Summary: Sam and Dean get captured by a demon who puts Sam in a nightmare version of his life. Dean needs to try to save him before it's too late.

Trapped In A Nightmare

Chapter 1: Driving, Captured, Sammy's Nightmare Life

General POV:

Driving to Charleston, Sam and Dean were in the car, and much to Sam's protest, a loud Metallica song was blaring from the speakers.

"Dean," Sam yelled over the music. "DEAN!"


Sam put his hand on his head. "Can you please turn this crap off?"

Dean smiled at Sam. "Sorry Sammy. It's my car, and I pick the music. You can just…………..shut-up."

Sam rolled his eyes and then tried to get some sleep. And soon enough, he was asleep.

After 3 hours of driving, they had reached their destination. Dean parked the car infront of an old Victorian house. Dean woke up Sam and they both got out of the car and walked up to the front door. Dean rang the bell and a freaky looking man answered.

"Hi there," Dean said. "I'm Agent Muller and this is Agent Smitty. We are here investigating the murders that occurred here."

"Murders? What murders?." The man looked confused.

Dean gave Sam a questioning look. How could this man not know? Something weird was going on……..

"The murders of four teenagers who were found in the park across the street. The teenagers were found mauled," Dean explained.

"And," Sam added. "Their brains were removed."

The man gave a creepy smile.

"Won't you come in…….."

The man had invited Sam and Dean to come inside. They found out that his name was Jerimiah Wilson and that he lived alone.

"So," Dean said. "Do you know anything about the murders?"

Jermiah sighed. "Yes, actually, I do."

"Could you please tell us?." Sam was trying to be polite.

"Why of course I can." said Jerimiah.

Sam and Dean listened as Jerimiah explained.

"A couple of days ago, those 4 kids tried to break into my house. I caught them. Then I did what I always do. I picked a special one. Made them live in a nightmare version of their life. Then I fed on their brains and I killed them. It's that simple."

Sam and Dean were shocked.

"You what," Sam asked.

Jerimiah laughed. "I killed them. And now………it's your turn."

At that moment, both brothers fell unconscious.

Slowly, Sam awoke in an old looking basement. He saw Dean who was chained up like him.

"Dean…….. what the hell is going on?"

"I don't know Sammy," Dean answered. "That son of a bitch locked us up."

Before Sam, could answer, Jerimiah walked in.

"Hello boys."

Jerimiah walked up to Sam.

"You are very special," he said. "And I picked you."

Then he put his hand on Sam's head and said, "This is gonna hurt……..alot."

Sam immediately felt pain. A seering, blinding pain that filled his head. He could faintly hear Dean screaming at Jerimiah. And then he heard nothing.

Sam shot up in bed. His bed. In his old house where he used to live with Dean and his Dad. Something wasn't right here.


Sam jumped up. He heard someone call his name. It was his Dad. And his Dad sounded mad and drunk. He could remember something about a guy named Jerimiah but that was fading away. Right now, his focus was on the door that was about to opne and what was about to come through it……..