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Chapter one

SG1 stood in the gate room checking their weapons as the gate dialed to what would be a very boring political mission. Just by looking at them you could tell that Daniel was the only one who was looking foreword to this off-world trip.

"Chevron four engaged!"

"You know I'm really going to hate this mission; Carter why couldn't we send SG 9 they love this stuff." Jack whined. Sam suppressed a grin; she thought it was cute the way that her CO complained about things. Even though he had gray hair, he was still very much a child.

"Chevron five engaged!"

"The leader of px3301842 will only talk to us. Major Kovachek's team tried to explain but they only trust us and we could use another naquadah mining operation" Sam replied. She knew that this was not going to be one of their action packed missions but she knew she would have some fun talking with Jack. He was in one of his child like moods, the one that he would do anything to entertain himself.

"Dialing sequence aborted!"

A happy shocked face appeared on every one's face except Daniel. Jack turned to look at the control room "Is SG9 going instead?" he shouted hopefully to Hammond, but his happy face disappeared when he noticed that his CO wasn't smiling back. Hammond bent down to the speaker "SG1 you are now on stand down. Major Carter please report to the infirmary"

Bewildered Sam handed her weapons to an airman standing by the door. She looked back at her team as she walked out the door. As she was turning back she met Jack's eyes for a split second before she had walked out of sight. But that split second was all it took to tempt both of them in to doing something that they wanted to do since the first day that they met but knew that they could never do.

Sam made her way down to the infirmary wing. Janet was standing there waiting for her. "Janet what's up I was about to go off-world?" Sam got a feeling that what ever this was she was not going to like it

Janet hesitated "Before I tell you I want to test you again to rule out the possibility of a mistake" Janet was not looking in to her eyes. She and Sam have been friends for years and she knew when Janet was trying to hide something. Before Sam could ask anything Janet was guiding her to one of the exam rooms.

Back in the gate room.

After disarming themselves the rest of SG1 moved to the conference room. "General not that I'm not grateful that you shut the gate off and we don't have to go to px3301842 but why did you do it?" This was going to be a bad day for Jack, he knew it the moment he was given his orders that morning.

"I rather not say until I get word from Doctor Fraiser" Hammond did not look comfortable even though he was sitting in a vary nice chair. Other than that the General was quiet, in fact he was deep in thought. Thanks to the rumor mill (Walter kept him posted) he knew all the rumors that he wasn't supposed to know. And the biggest and the most talked about one, was the O'Neill-Air Force-Carter triangle. If it wasn't for the Air Force Jack and Sam would never have met, but if it wasn't for the Air Force the two would have been together or married by now depending on which rumor you wanted to fallow. And after the whole Zatare incident he knew the rumors had some truth to it. The only thing keeping him from being forced into launching an investigation was the fact that not even the rumors hinted that they might have broken any regulations.

"Sir I think I have the right to know why my 2IC is in the infirmary." Jack demanded. He was determined to find out what no one was telling him.

Hammond sighed, he really rather not say anything but Jack had a point by all rights he should tell him and he was bound out find out sooner or later depending on the results of the test. But in hope of a chance of sparing Jack from something that he knew that would hurt him, he didn't say anything.

Well Jack was not happy. He needed to know if Carter was okay. He was about to grumble a demand when the phone sitting on the table started to ring. Hammond quickly answered.

"Hammond here" there was a pause in which Hammond's face visibly dropped. What little hope of sparing Jack just flew out the window.

Back in the exam room

Sam was sitting on the exam table playing with the paper, she was getting more fidgety by the minute; finally Janet came back with her lab results. "Sam do you remember a about week or two ago you were complaining about mild stomach aches?"

"Yeah but the test all came back negative, you said it was because I wasn't eating enough." It seemed to Sam that Janet was taking a long time to saying any thing. She began wondering what could be so bad that her best friend still wouldn't look her in the eye.

"True but your hormone levels were a little high but I figured that it was your time of the month must be coming so I thought it was nothing. But when you came back from px3301842 your hormones were even higher but not to the point that you were in any danger, but I wanted to be sure their was nothing wrong with you, so I tested the rest of your blood for any thing that might make your hormone levels ri-"

"Janet" Sam cut in "I don't need the long story just tell me what's wrong with me." Every second that Janet was not telling her was making her even more anxious her father had cancer so could she. All these thoughts of how she could be dieing and regret of never acting on what she secretly wished she could do were pouring in to her head. But her mind and her body froze as soon as Janet said "You're pregnant"

It was a full five minuets before Sam could even think and another before she could say "What?"