-Something like love-


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-Chapter 1-


Love…hate…love…hate…those two simple words battled back and fourth in Ritsuka's head as he sat on the park bench. He was supposed to be here hours ago. So why was Ritsuka still waiting?

Love…hate…love…hate…again those words rang through his head. Soubi was a complicated person. Then again, so was Ritsuka. Right now Ritsuka wanted nothing more than to rip off Soubi's head, and feed it to the fish in the pond, but then again he knew that he would miss him.

Once again those two words entered his mind. "Stop it already!" Ritsuka hissed to himself hoping that, that'd calm the voices inside his head down.

The sun was shinning beautifully today, and Ritsuka had asked Soubi to take him to the park. Soubi had been busy with painting a piece of artwork for school, so he told Ritsuka that he'd meet him there after he was finished.

Hours had passed, and he'd told Ritsuka he'd be there in an hour. Ritsuka absentmindedly kicked at a rock that was by his foot. This was all giving him a headache.

He looked at the phone that Soubi had given him as he thought about calling. "I'll always answer your calls…" Ritsuka could still remember the first time that he told him that.

Those words were nothing but another one of his lies. He lied again. Ritsuka felt tears burning at the edge of his eyes. How could he have been so stupid to think that someone like him could change?

Maybe for someone like Seimei he could change, but not for him…never for him. He sat there for a few more minutes before he had, had enough.

He dreaded the walk home, for he knew what was waiting for him behind the closed doors of his house. His mother had gotten much worse since he'd had that dream.

Deep in the back of his mind he could still feel the fire burning from his dream. It constantly burned, and would constantly burn for the rest of eternity.

He didn't care though. He'd grown use to the feeling of that fire. When his mother beat him he'd just close his eyes off to the world, and it was then that fire burned the strongest.

He was truly alone. No one was there for him, and he'd been that way ever since Seimei died. Until the day he died he'd be that way.

It'd only been about a month since he'd had that dream…since Soubi told him that he'd give his life for him if he had to. A life with him was all that he wanted. At that moment Ritsuka could just laugh at that.

He closed his eyes as he opened the gates to his house. No, it wasn't his house. It was his mother's. Nothing really belonged to him. Sometimes he wondered if his memories even belonged to him.

He was lucky enough to sneak past his mother, and into the statuary of the only place that he could really call his own.

His violet eyes scanned the cork board with all his pictures hung up on it. He could have probably hung out with Yuiko.

She always enjoyed having him around, but Yayoi was always trying to get her attention. If they were together it was best just to leave them alone.

Deep down in the pit of his heart he knew that Soubi would never be his…never. Was he doomed to be alone for all his life? He belonged to Seimei. The proof was on his neck underneath the white gaze he always wore.

He ran a hand down the pictures on the board. So many beautiful memories resided there. A gust of wind blew through the room, and instantly he looked up towards the window hoping to see a certain blonde.

"Hello little brother." A soft, but steely voice said as a shadow entered the room. Instantly Ritsuka knew that something wasn't right.

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