Amaya- Just a short drabble I wrote out of the moment so hope it's not too bad. Enjoy.

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Bitterly Sweet.

"It wasn't meaningless. To me, you have become my closest friend."

Why then? If I am your closest friend then why are you trying to kill me?


"'I've already said that it's because your my closest friend is why I must kill you."

Words can even describe the confusion I feel. Didn't all those moments with us, our team and me mean anything to you? Do you treasure them like I do? Those moments are the highlight of my life. If I could I would repeat it over again and not change a thing. I don't understand. Sasuke, why? If I am your closet friend why are you trying to kill me? You hold me up high with your hand, Chidori in the other preparing to strike. You try to explain, I can listen but I can't hear you. Your mouth moves, words that make no sense tumbles out. It doesn't make sense you don't kill the ones you love.

I look into your blood filled eyes and I realize something, hate has consumed you. Staring into your eyes makes me want to give up and just let you go. I don't think I can save you. Then an idea strikes me, I decide to act upon it because it is my last chance. My last chance to free you from this hate. I desperately crush my lips against your's.

Sasuke you taste bitter, why is that? Though you are bitter, your taste is still intoxicating. I try to move closer to you to get better access to your mouth, you let me. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my heart, I can't if its mental or physical because my heart has been stinging ever since I found out that you left Konoha, your home and me on your own free will all for this power quest that might just end up killing you. I realize this pain is physical when I feel your hand inside me and I can taste the blood that I'm coughing up. It's sweet.

I soon realize you struck my heart with chidori when the chriping of thousband birds died. I depart my lips your and stare into your vacant eyes and then I realize I have failed. My last attempt failed and I am sorry Sasuke, I've failed you and Sakura-chan. I broke my promise.

Sasuke, you were my first kiss and my last kiss. You were the only person I've ever kissed. Our first kiss wasn't what you'd call a kiss, just our lips touching, I couldn't even taste you. I wonder if you tasted as bitter back then. And then I kissed you again in hopes to save you.

I'm surpised I'm still alive, I assumed if you were struck in the heart with chidori you'd be killed instantly. Guess my death is suppose to be slow and painful. There is no point lying I know I'll die, because no one could survive a direct blow to the heart from chidori besides I just kind of feel it you know. My whole body acnes but the only thing that actually hurts like hell is my heart. I kind of feel bad for it, my heart that is. I made it fall in love with a bastard who keeps breaking it and lately I've been ignoring it instead of following it like I usually do. I decide to listen to my heart before I say goodbye, so I try to kiss you. I lean in but before I get a chance to touch your lips you crush your lips against mine. You take control and dominate my mouth.

As I start to see darkness I can't help but think that you taste a bit sweeter, I'm not sure if it's you or my blood that's in your mouth. Either way, I can't help but think this how you and me are suppose to taste together. Bitterly sweet.