AN- Sorry this took so long! I had to pull a BSG (not mine) and jump ahead in the future if I was going to get any were with it.

Chapter eight

Seeing how as Hammond directly asked Jack; he was the one who replied. "Well besides the fact that the baby is an Ancient with the entire Ancient repository down loaded in its mind and because of that at any given moment a rebel Asgard might come and kidnap Carter; everything is peachy."

To say Hammond was confused was an understatement. "Care to run that by me again?"

Jack stated to explain as far as he understood. But he was no Carter.

Sam tried to take over the explanations but every time that she opened her mouth a yawn came out. A sudden wave of exhaustion and heat washed over her. She felt like she just spent the week running with out sleep in the desert. Sam looked over at Jack who was standing right next to her. She would give anything to rest her head on his shoulder, just for a second. It was so heavy, but even heavier were her eyelids. It was a fight to keep them open.

"They couldn't take it out so the stuck it in the back of my mind-" Jack was cut off by something heavy hitting his shoulder. He barely had time to register the fact that it was Sam before she started to fall to the floor. He caught her just in time. "Carter!" To keep them both from falling he laid her on the floor.

Jacob was their in a heartbeat checking her vitals. "She's heating up we need to get her in the infirmary now!" Jacob was on the verge of despair. This was his little girl his only connection that he had left to his wife and it was looking like it was going to lost her too.

The moment that Sam hit the floor Jack's heart stopped. Her fall caught him off his guard and completely unprepared. If it wasn't for his training he would have panicked. But when Jacob said she needed the infirmary he kicked it in to gear. With one swift moment he had cradled Carter and was off. He reached the infirmary in record time.

Four months later (for the people who don't want to think about it 3+47 Sam is 7 months)

Jack was sitting by Sam's bed. He reached over and took her hand, absentmindedly playing with her fingers. Jack looked like hell. Since Sam passed out she had yet to wake up once and he had yet to leave her side. At night he would prop his feet on her bed and sleep on the chair. Teal'c and Daniel took turns bringing Jack food, and if he needed to shower or use the bathroom Sam's room had one.

Jack was now in deep thought. After Charlie died the grief nearly killed him. He swore to him self that he would never put him self in a place were all his happiness depended on one person. But here he was again. Any hope for a happy future was in the hands of his second in command, who was lying on the bed in a coma. He looked at her again she looked as if she was just sleeping, every once in a wile he would hear a faint snore coming from her. At this point he would trade his soul just for her to wake up once. He sighed it was no use.

As he looked at her he thought he had never seen her so beautiful. He had never seen any one as beautiful as she was now. She was glowing with her rose-colored colored cheeks and her lips that were fuller and redder. Because she hadn't cut her hair for the past four months it was visibly longer.

His eyes traveled down to her now showing stomach. It was so weird to see her this way. Carter was a fit person never overweight. But now it looked like she had something like a beach ball belly going on. Looking around the room he made sure he was alone. That done he gently laid his other hand on her belly. He wasn't expecting anything but as he pressed a little he felt tiny pushes. He heart just about exploded. This wasn't the first time he had felt the baby but every time it took his breath away. It was hard to believe that there was a whole person in their.

Jack was still in his daydream when Janet walked in. "Hey, I see your still up, it's almost midnight." She walked over to the machines that were attached to Sam to check her vitals, after a few minutes looked back at Jack. "You know you should go get some sleep too."

"I'm fine." Jack said. He had quickly removed his hand from her stomach when Janet walked in but was still unaware that he was still playing with Sam's fingers, a certain ring finger.

Despite what Jack said Janet could see that he was not fine. "She's going to be fine, Jack. Thor and Jacob said it was just stress, once her body recovers she will wake up." Well that's not what they said exactly. What they said was, as with any baby, it was causing stress to the mother's body, this how ever, was no normal baby. It was causing more stress than they thought. Toss in the emotional rollercoaster ride Sam went through since finding out that she was pregnant and this is what you get. The body took maters in to its own hands it needed time to recover. And when it did there was every possibility that she would wake up. But seeing how as this was the first time that anything like this ever happened, they really no idea what would happen. For all they knew she would stay like that until the baby was born.

Knowing that she won't change his mind Janet left. As soon as she left Jack began him nightly routine and propped up his feet. Next thing he knew Jack was waking up on a bed of his own. And with a headache that could kill. "What the hell?" he said as he rubbed his head

"Lie back sir" Jack who had been trying to get up felt some one pushing him back. The moment that he gave in his headache dulled a bit. "Okay maybe I will" he tried opening his eyes but the bright lights made him regret it immediately. "What the hell happened to me?"

