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I was going. I was going to the palace and I was going to do something, but I had no idea what. I had a knife and whatever the hell these powers were, but I also had a father and a conscience and my father also had some vestige of a conscience, too, for he had had me and my family exactly where he wanted us, and he had let us go.

Or maybe that was just self-preservation. Even so, the nagging feeling of being tested had pulled a pervading depression over me, and I felt at odds with myself. Being who I am, this was nothing new to me, but the feeling had nearly disappeared during the past almost two years.

Fiyero was not going with me. In fact, Fiyero didn't know I was going here. He thought I was just at another meeting. I couldn't risk telling him, not after what had nearly happened last time. I couldn't have him follow me, irrationally. The Wizard already knew where I lived, and yet- I wasn't so sure it was him I was worried about. I wondered about his name. He was a caricature, like me, to the public. No, Elphaba- Fae- damn you, shut up!

I couldn't think about it, I couldn't. For the past few days I'd had a nearly constant and almost irrepressible urge to cry, but I'd instead contented myself with being even more sarcastic and more of a bitch than usual, unfortunately for all those sharing my abode. Glinda had given me a knowing look.

"It's hormones," she'd said.

"IT IS NOT HORMONES!" I had yelled back at her. She hadn't gotten sad or angry, she'd just smirked and retreated, undaunted, into the kitchen.

I have got to stop rubbing off on that woman, or she'll be the death of me.

I arrived at the palace at twilight, possibly my favorite time of day. I walked around to the side of it, where I knew the Wizard's office was. I mounted my broom and rode it up to the window, even disallowing myself the usual joy of flying.

The window had been repaired; with a vague and incomplete sense of satisfaction, I kicked it in again. At first I thought no one was there, but atop a half-finished letter and beside a quill leaking ink all over the desk the Wizard- my father's- head lay, asleep. I leaned the broom against the sill and walked around the room, familiar from my memorization of it before our first escape from Southstairs. I examined the books on the shelf. They were cloudily familiar, yet I knew that I had never actually seen any of them before. I took one down and skimmed through it; an almost palpable penumbra of strange names and people and places ascended into the air along with the real, accompanying dust. I jerked myself out of my reverie and turned back to the man sleeping on the desk, and my heart filled with a sudden hatred for him. Sleeping, how could he sleep? Now, or at night, with all that he had done? I pulled the knife out from its place around my ankle and approached my father's sleeping form. I held it carefully against his jugular.

"Goodnight…Daddy," I whispered, intending it to be sarcastic, but it came out soft and plaintive, near tears. I pulled the knife back, ready to cut, but then he stirred and sat up.

"Elphaba?" his eyes flickered to the knife in my hand. "Wha-what are you doing?"

"I don't know," I murmured. I looked up and met his blue eyes, light and clear, offering no evidence of our shared blood. "What's your name?" I asked.

He looked at me uncertainly.

"Oscar," he said at last. I nodded.

"All right," I said. I handed him the knife, realizing with absolute certainty that I was simply not capable of killing this man who had given me life and tried- but never too hard, I realized- to take it away. "A life for a life," I told him. "Remember that your mythological Wicked Witch couldn't kill you when you make your next pronouncement." I grabbed my broom before I could think about what I was doing and leapt out the window, with the newfound confidence of one who knows she will not fall.

I was going somewhere. I was going home.