the artillery filling the trunk. They each armed themselves with guns, silver bullet's, wooden stakes, holy water, knives, poison's and anything else that seemed even remotely likely to protect them. When they were as armed as they possibly could get Sam and Dean separated, heading to opposite corners of the block, and began their waiting game.

Sam couldn't help but chuckle nervously to himself as he considered the situation. If this attacker was smart enough to abduct 17 fully grown students without leaving behind so much as a footprint how on earth would he not be able to detect an ambush. There was only so much two experienced hunters could do to look naive and innocent while their clothes disguised a multitude of weapons. Was this really going to work?

More than three hours would pass before the question would be answered, but at 24 minutes past midnight a shrill scream rang out in the darkness. The next victim had been chosen.