The same person who pushed him back talked again. "We found you on the floor, you were drugged."

Jack was thinking through the pain. "Drugged?"

The voice, who he now recognized as Janet, replied. "There was an attempted attack."

"Is Carder okay?" Jack's voice was almost a whisper.

"She's fine. An MP was walking by and stopped the attacker before he did anything" Janet said as she injected him with some thing.

Jack grimaced "Who's he working for?" Jack pushed the pain aside.

This time it was Hammond who was talking "We don't know. We cornered him as he was trying to make an escape but he shot him self. We believe it was the Trust."

"That's the second time this week alone, Sir." Jack was trying to think but the harder he tried the more his head hurt

"I know. There is going to be a meeting to discuses what to do as soon as you feel up to it" Hammond said.

"Let me pop a couple of aspirin and let's get to it" Jack was already off the bed and putting on is coat.

In the Conference Room

"We are just waiting for Jacob" No sooner had Hammond spoke the words the gate started dialing. A few minutes later Jacob was seated and the argument began.

In Jack's mind this was all Selmak's fault. After Sam's collapse he went and told the Tok'ra all about Sam's Baby and because the Tok'ra knew they had to tell their higher ups. "You know Jacob if your little friend didn't say anything the only ones who would have known were the Asgard and us. As long as they didn't tell and we didn't say anything no one would have known." It was clear by his tone of his voice that Jack was a little more than just annoyed.

There was silence. No one knew what to say. They didn't want to start the same old fight yet again.

Teal'c was the first to break the silence "I still believe that you are over looking the Goa'uld. For the moment they are unaware of your child's existence but if they should ever discover it, I can guarantee that every System Lord will launch their armies in attempt to take your child for them selves."

Jack wasn't about to let it go. "Well if-"

Daniel cut him off and pointed out the major problem in Jack's theory. "That wouldn't have worked; your whole theory is based on us. I think you are forgetting that every one on the base knows about Sam's pregnancy, and they were only one step away from knowing the full truth. People talk and we have no idea who may be listening. The Trust, the NID, foreign governments, not only have they all been connected to the Goa'uld in some way, any one of them would do anything to get their hands on advanced technology. Carter's baby is the key." Daniel noticed the look on Jack's face, it was not pleasant. "Hey I don't like it any more than you do but that's the truth."

Selmak chose this moment to speak. "This is why I told the tok'ra we need to be prepared for any thing that the Goa'uld or the people of earth might be planning. Because I informed them if anything happens we are well prepared to do what ever is needed."

"Moving on to more important things." Hammond hoped that Jack would have gotten over it by now but he was wrong. "We need to think up some way to keep Major Carter safe." He was trying to get them back on point.

Teal'c gave a puckered brow and spoke. "Samantha Carter is not safe here. Every one knows were she is. In my opinion she must be moved out of this base."

Daniel was an optimistic but he was a realest to. "And take her where? We have Russians breathing down out backs demanding that we let their scientist in to see Sam. UK thinks we are up to something and is demanding that we let them in on our secret. Mean wile China knows we have something and is making life difficult. The French already don't like us so they are teaming up with China. All the major governments are mobilizing their armies. It's the cold war all over again. And that's just the start of it. We still have the NID and the Trust who have made multiple attacks. Where on earth do you think would be safe to take her?"

There was a moment of silence before Selmak spoke. "If she is not safe on earth then take her off world. Why not take her to your Alpha site."

The answer was so simple and was staring right in their face it was a mystery why they didn't think of that before. Granted Carter was the brains and she was currently not available but come on.

The Alpha site

It only took an hour to get everything ready and move Sam. Now she was in an identical room in an identical bed with an identical chair filled by Jack. The only thing that wasn't the same was the fact that she was on a different planet.

Sam couldn't see a thing, it was completely dark. She tried to open her eyes but couldn't, she was in that odd state of mind, some where between asleep and awareness. She didn't know where she wanted to go. Her whole arm tingled as some one touched her hand. Using that Sam started to pull her self toward awareness, and with a flutter of her eyes she woke up. Every thing was too bright. She had to keep fluttering her eyes until they adjusted to the light.

It was hard for her to think every thing was cloudy. Sam looked down to see who was holding her hand. Her eyes fell on Jack and the clouds seemed to fly away. An odd sensation of sea monkey in her stomach drew her eyes to her self. "Oh my god I'm huge"