Sakura and Kankuro



Kankuro sat on the couch being bored like always. It was his day off, he enjoyed not having any missions, but there was really nothing else to do. So he sat on the couch thinking about a girl he had seen. Her name was Sakura, the name fit her. Kankuro couldn't stop thinking about her. He wasn't usually like this, he never ever thought about girls before, but he couldn't get her out of his head. So he just dealt with it, stupid hormones! Gaara came though the door. Kankuro looked up at him, so did Temari who was cooking. "Naruto, and his team have to compete a mission close to a sand village, so there going to be staying here for a week." Gaara announced as he sat down at the table. Naruto's team? Sakura is going to be staying here! Kankuro got up and joined Gaara at the table. Temari finished her cooking and was placing it on their plates. "There going to be staying in the three guest bedrooms" Gaara said as he took a spoon full of Tamari's cooking. Kankuro looked at what ever it was on his plate. He watched Gaara twitch as he swallowed the brown stuff Temari had made. "Temari, what is this stuff?" Kankuro asked poking at the brown stuff. "It's good for you, now eat it!" Temari yelled.

"Yay, we're going to the sand village to stay with Gaara! And do a mission, and then I'll fight Gaara and I know I'll win!" Naruto screamed. Sakura was quiet, she was thinking. She couldn't believe she was going to stay in kankuro's house for a week! She had always admired Kankuro, not so much his siblings, But Kankuro had always seemed strong the way he mastered the puppets. She couldn't wait! They were going tomorrow! Now she could actually see Kankuro! She never was that obsessive, but she knew she liked, or maybe loved him, but she kept it at that. "Sakura?" She heard Naruto's loud voice. "What?" Sakura yelled, she didn't like being distracted from her thoughts. "Well, you weren't saying any thing and I wanted to make sure you were okay" Naruto smiled and contuied walking.

Gaara and his siblings waited at the entrance of the sand village, for team 7. Gaara wanted to beat Naruto, Kankuro wanted to see Sakura, Temari was just bored. Then they saw three people in the distance. Kankuro and Gaara looked ahead; Temari was playing with some sand on the ground. "HI GUYS!" Naruto yelled as he came running toward them. Sakura and Sasuke followed Naruto. "Good to see your alive! Now I can beat you!" Naruto yelled. Sakura glanced at Kankuro, fighting down a blush. Sakura quickly turned away when she saw he noticed. "Let's get back to the house, before you guys start killing each other" Temari said a she walked down the path toward there house, everyone else followed. They entered the house. "I'll give you the tour!" Temari said. She showed them the living room, and next to it was the kitchen. There was a window, between the living room in kitchen. There was another room, which had a game cube in it that was close to the living room. Then there was a wide long hallway. The first room was Tamari's, across from hers was where Sasuke would sleep. The second was Gaara; Naruto would sleep in the room across from Gaara's. The third room was the bathroom, across from it a door down to the basement. The forth door was Kankuro's room, across from his room, was the door to Where Sakura would be sleeping. At the end of the hallway, was a glass door. It leads out to a Balcony. "I'll let you guys unpack" Temari said going to her room. Team 7 split up it to their room.

Sakura unpacked her stuff, and then lay on the bed. She was finally able to see Kankuro, now what? She better not blush again. She walked down the hallway, to the living room. She saw Kankuro on the couch watching TV. She leaned against the wall so she could watch him. She didn't know, but she liked watching up. Kankuro had the TV on, but he wasn't watching. He was thinking. Thinking about what now? Should he tell her? No, maybe he should wait awhile. "Hey Naruto, Challenge you on the game cube?" Gaara asked Naruto who just entered the room. "You're on!" They both ran to the room with the game cube. Sakura stopped leaning on the wall and went to sit at the table in the Kitchen next to Sasuke. Sakura didn't like Sasuke anymore, all kohona knew that. She just wanted to sit next to him because they were strangers in this place. "You guys want me to make you something to eat?" Temari asked. "Sure" Temari started getting out pans. "I'll make you my famous soup" Temari said as she poured some water in the pans. Sakura and Sasuke waited. Sakura got a white book with a sakura flower on it. She took a pencil out of her bag also, and then started drawing in the book. Then Temari brought them a bowl of green Liquid. Sakura put her book down. "I wouldn't eat that if I were you" Kankuro said as he sat next to Sakura. It was only seat left, they only had three seats. Sakura Tried not to turn pink, as she looked at Kankuro sitting next to her. Kankuro was hiding the slight pink when he saw sakura looking at him. With all the purple face paint, he could hide it pretty well. "Why?" Sasuke asked. "Because Tamari's cooking is poison!" Kankuro said. Temari hit him over the head with her fan. Kankuro rubbed his head. He knew that was coming, he gave a glare at Temari. He was never good at doing evil glares. Gaara and Temari got the evil glare gene. Sasuke took a spoon full of the green stuff. His face got all twisted, and then he gulped it down and started to gag. "That is poison!" Sasuke said in between gags. Temari hit him over the head with her fan. "Hey! That hurt!" Temari smirked. "Good, then I did my job!" She walked back to the kitchen. Sakura was afraid to taste it. Sakura just stared at it. "Sakura, what do you think of it?" Temari said. Sakura took a spoon full of the green stuff. Her face twisted and she gulped it down. "…interesting". Temari smiled, she took it as a good thing. "Gaara, I declare a rematch!" They heard from the other room. "..Dope" Sasuke whispered.

