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The first thing he felt when he awoke was heat, lots of heat. He looked around and didn't notice the cause of the heat. Then, he looked down. The bulge in his boxers notified the boy to where the heat came from. Blushing heavily, he got up to go to the bathroom and take care of his BIG problem, when...

Knock, knock, knock...

A sound came through the door, of giggling and squealing. A girl's voice shrilled out, "Umm, hey, would you like your present? It's Valentine's Day. And, I, well, I thought, maybe, you would like to come out with me?"

He growled. Growled so loudly that he thought the girl would get scared. But, he could still hear her out there. So, he grumbled, "No, now go away."

The girl said, "Oh, please let me in, I would be good for you, and it's really cold out here..."

He walked, slightly limping, to the door. Opening it, he saw a curvy, nude blonde, with hair in pigtails, and whisker marks on her cheeks. She blew him a kiss and pushed inside.

"What the fuck, man? Why are you here on this fucked-up holiday?"

"Ahh, Sasuke, don't be angry, besides, I'm not doing anything today, and I figured you would be running away from your fanclub, so I thought..."

"Hah, Naruto, don't make me laugh, you think...and change back to yourself, will you?"

"Fine..POOF...well, I thought maybe you and I could spar?"

"Shithead, if I leave this house, the Evil Fanclub of Doom will be on me in a second. And, I just got out of bed."

Naruto, in his hurry, had forgotten to check the time, so he looked at a clock and then glanced at Sasuke. Noticing that Sasuke was in nothing but his boxers, Naruto blushed lightly. Then, noticing the bulge in Sasuke's boxers, the blush became heavier.

He looked up to see Sasuke blushing, and knew that Sasuke knew he had been checking him out. As a joke, Naruto said...

"Well, looks like you have a problem there, want some help?"

Sasuke stared at Naruto, shocked. What the fuck? Did Naruto just offer to help with...?"

Naruto moved closer, a little fox grin on his face. He moved until his face was just inches from the other boys. Pitching his voice a decibel lower, he said...

"Come on, Sasuke, you know I can help, you know you need someone, and didn't I say I would be good for you?"

Sasuke blushed even heavier than before. He grabbed Naruto by the collar and pulled him the rest of the way down. Sasuke kissed Naruto with all the pent-up passion he had from the night before.

Naruto, who was just kidding, was surprised when Sasuke grabbed him, but ecstatic when Sasuke kissed him. He had liked Sasuke for a few years now, and had only gotten up the courage to tell him this morning. So, to prove to Sasuke that he did like him, he kissed back.

Of course, it all ends up in the bedroom, with clothes strewn all across the house. Nobody sees the two of them all day. Or for the week after that. When they finally came out, everyone was trying to figure out why both of them were limping so badly, and looked so hungry.

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