Author's Notes:- Thanks to Stonedtoad for betaing.

I originally didn't plan on doing a sequel but once again someone mentioned it and the idea for this hit me.

Part two will be up soon.

Dr Kim Matthews checked herself in the small mirror before leaving her quarters to meet with the others she had befriended. They were now only a day away from Atlantis and she was looking forward to seeing the place she'd read so much about. She knew she was brilliant and she was going to take her place among the best of the best.

Tossing her long chestnut hair Kim headed to the mess, as she walked past two marines she smiled as both men gave her long appreciative glances. With a smile at them she kept walking.

As Kim entered the room she smiled as she saw Dr Frankie Metcalfe wave her over. Frankie was a biochemist and kept up Kim's tradition of always having a best friend who wasn't as pretty as she was. Frankie was short and quite chubby with short dirty blonde hair whereas Kim was tall, leggy and had modelled to pay her way through college.

"Almost there," Frankie smiled as Kim took her seat, "I can't wait. The work being done here is incredible."

"I know," Kim replied unable not to get caught up in her enthusiasm, "The city in itself is meant to be spectacular. I've been studying everything we were given. Dr McKay's reports themselves are incredible."

"Well," Frankie raised her mug, "We'll soon find out."


Kim was finishing her packing excited that the day was finally here.

"This is Colonel Caldwell," a voice came over the speakers, "We will be arriving at Atlantis in less than an hour. For those returning you have the same quarters as your previous visit. Make your way there then report in to Major Lorne. Anyone new to Atlantis Lieutenant Paris shall escort you to where you shall be debriefed and assigned rooms."

She picked up her bag and headed to her designated area. She was going to fit in here brilliantly and knew she'd soon be a member of the senior staff. It was inevitable, she'd always found a way to get into the circle. Taking a final glance around the room to make sure she hadn't missed anything, she was finally here.

"Good morning Lieutenant," John greeted Cadman as she entered the control room, "How's the leg?"

Cadman laughed, "Fine. There's a good side to dating the Doctor."

"Painkillers on demand," John grinned as the rest of Cadman's team entered the room, "Okay people, it's a short recon. Go in; say hi to the people and look around. You know the drill."

"Yes sir," Major Watson nodded.

"Then go," John waved them away nodding up to the control room for them to dial the Gate.

He watched the team as they left glad that Cadman was back on duty after the accident off world a few months before. It had been an interesting few months watching Rodney flit near the edges trying to find out how she was doing without actually going over and talking to her. As the team left he groaned, it was time to go face the newest lot who'd just arrived on the Daedalus.

From marines to scientists all had to be orientated and then given a place to stay before they were let loose in the city.


"Hey Rodney," John greeted his friend.

"Morning," Rodney replied with a sharp nod.

"Ready to meet and greet?" John smacked his hands together with forced glee.

Rodney stared at him flatly, "Kill me, kill me now."

John laughed as they made it to the room where all the new recruits were standing; they glanced at each other with annoyance.

"Why do we have to do this?" Rodney demanded.

John clapped him on the shoulder, "Because someone somewhere decided we were in charge."

"Psychopaths," Rodney muttered as they walked in before turning to the assembled mob, "Okay everyone listen up…"


Kim knew she was good. She was one of the best astrophysicists around and when she'd been approached to come to Atlantis she'd jumped at the chance. This was the chance to prove just how good she was.

"Okay everyone listen up," a man shouted from the door, turning she saw two men standing both had their arms crossed, "We are going to do this as fast as possible because we both have much better things to do."

The second man smirked but didn't say anything.

"For those who have no idea," the first man continued, "I'm Dr Rodney McKay; I am in charge of the science teams including who is assigned to the off world teams. At my side is Lt Colonel John Sheppard who for you non-military, he is in charge of the guys with the guns."

Kim smiled watching McKay and Sheppard, the Colonel was handsome but she'd never been one for a guy in uniform, however her new boss was definitely someone to get to know better.

"When your name is called you will come here and follow one of these people who are giving up valuable time to escort you," McKay continued, "So no wandering away to explore."

Kim smiled; she was going to like it here.


"This place is incredible," Kim enthused to Frankie as they walked through the corridors.

"I know," Frankie grinned.

"Not a bad selection of guys around," Kim grinned, as they walked towards the commissary.

Frankie rolled her eyes, "I'm sure they'll be lining up for you."

