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Chapter 1: Andrea

"What are we going to do" asks a woman "we have no choice we need to

Get rid of her if-"the man was cut off by the woman "sir that's cruel! To

Abandon a helpless child is-"this time she was cut off by him "if you let me

Finish I will explain. The organization only wants 12 MALE clones so I doubt

They would have any use for her thus they would tell us to eliminate her that

Is why I am suggesting we send her to an adoption agency" said the man "but

I think we should still give her a similar name and mark her with the

Crescent moon like the others" he added knowing it would make her happy

"Alright this little girls name is Andrea" (A/N: pronounced AUN-DREY-A)

End flashback

"ANDREA! Get down here your gong to be late for school" Andrea's

Mom screamed from down stairs "oh mom you know if it gets too late I could

Just sprint at top speed to school and make in perfect time" she said knowing

It would bother her "now Andrea you know you can't do that we don't want

People seeing your different people might start talking" she said in a worried

Tone. Andrea just rolled her eyes as she walked out the door towards school.

During math class

Andrea's teacher was passing out the math tests to the class Andrea's best

Friend Mari was a nervous wreck "what's wrong Marina didn't you study?"

Asked Sophie purposely using Mari's real name which everyone knew she

Hated. Sophie was the meanest and snobbiest of the school and loved to

Embarrass people like that but Mari didn't let it effect her "oh Sophie I'm

Not worried about the math test I was just thinking about the big pop quiz

We're getting In Spanish today" she said smirking that got Sophie to squirm.

They both just laughed when they got there tests back Andrea got 100

And Mari got 90. They were both satisfied. At lunch Mari was looking at

Her with a curious look "hey Andrea I know you've told me your different but

You never told me how you got like this I mean it can't be genetic your mom

Doesn't have it?" Mari asked curiously "to tell you the truth I really don't

Know" she answered plainly "you mean you never wondered at all" Mari said

Wide eyed "no not really" she answered again plainly but the more she

Thought about it the more curious she got so when she got home went to her

Computer to she if she could find out what was going on…though she was a

Little scared what she might find

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