A/N: This is the answer to a challenge, that's why it's going to look and read so weirdly. Reviews would be great, once again :).

Challenge: A 31 sentence story. Once piece of dialouge only. CxW pairing only. Must involve the new Cosmo saying mean things to Wanda.

She'll wake up, yawning and stretching, before she'll silently creep out of bed, careful not to wake him up.

She'll take a hot shower, letting the steam fully wake her up, as the hot water washes the soap from her body.

She'll conjure up some hot French Vanilla coffee, taking sips from the burning liquid.

She'll begin to read the paper, in an attempt to jolt her out of the sleepiness that still lingered in her.

He'll come in, and wrap his arms around her from behind, pulling her close and keeping her there, before planting a tender morning kiss on her lips.

She'll watch him in shock, her hands touching her tingling lips that have curved into a smile.

He'll conjure himself up a cup of milk and bowl of cheese pudding.

He'll sit down at the kitchen table across from her, and begin to eat his pudding happily.

She'll shake her head lovingly at him, before standing up, and poofing herself out of her pajammas and into a clean set of clothes.

"Are you ready?" she'll ask him, just as he finishes his bowl of pudding.

He'll nod, and after he poofs himself into his clothes, they'll poof out of their castle, and into their godchild's bedroom.

She'll start remembering the days before, and his words that have stung her heart through and through.

She'll begin to tell herself that today will be different.

He'll wake up their godchild, and begin the day with saying the words she'll be dreading so much.

He'll keep his silly grin on his face.

She'll keep her happy smile on her face.

Inside, they'll both be sorry.

They'll spend the day helping their godchild through his troubles, making countless wishes come true.

They'll wait until he falls asleep.

She'll be the first to poof into the castle.

He'll be close behind her.

She'll poof them up a quick dinner.

He'll take a seat across from her, and they'll eat in silence.

He'll take her hand, poofing their plates away, clean.

She'll look at him with confusion in her eyes.

He'll lean close and whisper softly, apologies she's been longing to hear all day.

She'll follow him as he leads her to the bedroom.

She'll start to breath faster, as he places gently kisses all over her body.

They'll fall asleep in each other's arms, happy, if only for a night.

And they'll wake up again the next morning, ready to begin the cycle all over again.