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Summary: Konoha always knew her to be weak. She saw this in how they coddled her, gave empty smiles at her small accomplishments while her teammates grew to unfathomable levels. But that was going to change…she was going to grow into her family's blood limit that only appeared once every two centuries. A blood limit that would save Konoha from a new enemy. GaaSaku


Prologue: A legend awaits…


Teal eyes looked in the old, tattered pages with wonderment. No matter how many times her mother showed her this book, she would always be amazed by the pictures and the story. And it was a legend in Konoha, everyone knew it. But only her family had the written record of this legend. She didn't think much of it at the time, but then again, she was only concerned with showing her eagerness to be the best to her parents. The story was only something for entertainment before going to bed, a story of the tenshi kunoichi of Konoha.

As Sakura tucked her bubblegum pink hair behind her six year old ear, she gently traced the sketched picture on the stained paper with her finger. The colors had mostly faded away, but traces of green could be found in the tenshi's eyes. Bright, beautiful white wings sprouted from her back and her flowing hair touched the ground.

Sakura wished she could be so beautiful. Instead, she was teased for being smart and was called Big-Forehead Girl. Tears sprung to her eyes, making the beautiful woman blur on the page.

Sakura promised herself, even though she would never be so pretty, that she would become as powerful.

For Konoha's tenshi had saved the village two hundred years ago, even though Konoha as a hidden village hadn't been formed. Using her massive chakra and skill, she had fended off many of the demons that lurked about, even the Kyuubi, though he was not the Kyuubi at the time. He only had seven tails then. But she had single handedly defended her home, and had survived.

Until they came. They swarmed Konoha and the tenshi stood for a final stand-off. The battle had been long and grueling. In the end, only one enemy remained, but he ran off leaving Konoha's tenshi with mortal wounds. She died that day, and all in the village mourned, but they were safe once again.

Sakura sniffled, reminding herself that the tenshi would never cry. Never cry for it would be a show of weakness. The tenshi had to be strong for her village, for she was all that they had.

Wiping the backs of her hands across her eyes, Sakura composed herself. She glanced back down at the book and read the paragraph that always gave her a semblance of hope, hope that maybe she could be like the tenshi.

And she, though thought of as weak before, rose above the expectations of her people. And she, though thought of a homely before, transformed into beauty divine. Eyes of emerald sparkled as she laughed and proclaimed, "My power is not from strength of body, but from strength of mind and heart. And I shall return again and again twice every four centuries passed."

Twice every four centuries. Once every two hundred years. It had been two hundred years. And Sakura wished with all her being that maybe the legend was true and that by some stretch of the imagination, that the tenshi could be her.

But she knew better than to let her hopes lead her through life. She'd already hit a few bumps on the road known as her life. She'd always imagined herself being popular and well-liked by her classmates, and that she'd hold her own during the sparring sessions in class. Those hopes had already been shot down.

She was smart, she knew that. Her classmates knew that, and that was why they hated her. Why she was afraid to walk home by herself from school, why she played alone at home all the time. The only person that acknowledged her existence was stupid Naruto, and he wasn't helping her case with her classmates any.

Her parents were always disappointed in her hands on applications in class, but were proud of her grades. But they kept telling her that her grades meant nothing in the real world. Textbooks and classrooms were a drop of water compared to the ocean of life. She'd be drowned unless she could keep up in hand to hand combat with her classmates.

Sighing to herself, Sakura gently closed the ancient book, admiring its worn cover and bent spine. If only dreams could come true…

She looked up at the window and gasped in alarm. She was going to be late for school! It was her first day in a new gennin class! She'd heard that her new crush was going to be there, and she wanted to impress him by being there early and ready to learn.

As she sprinted out the door, the abandoned book fell to the floor from the couch she had been sitting on, opening back up to the page Sakura had been looking at.


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