Kim laughed, "I already know who I want though."

"You've been here less than a day," Frankie cried exasperated before looking interested, "Who?"

Kim gave her a mysterious smile, "It's a bit early I'll tell you later."

Frankie laughed stopping as they entered the commissary, the place was full. People were eating or sitting around talking, greeting those who had returned with the Daedalus, others new arrivals being introduced by those who had been here before, while over in the corner a chess match was going on.

"It never stops," a woman told them as she passed them, "There is always a match going on, unless there's a major crisis, "Hi I'm Dr Heightmeyer. Kate."

"How often does a crisis happen?" Frankie asked a little nervously.

Kate shrugged, "Every other day. Though major ones not as often. Come on and I'll introduce you to a few people."

Rodney finished going over the new duty rosters and groaned as he checked the clock. He hadn't meant to work this long but it just seemed to take forever to get this sorted, he didn't want too many new recruits on a team but didn't want to break up groups that worked especially well together. Checking his coffee he decided he should go get a fresh pot and something to eat.

"Rodney," a familiar voice called to him and he closed his eyes.

He turned and looked back, "Hi Cadman how's the leg?"

She gave a bright smile, "It's good. I was off world earlier today."

Rodney shrugged, "Good," he'd managed to avoid her since they'd been trapped together. It had thrown up far too many emotions he didn't want to face.

"You look like hell," Cadman told him.

He grimaced at her, "Thanks for pointing that out."

"I'm just saying you look tired," Cadman told him tilting her head to the side her long hair falling across her shoulder, Rodney crossed his arms slamming his hands under his arms so he wouldn't brush it back, "Look, I'm heading to meet Carson. I'll walk you to the mess."

Rodney shook his head, "I'm heading to get some sleep. Goodnight Lieutenant."

Cadman looked a little shocked at his coldness, "Night Rodney."

He felt guilty at being so sharp with her but he couldn't spend any time around her. It was too hard.


Cadman frowned as she watched him walk away from her. She thought maybe he'd gotten past his resentment of her after the time they'd spent trapped in the Jumper but it looked like he still hated her.

Giving up she turned to go to the mess and meet her boyfriend. Carson was already there in deep conversation with Zelenka but looked up as she walked over giving her a smile.

"Cadman," Zelenka greeted her with a grin, "How are you?"

"Good Radek," she slid in beside Carson giving him a quick kiss, "What's the gossip?"

"Just the new recruits," Zelenka told her, "Speaking of I should go and see if Rodney has finished."

"I just saw him," Cadman said missing the look Carson gave her, "He said something about heading to get some sleep."

Zelenka laughed, "Yeah right. Enjoy your dinner."

Cadman laughed as he left, "I might start taking offence, that's the second person to leave when I arrive."

Carson squeezed her hand, "I'm not complaining."

She smiled back at him pushing her hair back out of her face, "Let's eat. I'm starving."

Kim looked into the lab smiling to find Dr McKay sitting at the bench working; she hadn't had a chance to get him alone where she could introduce herself. Quickly she tapped on the door smiling to herself as he jumped a little.

"What?" he snapped.

"Dr McKay," Kim let loose one of her dazzling smiles, "I'm Dr Kim Matthews. I just wanted to say hello."

He looked a little suspicious but nodded, "Hello."

"I was looking at the teams and I noticed that I've to work with a Dr Zelenka," Kim continued, "I was hoping to be able to work with you."

He looked at her and she noted the stormy grey of his eyes, "Radek is one of our top people, I don't work with any teams," he explained, "I supervise and work on my own projects as well as go off world."

"That's impressive," Kim smiled at him again, "Rumour has it you know this city better than anyone."

He gave her a slight smile of his own, "I do."

"Maybe when you're not so busy you could show me," Kim shrugged before heading out.


Rodney stared at the back of the woman as she left his lab, a little confused.

"Hey Rodney," Carson appeared frowning at the bemused expression on his friend's face, "Are you in there?"

Rodney held up a finger starting to say something before shaking his head, "Why are you here?"

Carson rolled his eyes, "We have an appointment Rodney remember? You were supposed to be in the infirmary half an hour ago."

"Oh come on Carson," Rodney groaned, "What's with these tests anyway?"

"You know perfectly well I need to check to make sure there are no problems with the gene therapy," Carson reminded him, "So move or I call Elizabeth and she'll order you."

