In the cave, Barbossa stood beside Will and Abi stood on the other side of him. Barbossa pushed Will so his head was over the treasure chest. But he stood up when he heard a silent gasp beside him. He looked at Abi, who gave him a weak smile, "Way don't you do it, love. To show your loyalty to the crew." Abi moved around Barbossa grabbing the knife from his hand. Then she stood beside Will leaning over with the knife pressed to his throat.

"You betrayed me! You betrayed your father!" He said in an angry tone. Abi's mouth was inches away from William's ear "Pirate! How else was I going to get back to my crew!" she said loudly. "Begun by Blood…" Barbossa began to chant "…by blood un-"

Abi looked up and saw Jack walking through the crew "Excuse me. Beg your pardon." Barbossa looked at the pirate in shock "S'not possible." Jack smiled as he reached them "Not probable."

Will stood up slightly "Where's Elizabeth?" Jack sighed, "She's safe, just like I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for her, just like you promised. So we're all men of our word really except for Elizabeth who is, in fact, a woman."

Barbossa yelled "Shut up! Your next." Then he motioned for Abi to slit the boys throat. "You don't want to be doing that mate." Jack said as he stood on the heel of his foot. Barbossa looked at him "No, I really think I do." Jack looked around "Your funeral."

Abi sigh as she looked at Barbossa "Why don't I want to be doing this?"

"Well, because…" Jack pushes a pirate's arm off his shoulder "…because the HMS Dauntless, pride of the Royal Navy, is floating just offshore. Waiting for you." The pirates start to look around and panic.

Barbossa looks at Abi, who is returning the glance "I don't think we should trust him." She says while looking back at Jack, who seem a little dumbfounded but what she just said.

Jack climbed up to were they stood "Just hear me out, mate. You order your men to row out to the Dauntless. They do what they do best. Robert 's your Uncle, Fannie 's your Aunt, there you are with two ships. The makings of your very own fleet. 'Course you'll take the grandest as your flagship, and who's to argue? But what of the Pearl? Name me Captain, I'll sail under your colors, I'll give you ten percent of me plunder and you get to introduce yourself as…Commodore Barbossa. Savvy?"

Barbossa turned to Will "I s'pose in exchange, you want me not to kill the whelp." Jack shock his head No, no, not at all by all means, kill the whelp. Just not yet. Wait to lift the curse until the opportune moment. For instance…" He picks up a handful of the medallions "…after you've killed Norrington's men…" he drop them back into the chest "…every…last…one"

Will looks at the pirate "You've been planning this from the beginning. Ever since you learned my name." Jack smiles at the boy "Yeah."

Abi watched as the two made the agreement. She looked down and saw Donnie between two pirates. He was looking at her as well, his gaze not leaving her. Everything around her seemed to have gone silent. Then she was brought back to reality.

"We have an Accord." Barbossa spoke while shacking Jacks hand.

While the pirates were on their way to attack the navy army, Abi stood beside Barbossa and watched as Jack looked through at the treasure that Barbossa's crew had collected.

"I must admit, Jack, I thought I had ye figured. But it turns out that you're a hard man to predict." Said Barbossa as he sat on a rock need the treasure. Jack started walking closer to him "Me? I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly… stupid." Jack kicks on of the pirates into the water and grabs the man's sword as he does it. Then throws the sword to Will.

Abi unsheathes her sword and run towards Donnie, who stood between to arm pirates. She chops one's head and pushes the other into the water. She turns to Donnie and smiled then kisses him. She quickly unties his hands.

The pirate that Abi had pushed stood up and came running towards them with his sword raised high. He takes a swing at Donnie, but Abi blocked the blow with her own sword. The dirty pirate twirled the sword and lanced Abi just about her right knee. She buckled to the ground.

Donnie took her sword and started fight the pirate. Abi watched for a while, holding onto her injured leg. She looked around and saw that Elizabeth came to Will's aid. Then her eyes gazed at Jack, she saw Barbossa piecing him in the stomach. Her heart skipped a beat. She saw him backing up into the moonlight and saw her father in a skeleton form.

Abi glanced back at Donnie who was still fighting the pirate who had wounded her.

Jack cuts his hand and bleeds on the medallion. Then he tosses it to Will. Barbossa aims his pistol at Abi who was not far away. Jack aims his are Barbossa and shoots. Barbossa looks at Jack "Ten years you carry that pistol and now you waste your shot.

"He didn't waste it" Will says as he drops both medallions in the chest.

Barbossa looks down at his chest and sees it bleeding "I feel cold" Then he drops down dead.

Abi looks over at Donnie, who was finally able to kill the pirate. Both Jack and Donnie race to Abigail's side.

"Are you alright?" Donnie asks as he examines her leg. Abi nodded her head as her looked at the ten-inch wound on her leg. She turns and faces Jack who is looking at her leg as well, but he seem a little bit woozy. Abi smiled and place her hand on his shoulder "I'll be fine." Jack smiled back at her and nodded his head "I know."

Jack, Abi, Donnie and Will stood on the deck of the Dauntless in front of Norrington. "Mr. Turner and…." He looked at the man that was beside him. "Donnie." The young man to the commodore his name "Donnie. Since you not are not pirates I shall let you both off with a warning."

