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"Alright Doc," John called moving over to join Zelenka, "Your time is up. We need them out of there now."

Zelenka nodded, "Alright Colonel. Give me a few minutes to get everything undone then I shall show you where to set the explosives."

"I know how to set explosives," John reminded him with an amused expression.

Zelenka laughed rolling his eyes, "I meant where to set the explosives so you don't damage too much of the controls."

"Sure," John replied, "I'll get this set up then warn them we're blowing our way in."

John left Zelenka packing up his equipment and moved over to Carson, "We're going in. Are you ready?"

"Colonel I have been sitting here for an hour with nothing to do," Carson reminded him, "Take a guess."

John grinned at him, "Good. I'll be back in a minute."


"Rodney? Cadman?"

Cadman found herself being shoved away from Rodney as the voice came over the radio. She sat trying to catch her breath as Rodney fumbled with the radio.

"John?" Rodney answered the call.

"Nice to know she hasn't killed you yet," John laughed, "Look, we're not waiting any longer for Radek to fix this. So we're going to blow the door open."

"Typical," Rodney muttered.

"We're saving your ass Rodney," John reminded him, "So don't make me want to kick it. Besides Radek is making sure we don't do too much damage."

"How long?" Rodney asked him.

"We're just about to do it," John told him, "You need to get as far away from the door as possible. Did you hear that Cadman?"

Cadman took the radio, "Yes sir. Give us a few minutes."

She turned off the radio and frowned, "Okay Rodney lean on me."

Without a word of protest he allowed her to slide under his arm, he winced as his bruised body protested at the movement when she pulled him to his feet but didn't say a thing. He couldn't believe he'd kissed her, he couldn't believe he'd been so stupid but right now he didn't have time to think about it.

They moved slowly towards what he was sure was the back of the room Cadman's arm was wrapped around his waist while his arm rested across her shoulders her hand holding his as she kept him upright.

"We're here," Cadman stated to both Rodney and the team outside.

Rodney reached out and felt the wall in front of him; he heard a small noise knowing that the explosion was about to detonate so he grabbed Cadman around her waist throwing her in front of him as she yelped in protest to protect her from any debris thrown at them from the blast.


"Rodney," Carson called as they were finally able to get in, he could see his friend with Cadman holding him up although she looked less than happy with Rodney. Cadman gave Carson a relieved smile when she saw him.

"Carson?" Rodney asked his blue eyes staring blankly, his hand moving warily forward.

Carson gripped his hand, "Right here," he soothed as he checked out the wound on Rodney's head, "Let's get you back to Atlantis."

"Good," Rodney sighed sounding exhausted.

"You look like hell," John's voice came from the door before he headed to Rodney's side, placing a hand on Rodney's elbow and taking his other hand guiding the other man, "Let's go. Cadman you okay to walk?"

Cadman nodded, "I'm fine. I'm right behind you sir."

John grinned back at her and they headed slowly towards the Jumper. As soon as they were inside Rodney was settled onto the bench Carson at his side while Cadman dropped onto the bench across from them.

"Let's go home," John called from the front seat.

Cadman sat on the infirmary bed beside Rodney's letting Dr Fuller check her out while Carson looked after Rodney. He looked slightly better now he was asleep, the gash in his forehead had been stitched up and cleaned making it look much better than it had back in the cellar.

"Get some rest Lieutenant," Fuller told her stopping her as she tried to move, "Nice try but you're staying here overnight."

Cadman frowned but lay back on the bed and pulled the covers up turning on one side watching Carson finish pushing something into Rodney's IV.

"Hey," she smiled at Carson.

Carson rested his hand on her shoulder, "Sorry I haven't…"

"You've been busy," Cadman cut him off, "Rodney needed you more than I did. How is he?"

"He's resting comfortably," Carson assured her, "We won't know about his sight until tomorrow. Get some sleep love."

"You know I haven't had dinner yet?" she reminded him with a soft smile.

Carson laughed, "I'll bring you something."

"Have you eaten yet?" Cadman asked her boyfriend.

"And I'll join you for dinner," he added squeezing her shoulder.

"Good," she told him as he disappeared, Cadman watched him leave the infirmary before she turned to look back at Rodney.

She couldn't stop thinking about the kiss, the way he'd held her and the passion within it made her stomach flip.

"Damn you," she whispered to the sleeping scientist.


Rodney's head was pounding when he woke up; every muscle in his body seemed to be screaming at him in protest at even the slightest movement.

