Sliding into an open window, Nightwing comes home for the night, though there is no nighttime left. Glancing over his shoulder, he watches as the sun slowly rises for a new day.

Another battle fought and won, thinks Dick as he removes his mask and the rest of his costume.

Raising a hand to his bruised shoulder, Dick begins to rub it as he debates on whether a hot shower will help his sore muscle. Hearing a faint sound, Dick whips around to the window that he had entered through and finds a dark shadow standing just inside.

"You could have used the door," says Dick to his mentor.

"I just came by to check…see if you were…ok," says the Dark Knight.

Rolling his shoulder once, Dick nods his head. "A little sore, but ok."

Nodding his head, Batman turns back toward the window. Pausing, he half turns his head to look over his shoulder.

"It was…nice working with you again," says the dark man before jumping out of the window to return to his own city.

Watching the man who raised him leave through the window, Dick smiles.

"I love you too, Bruce," whispers Dick, before he turns away from the window.



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