Then the commodore turned to Abi and Jack "As for you two, both wearing the pirate brand, as soon as we get to Port Royal, you will be hanged." Jack looked over at Abi then back at Norrington. "Commodore, I will take full blame. Abigail does not deserve this. She is after all you niece."

Everyone on the ship was silent and all staring at the three. Abi was looking at Jack who was looking at Norrington. Norrington was looking from Jack and then to Abi. He didn't know what to say. Jack smiled weakly "Do put her life to an end."

Norrington sighed, "Fine. Only one condition." Abi looked back at Norrington. "She will learn to proper and respect the law." Jack brought his hand up "That's two conditions." Norrington rolled his eyes.

Abi shook her head "No." Jack looked at her with a stern look. "Com'on Abi, you're getting a chance to live." Said Donnie. Abi looked into her father's eyes "I don't think I could live again without you." Jack moved closer to his daughter, his hand caressing her cheek "Your strong enough. You did live all these years without me. I want you to live."

Abi slowly nodded her head and turned back to Norrington "Okay, I'll do it." Norrington bowed slightly then motioned for the guard to bring Jack to the brigs.

Norrington looked at Abi, "You should have my man look at that leg." Abi nodded her head and wobbled along with Donnie beside her.

Back at Port Royal it was the day of Jacks hanging. Norrington brought Abi into the cells to say goodbye to her father.

She walked down her hair was done up, not a hair out of place. She wore a navy blue frock. She had a white band on her right wrist to cover up the pirate brand.

When Jack set eyes on her, he remembered the first time he saw his love, Rose. Abi walks up to his cell. She turns and watches Norrington leaves. She turns back to face her father.

"This will be the third time that you would have died." She says with a smile on the corner of her mouth. Jack smiles, reaching through the bars to touch her face "I'm afraid it will be the last time."

A tear fell from Abi's eye, knowing she was going to see her father die in a few minutes. Jack wiped away her tear with his thumb "Don't cry for me."

Norrington came back to retrieve his niece, Donnie beside him. Donnie took Abigail's hand and lead her out, the commodore following closely behind.

Abigail and Donnie stood near Norrington. The guards brought out Jack, his hand bound. They lead him up to the gallows and an official started reading a proclamation "Jack Sparrow, be it known that you have…"

Abi turned and glared at Norrington, he looked at her then back at Sparrow. Donnie held her closer.

The official continued stating Jack record " …sailing under false colors, arson, kidnapping, looting, poaching, brigandage, pilfering, depravity, depredation, and general lawlessness. And for these crimes you have been sentenced to be, on this day, hung by the neck until dead. May God have mercy on your soul."

They put the noose around his neck. A drum roll is heard. They pulled the lever and Jack falls through the floor. Will sword pierced the wood so Jack could stand on the sword. Then Will ran up the gallows to cut Jack loose. Norrington's men ran after them. Finally, the navy officers surrounded Jack and Will.

Norrington points his sword at the two "I thought we might have to endure some manner of ill-conceived escape attempt but not from you." Governor Swan speaks to Will "On our return to Port Royal, I granted you clemency. And this is how you thank me? By throwing in your lot with him? He's a pirate!"

"And a good man." Will says defending Jack. Abi and Donnie finally reach the circle. "If all I have achieved here is that the hangman will earn two pairs of boots instead of one, so be it. At least my conscience will be clear." Will say as if to spit in Norrington's face.

"You forget your place, Turner." Norrington spoke. "It's right here… between you and Jack." Abi walked up to Will and faced the commodore "Mine as well." Donnie joined her. Elizabeth was next to stand up for Jack. "As is mine."

"Elizabeth! Lower your weapons. For goodness' sake put them down." Cries the governor.

"Well! I'm actually feeling rather good about this." He says walking up to the governor " I think we've all arrived at a very special place, eh? Spiritually…Ecumenically…Grammatically?" Then he moves over to Norrington and start pointing at his chest "I want you to know that I was rooting for you, mate." He starts to walk away, but then turns to Elizabeth. "Know that. Elizabeth …it would never have worked between us, darling. I'm sorry." Then he smiles at Abi "I'll see you around love." He gives her a wink. He backs up "Will …nice hat. Friends! This is the day that you will always remember as the day that…" Then he falls over the wall and falls into the water.

Everyone races to the wall and watch him swim back to the ship.

Donnie face Abi "Do you think you'll miss him?" Abi smiled at him "Of course I will. But that's not going to be the last we see of Cap'n Jack." Then she leans in a gives Donnie a passionate kiss.

Donnie held her close as she looked over her shoulder and saw Will with Elizabeth. Abi takes Donnie's hand and walks over to the couple. Abi smiles at Will then couldn't resist giving him a hug "Thank you, Will." Will smiled when she released him "I didn't want you to lose your father again." Abi nodded her head then turns to Elizabeth "You have a keeper here." Elizabeth looks at Will and smiles. "I know."

Donnie wraps his arms around Abi's waist and rest his head on her shoulder. Then the four start walking away. Life will be pretty normal until Jack would enter their lives again.

Ok, here is the last chapter sadly. But is the longest chapter. I hope you all enjoy it. There will be a sequel coming soon; I already have it in my head. I want to take the time to thank all my great reviewers. This is by far my favorite story that I have written. Hopefully the next one will be just as great. Ta.