He groaned trying to work out why it was so dark in the infirmary, he knew where he was because of the insistent and annoying beeping around him but Carson never left the lights off.

Then he remembered what had happened on the planet, he was blind.

"Rodney," Carson's familiar gentle voice floated to him, "I need you to open your eyes for me."

"What's the point?" Rodney said despondently, "I can't see."

"Well we'll know that once I turn the lights up," Carson told him, "Just open your eyes Rodney."

With a sigh Rodney opened his eyes wincing when the light was slowly turned up but there were shapes and there was light.

"Well?" Carson asked.

Rodney gave a soft sigh, "I can see your outline. I can't make out anything specific but it's a hell of a lot better than yesterday."

"I'll leave the lights at this level for just now," Carson told him, "We can increase it in increments."

Rodney nodded, "How's everyone else?"

"Major Watson, Dr Matthews and Dr Mobil were brought back to Atlantis while Radek was working on getting you two out," Carson explained, "They're all fine though I have a feeling Dr Matthews may not want to leave Atlantis again."

"And Cadman?"

"She was kept overnight but I released her this morning," Carson told him, "She's fine."

Rodney nodded, "That's good."

"Get some more rest," Carson told him, "You'll probably be inundated with visitors soon."

Rodney nodded and closed his eyes again.

Kim entered the infirmary a sympathetic smile already on her face. She wasn't pleased that Rodney and Cadman had been stuck together for a long time. However now was the best time to play concerned and visit him.

"Rodney?" she called softly as she entered the dimly lit room.

She could make him out as he lay propped up on several pillows.

"Hi," he murmured turning to her.

"I was so worried," Kim told him pulling up a seat beside him, "I didn't mean to tell them you could fix it but I was so scared."

"Not everyone's cut out to work off world," Rodney sighed glancing over at her, "Don't worry I'll take you out of the rotation."

Kim took his hand frowning as he moved it away from her, "Once you're feeling better I'll make you the dinner I promised you."

"Em…Kim…" he hesitated, "I don't think that's a good idea. You're really nice but I don't think us seeing each other is right. Sorry."

Kim shrugged, "Of course," she forced herself to say sweetly, "I hope you feel better soon."

Leaving the room Kim swore to herself, she should have known better but there were more ways to get into the senior circle.


Rodney sighed relieved as Kim left him alone, he didn't want to pretend with someone just now. He was in love with Cadman, he knew it now and he hated it. The kiss while they were trapped had to be the dumbest thing he had ever done, even though it had been absolutely incredible.

He knew how to handle it though. He'd had feelings for people who'd never reciprocated them so he was a master at ignoring they existed in him. That was all he had to do now: he just hoped he could.

Closing his eyes Rodney thought back to kissing her. Unable to stop himself he started to laugh at the situation.


"Alright Rodney," Carson said, over the past few days he'd been checking Rodney's sight and this was the final test, "Just have to do this and you'll be allowed to go back to your room to rest."

Rodney opened his mouth.

"No," Carson told him sternly, "You are not doing any work for at least one more week."

"Come on Carson," Rodney groaned, "What the hell am I supposed to do for a week if I can't work?"

"Relax, read a book, watch some movies," Carson listed, "Act like a normal person for a while."

Rodney glared at him, "Thanks Carson."

His friend grinned at him, "All part of the service. Okay, read the chart."

Rodney rolled his eyes covering first his right then left eye and reading the chart with each perfectly.

Carson smiled as he scribbled, "Perfect Rodney. Elizabeth will be pleased to know you got out of yet another scrape intact."

Rodney sighed softly to himself, "Oh yeah."

Carson waved him away, "Go before I find a reason to keep you here."

"See you later," Rodney nodded to his friend and walking out of the infirmary.


Rodney headed through the corridors back to his room where he planned to sleep for the rest of the week.

"Rodney," he heard Cadman call sending a shiver along his spine, "Hey Rodney hold on."

He stopped and took a deep breath turning as she jogged over to him pushing down any feelings for her.

"Rodney, how are you feeling?" she asked concerned.

"Just fine," Rodney told her folding his arms across his chest, "Carson has just cleared me."

A smile touched her lips, "That's great news Rodney," Cadman licked her lips nervously; "We need to talk about what happened in the cellar."

"I have no idea what you mean," Rodney replied sharply.

"Oh yes you do," she stared at him angrily

Rodney returned the glare with ice filled eyes, "Nothing happened. Understand Lieutenant."

Cadman firmed her chin, "Clearly Doctor," she replied before tuning on her heel and marching away.