-Something like Love-


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-Chapter 4-

-Something in the light-

"In this world there's real and there's make believe."

Time crept by slowly. Ritsuka sat alone in that dark room. He didn't even realize that three days had gone by.

Was there anyone who was even looking for him? Was there anyone who even cared? He sat in a dejected position against the wall.

"If a day like that comes..." He could still hear his smooth voice inside his head. He wanted nothing more than to be held by the one who he loved.

Like that would happen now that Seimei was back. Beloved, one who is loved. Loveless, one that is without love. Which one would you chose if you could have chosen one sacrifice to be with.

A voice in the back of Ritsuka's head told him that there was no real competition between the two. Heck, if he had a choice he'd have chosen Beloved too.

His dull violet eyes scrutinized the room looking for any sigh of light. He found none though. Everything around him was completely covered in a shrowd of darkness. There was no light to be found, and for a while Ritsuka believed that none would ever be found for him. That is until...

The door creaked open for the second time that day, to reveal the one whom had taken everything from him.

"Good to see you're still alive. I figured you'd have gone crazy by now, and would have at least attempted suicide." Seimei laughed with his usual toothy grin.

His footsteps resonated through the small room as he got closer to me. "I think it's time you lose those ears of yours."

He got closer and closer until the boy could feel the man's heat against his own skin. The man he thought he'd known pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Here's a piece of advice for you. I always get what I want." Seimei laughed.

"If a day like that comes..." Again those words echoed through the boy's mind. He closed his eyes for a few minutes.

Where was Soubi now? Did he even know what was about to happen to him? Tears wailed up in his eyes as he felt Seimei's hands begin to move.

Suddenly a loud bang echoed through the room, and Seimei looked down at the boy. Blood gushed through his chest.

"If ever that day was to come..." a voice called from the door. "I promised you that I'd protect you." It was Soubi.

In all his life, he'd never thought he'd be so happy to see the blonde man as much as he was now. His light had been found. He had been saved when he thought that no one else would come...when no one else cared enough to come looking for him."Soubi, you saved me!" he cried as he flung himself onto the man.

"I couldn't let him take your ears, their mine." With that the two lovers walked out of the small cabin that Soubi said was where Seimei had been hiding all those years. Tears of happiness wailed in Ritsuka's eyes as they walked out holding each other's hands. "Thanks for being my light..."

Eventually he even told his little neko boy everything, and thus they lived happily ever...

The end...

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