Rodney let out a huff of annoyance standing up and walking with his friend.

"Who was that I saw leaving?" Carson asked as they strolled through the corridors.

Rodney frowned, "Oh, Dr Matthews, one of the new scientists to arrive."

"She's pretty," Carson noted, "Was she wanting anything special?"

"I'm not sure," Rodney replied, "She said something about showing her the city."

"Oh," Carson smiled, "I think you may have an admirer."

"What?" Rodney demanded.

Carson laughed at him, "You should ask her out Rodney. You haven't had a date since Katie Brown."

"And that went so well," Rodney retorted annoyed, "With you there and Cadman in my head."

"I doubt that would happen again," Carson told him as they reached the infirmary, "Come on Rodney be brave."

Rodney rolled his eyes at him before sitting on the closest bed and motioning Carson to get it over with.


"Kim," Frankie asked her friend when she entered the room a smile on her face, "What have you been doing?"

"Just meeting our new boss," Kim gave her friend a smile as she sat on the bed taking the coffee offered.

"Really?" Frankie asked interested.

Kim grinned, "Yeah. And would you believe I think he might like me."

Frankie laughed, "Kim, you walk out the door you get a line of people following you."

Kim laughed and chewed her lip, "You know from what I've heard they have scheduled movies every night. I wonder if he'd like to see the latest movie from Earth."

Frankie nodded, "You should ask him."

Kim grinned again; she hadn't expected McKay to be good-looking at all. It was a very nice surprise; this would definitely make it easier for her to enter the circle of seniority if she dated him.

Rodney wasn't sure how he'd agreed to this but here he was entering the makeshift cinema with Dr Matthews…Kim as his date. The Daedalus had brought a batch of the latest movies from Earth on this run and tonight's movie Serenity was one he'd been looking forward to seeing.

As they found a seat he glanced over to see John sitting with Teyla and Ronon getting ready to explain the movie to them, it was a familiar sight to most. A deal John had struck with the two Pegasus natives to introduce them to the world the inhabitants of Atlantis came from. Rodney knew for a fact Teyla enjoyed the movie nights, she mostly enjoyed feigning questions to watch John try to answer in ways both of the 'aliens' understood.

"Do you want some popcorn?" Rodney asked the woman at his side.

Kim flashed him a smile, "That'd be nice."


Kim watched Rodney head to the table where popcorn and other snacks sat for anyone who wanted them. She admired how good he looked in his jeans and dark green shirt; there was definitely no down side to dating this guy.

And then she noticed the couple who entered.

She recognised Doctor Beckett; if she hadn't found Rodney attractive she would have gone for him. He was good-looking, smart and his accent was gorgeous but being with Rodney made more sense for gaining a better position within the upper echelons of the Atlantis command structure. The woman who entered with Beckett she didn't recognise nor care about until she saw Rodney speak with her.

Something was definitely going on between them, there were practically sparks flying and she glanced around noting that everyone was watching but making sure they weren't seen to be watching.

Kim's eyes focussed hard on the woman, she wanted to know who this was.


Rodney needed something to eat and was relieved she wanted popcorn. As he grabbed what he wanted he turned finding himself face to face with Cadman.

"Hi Rodney," she gave him a smile reaching to grab some chocolate.

"Cadman," he greeted her cordially.

"How's the date going?" Cadman asked wickedly.

Rodney glared at her, "Much easier without someone talking in my head constantly."

"That was a fun night Rodney," she teased knowing she was getting to him.

"Oh yes," he retorted, "I just loved someone taking over my body then sending me into a seizure."

"The movie's about to start," Carson stepped between them, "We should take our seats before everyone gets restless."

"Enjoy the movie Rodney," Cadman threw at him as she and Carson headed to their seat.

"Here," Rodney handed Kim the popcorn as he retook his seat.

"Who was that?" she asked softly not letting her overwhelming curiosity show.

"Who?" Rodney asked sharply.

"The woman with Dr Beckett," Kim probed gently.

"Oh Lieutenant Cadman," Rodney replied as the lights went down, "The films starting."

Kim settled back to watch the film but didn't really see any of it. She kept her eyes on the other woman who was settled against her boyfriend; Cadman every so often would glance back at Rodney who kept looking over at her.

Kim frowned, she didn't like having competition.