Sasuke looked at the clock hanging on the wall. "Sakura, Naruto we have to start our mission". Sakura got up and looked over at Naruto. He was still playing game cube with Gaara. "Naruto, come on" Sasuke yelled, but I doubt Naruto heard it. "1SECOND! I'm GOING TO WIN" Sakura sweat dropped. Sasuke went over and grabbed him by the arm. He dragged him by the door. Sakura followed; before she went out she looked back in to the house. "Thanks, for letting us stay here" Then she followed Sasuke and Naruto. Kankuro looked at the book she had left. He took and jumped on the couch. Temari was in the kitchen and didn't see him take it. He opened it and took a look on the first page. It was a sketch of a sakura flower; Under it said 'Sakura's Sketch book'. He turned to the next page. It was another sketch; it was her and her team. Then he just flipped though the pages. He stopped when he saw a sketch of him. He turned the next page, another sketch of him and his puppet. He saw a least ten pages of him. Their was one of Gaara and Temari. "What'ch looking at?" he whirled around to face Tamari. "Nothing!" He quickly hid the book behind his back. "Come on let's me see!" Temari took a grab at the book, she missed. Then Kankuro tried to hold it over her head. Temari jumped grabbed it and looked at the first page. "This is Sakura's sketch book!" She flipped though the pages. "I know, she left it on the table and so I wanted to take a look at it!" Temari giggled. "Wow, Kankuro you're in her a lot" Kankuro felt heat rise to his cheeks. "Temari go put it back!" Kankuro tried to snatch it away from her, but his attempted failed. "Fine, I'll give it back to her when she is back from the mission. I'll tell her you were looking at it" Temari smirked. "Temari! Don't you dare!" Kankuro tried to get the book again, but missed. "What's stopping me?" Kankuro crossed his arms and went to his room. Temari sat down and looked though the rest of the book.

Later that afternoon, team seven opened the door. "Hi we're back, now where's Gaara!" Naruto said rushing in to the room. Sasuke and Sakura followed. Sasuke went and sat on the couch and to watch TV. Sakura went up to her room; she was a bit worn out after their mission. Temari got the book from the cabinet, which is where she stashed it. If Sakura did like Kankuro, don't know how she can, then she was going to make sure there together. She wanted to help her brother, he has been playing with dolls since he was little, and he needs a nice girl in his life. As for her other brother…he was a teddy bear hugger…but he could handle. Now all she had to do next was get some one to help her. She looked around the living room, Naruto and Gaara were to caught up in there game to help. So she went over to Sasuke. "Hey" Sasuke looked up from the TV. "What?" He said as he looked up from the TV. "Take a look at this" She handed him Sakura's sketch book. He knew it was Sakura's sketchy book, but he always wanted to see what was inside. Sakura wouldn't let anyone look at it. He saw some pictures of their team. Some funny things, then he saw all the drawings of Kankuro. "Where did you get this?" he said not looking up from the book. "Sakura left it on the table before she left, did you see all the drawings of Kankuro?" Sasuke nodded and handed her back the book. "I think She likes him" Temari smirked. "Yeah, I know, want to help me get them together?" Sasuke did really want Sakura going out with a guy that wore purple make-up. "Why?" "Because she likes Kankuro, it would make her happy, and I want to help my brother, He needs a girl in his life! And if you don't help the only thing you'll be eating is my soup all week!" Sasuke thought back to the soup. YUCK. "Fine, I'll help you, you're not cooking!" Temari nodded. Then they to start to discuss there plan. "Ok, I'll go talk to Sakura!" Temari said. Then she got up and went down the hall to Sakura's room. She knocked on the door. "Come in" Temari walked in. "Hi" Said Sakura on her bed. "Hi, I well you left this on the table, when you went on your mission" Temari said as she handed Sakura back her book. "Oh thanks" Sakura's cheeks grew a slight pink. "I'm sorry, but looked in it to see what it was and I couldn't help your drawings of Kankuro" Sakura's cheeks grew a deeper shade of pink. "Do you like him?" Sakura looked down at the floor. "Maybe" Sakura whispered. "So you do!" Sakura looked at Temari; Sakura's cheeks were really red. "Well why don't you tell him?" Sakura was regaining the color in her face now. "Because…what if he doesn't like me?" Sakura quietly said. Temari thought, yeah that was very possible to happen. "I don't know! How I'm I suppose to know?" Temari shouted. "Well you were giving me advice, so I thought you would" Temari shrugged. "still think you should tell him" Temari said got up and left.